5 Expensive Hobbies That Are a Waste of Money

5 Expensive Hobbies That Are a Waste of Money - picture of feet running in organized race

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I was talking to an acquaintance the other day when he mentioned that his wife spends upwards of $500 per month on clothes.

Yes, I’m serious.  

I immediately wondered how that was possible.  After all, I probably spend somewhere near $500 per year on clothing for the four of us.  Maybe a little more, but you get the picture.  Spending $500 per month (or $125 per week) on clothing is insane.

But it isn’t out of the ordinary.  Look around you and you’ll likely find people doing other crazy things with their money – like having an $800 car payment or eating at restaurants every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We all know how avoiding expensive hobbies like shopping can make a huge difference in your bottom line.  Imagine what my friend’s wife could do with that $500 she’s spending monthly to cover her ass.  Here is what I could do with that money:

  • Put $6,000 in my health savings account
  • Max out my Roth IRA
  • Buy groceries for one year (spending $500 per month on my family of four)
  • Put $6,000 in my kid’s college savings

The list goes on and on.  For that reason, I think some expensive hobbies (like shopping) are incredibly overrated.  For the amount of money people spend on pleasure, they could often retire years earlier, save for college, or save for some sort of dream goal.

5 Expensive Hobbies that are a Waste of Money

Of course shopping isn’t the only American pastime that breaks the bank.  Here are five more expensive hobbies that are overrated:

WARNING: This post is full of sarcasm, but feel free to be offended.

Running in Organized Races

I’m going to slap the next person who tells me they paid $100 to run in the Color Run, Mad Person Run, Glow Run, Crazy Run, etc.  (No, those probably aren’t the real names)  Newflash: Running a 5K is free – you do not have to pay someone for the privilege.  Just get out on the street and start moving.

And if you feel the need to roll in the mud afterward or carry a glow stick, please know that no one is stopping you.

Being a Sports Fan

Loving your favorite sports team doesn’t have to be expensive, but we often make it so.  Let’s face it.  Team Jerseys are what- $100?  And heaven forbid you actually want to go to a game.  If you do, you’ll likely have to hand over a hunk of change for that crappy seat in the nosebleed section.  And don’t forget to set aside some money for tailgating with your friends before the big game.

No thank you.

Collecting Things

I remember when people were convinced that Beanie Babies and Longaberger baskets were a good investment.  Based on that lie, plenty of people I know spent thousands of dollars on casserole dish baskets, adorable weaved trashcans, and candy dishes.  Now I often see Longaberger baskets at garage sales for a few bucks….and Beanie Babies are often free!


I admittedly love to travel, but it can be a huge waste of money if you don’t take advantage of credit card rewards.  Some of the vacations I’ve paid for with rewards would cost upwards of $6,000 or more without points and miles.  If those trips weren’t free or almost-free, those funds would essentially be wasted.  Yes, experiences are worth money- but there is a limit.

Of course, some experiences are definitely worth more than others.

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Going to Bars/Going Out to Eat

I recently paid $8.00 for a mixed drink on the Carnival Sensation and forked over another $6.50 the next week for a mango colada in Mexico.  I shudder at the thought of how much money I have spent at bars since I turned 21, and how much money people continue to spend at them today.

Going out to eat can also be a huge waste of money if the conditions are right.  I can’t tell you how many times we have shelled out $40 or $50 for a meal that wasn’t any better than something I could make at home. We try not to eat out very often, and part of the reason is because it usually is just not worth it.

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The Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with having a hobby (or several hobbies), but it shouldn’t be to the detriment of your financial goals.  If you have an expensive hobby you don’t want to give up, there’s nothing wrong with saying so.  Just don’t pretend that it won’t hurt you in the long run.

If you can’t afford it, chances are it will.

What expensive hobbies do you think are a waste of money? 

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  1. There used to be this 30’s ceramic bowls made by the Bauer company. I loved collecting them because they were colorful (sort of like fiesta ware). I must have spent at least $750 over 2 years collecting plates,mugs,etc. I used them everyday at flea markets etc.. Even the dog was named Bauer. I ended up selling them for over $4800!!! I did my research, and went for rare pieces. I think if you do your homework, but more importantly, if you love what you collect, then it’s a win win situation. Had we not moved, l would still be using them. As for travel, if you can afford it.. I say do it. When you have to borrow to do it…then there’s a problem.

    1. Antiques and stuff like that are an entirely different story! I am not huge on collecting things because I don’t like to keep them, but I would certainly make an exception for legitimate antiques or collectibles- like a coin collection or something. But beanie babies? How did people ever think that was going to be profitable?

  2. PER MONTH? Whoa. I have run in two organized races, the marathon and the half and they were both totally awesome and things I would absolutely do again. They motivated me much more than a gym membership ever did. There are ways to do it cheaply too.

    1. There are also ways to do it free!! HAHA Just kidding =)

    2. I agree with stefanie. I have seen two others run races with a group that it changed their lives forever. I find that Holly is missing the point,… I get invest and save for future, but life is about memories and enjoying the moment. Something my father never learned, how to create memories. His brother spent his life creating memories, both had the same amount in savings… but one had lots of hobbies, the other was just an investor. Guess which one had a happier life? I could never get sports either, until my uncle, took me to a ball game. It wasn’t about the game, it was spending that time in a group cheering, and bonding. Something far more memorable than just going for a walk or to book store together.

  3. I think you’re probably be a little harsh with this post, as any blanket statement calling something a waste is purely subjective as changes from person to person. I spend a lot of money travel (I get a lot free with points as miles as well) but in no way would I call it a waste. I also have a few very expensive hobbies: all forms on biking/cycling (I have 6 bikes), shooting (ammo is really expensive), etc. I don’t consider these a waste either. A waste would be something where you spend and don’t get anything back from it, which varies by individual. I do have a tendency to spend a lot on my hobbies though, which is why I deliberately stay away from hobbies like photography and classic cars, because those could kill my budget. 🙂

    And many organized races are set up to raise money for charity. While in the purest sense you might call charitable donations a waste, I think races are a good way to “donate” money you have allocated towards charitable giving. In one sense, you’re making the donation not a waste because you’re getting something back for it. There’s definitely a difference in doing an organized fun run vs running 3.1 miles around your neighborhood.

    I think the crux of your post is valid though, if you can’t afford your hobby you shouldn’t be doing it. And you need to weigh the returns of the money you spend against other possible uses of your hard earned dollars.

    1. Nathan, this post is about 90% sarcasm!!! You don’t have to justify your hobbies to anyone. These are just my attempt to be humorous and make fun of things I find funny.

      1. I found it funny Holly! And didn’t get offended, imagine that. I’m glad I read this today. I knew so many people who collected beanie babies–oh my–what a waste!

  4. LOL. While I agree with Nathan, on a very gut personal level I am with you on most of these – sounds like our personal priorities are similar (paying to run races!) Travel I will disagree with though.

    1. Yeah, it is probably worth it sometimes =) Obviously if you look at my trip reports and spending I think so to a certain extent.

  5. Years ago I gave up my hobby in collecting toy cars. I used to spend thousands of dollar with these. Later on, I realized the importance of money especially now that I am married. Some of my collections have been sold already. 🙂

  6. When I run 5 or 10ks I try to run ones that benefit a charity. Most, if not all, of the swag and such is donated and your fee goes to the charity almost untouched. Plus, I get a lot of motivation by running in an organized race. I’ll pay the entry fee for halfs and fully gladly, because I know I don’t do them often.

  7. I used to love to shop. As a matter of fact, when you mentioned the woman who spends $500 per month on clothes, my immediate first thought was to be envious! But then it occurred to me that I have really different priorities these days and I’d much rather put that kind of money toward retirement or my student loan repayment or my daughters college fund. Shopping can be an insanely expensive “hobby.”

    1. Yes, it can. I have never really liked shopping so I don’t have to worry about that vice. I have others though =)

  8. Bahaha! I had to read the part about paying for races out loud to Mr. FW. Thank you for making us crack up over breakfast :). $500/month on clothes for 1 person is just…wow. Ridiculous. I think eating out is tops too. Here in the city we are walking distance to about a million restaurants/bars/cafes and we have friends in our neighborhood who I’m pretty sure eat out for every single meal. I cannot imagine what that costs! I think the answer is: A LOT!

    1. Eating out should probably be on the list too. I can think of so many times we have spent $40-$50 on dinner and thought it was totally not worth it. Sometimes the food just isn’t good, or the kids are fighting with one another or in a bad mood.

      1. My kids are teenagers now, but just as picky as ever. Mr. And I leave them at home. We enjoy the date night. But rarely buy any kind of drink, as it runs up your bill. We don’t miss the squabbling that the boys still engage in, nor paying $6 for a cheese sandwich, because they are so picky!

  9. I am going to have to agree with a few of the other commenters. This post seems a bit harsh, saying that they are a waste of money. It is a too each their own thing. I admit, I run in races, but I would NEVER spend $100, but I will spend 40-50, but I run a lot and enjoy doing those races. Most of the time the money usually goes to charity. Travel will never be a waste of money.. ever, even if rewards arent used. There is a difference if one is traveling and really can’t afford it, but for someone who plans/saves for it, then why not?

    I will agree on spending money at the bars. I am guilty of that, but we are trying to cut that down, I imagine soon once we start a family, we wont be wasting our money on expensive drinks etc.

    1. I agree- to each their own. This post is about 90% sarcasm BTW and I have been guilty of at least a few of these things at one point or another. We also buy drinks at bars from time to time, which is a HUGE waste of money. It is far less often now than it was years ago though. I wish I could have all of the money back I’ve spent on bars over the years.

  10. So long as you aren’t spending your emergency fund on unnecessary renovations while you’re in major debt. Just saying. (Yes I made the mistake of wondering why there were so many comments on Monday’s GRS post, so I read it. I wish I could selectively leech lock those.)

    1. But..but…but I want gold-plated countertopssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

      Just kidding. I must’ve missed that post.

  11. Have you seen the money Fantasy sport is raking in? Billions. I play, but for free. I have some friends and co-workers who are spends $300-$400 or even $100 to join leagues. Crazy stuff.

    1. Wow! That is a lot. Greg joins a league every year that is $25. I can live with that…plus he has won a few times!

  12. Excellent post!! I loved it and totally agree with you. Another one to add to the list–starting your own business. Good grief, my life savings is about GONE!

    1. =(

      That stinks! Hopefully you start raking in more cash!

  13. Eating out is an expensive hobby that we took out of our line up this past year. We estimate that we have saved over $5,000 in the year just from eating at home more. Plus we are also controlling our weight because we eat healthier when we are home.

    1. Eating at home keeps us healthier too. I know which ingredients are in every meal I make and can avoid using too much of the bad stuff.

  14. I had an affinity for collecting shot glasses whenever I, my DH or close friends traveled. I think I’m at 80 shot glasses…and I don’t drink anything that requires one! Also they’re still in a box at mom’s because I just feel bad for throwing them away. I have stopped doing this in the last couple of years because I found the habit was really ridiculous.

  15. lol I think this goes along with what I wrote today. It’s about your own personal priorities. Now if you were drowning in debt and living paycheck to paycheck I’d seriously advise anyone to reconsider any hobbies that are costing a ton of money, but if it’s just a hobby and you can afford it in your budget, then I say it’s all good and to each his own. And yeah I got the sarcasm. 🙂 I think buying that much on clothes per week is crazy, but if I had the money I’d sign of for races. Most are for charity and most give people some kind of end goal…something to strive for or overcome. That’s good for the soul! 🙂

  16. Fun post Holly 🙂

    I used to collect guitars back in the day but haven’t done that in about 20 years or so. I do eat breakfast out most mornings, but really love it and while I know I could save money by eating at home, the satisfaction I get from a yummy breakfast out, more than makes up for the loss of revenue!

    I did however begin collecting vinyl records recently…but only spend a dollar on each album, and only if it is one that I really, really want for my collection.

    And as for paying to run…well…they would have to pay me!!

    Take care and my best to all.


    1. Haha, they might have to pay me to run in one of those too.

  17. My expensive hobby is reading. We have a $100 a month built in to our budget for books and magazines and I try real hard to stay under that figure. I don’t like to use the library because in our town it is the local hang out for the homeless people who sadly make it not very pleasant to be there. I have started purchasing many books used. Amazon has almost every book they sell in the used book section. Sometimes I get them for pennies + shipping. Kicking myself that I didn’t start doing that sooner.

    1. My husband does the same! His “splurge” is Amazon books. He loves reading though, so I definitely think it is worth it. Plus, he probably only spends $10-$20 per month.

  18. I think the take away here is about priorities. You should prioritize your financial foundation (savings, getting out of debt, etc.), and put hobbies second. That’s not to say you shouldn’t spend money on hobbies; it’s that they should come second to your financial priorities.

  19. There are definitely a LOT of expensive hobbies out there…horse back riding, dance classes, learning to fly a helicopter, being a lover of Broadway shows, even scrapbooking can get pretty pricey…! It all boils down to ones interest and what hobbies bring joy and creativity into their lives, which is a great thing as long as they can afford the price tag!;-)

    1. I agree that scrapbooking is pricey! I made my own wedding album and it ended up being a fortune!

  20. I think we all have hobbies that are a waste of money. As a guy I go through about 3 new hobbies a year and when I find a new hobby I go all in. Currently I make my own beer, total waste of money, as I can buy much better beer from the store for roughly the same cost.

    But hey, that is why it’s a hobby. Hobbies aren’t for us to make money, I guess some could. But, hobbies are literally done regularly in your leisure time. I can only save so much money before I become a lazy, bored and an unexciting person to be around!

  21. What!? $500 a month…what the heck does she buy every month and where does she have room for it? I’m with you on the expensive hobbies…I know many who spend a lot on sports. I enjoy sports too, but can watch it free on my TV or friend’s TV. I used to collect things like basketball cards…but I was a kid! I’ve outgrown that now. Bars/going out to eat…I think it would be tougher for me to avoid these if I was a single guy living the bachelor life, but now that I’m married with a kid…yea I’d prefer to eat at home.

    1. Me too. Going out to eat with the kids isn’t always that fun. In fact, they tend to make it miserable!

  22. Oh man! If only drinks were $6.50 in NYC! Haha. Everywhere I go here, drinks seem to be $13+, which is why I only drink during happy hours now. Or at home…or not at all…

    1. $13?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      That is insane.

  23. From a purely financial standpoint, you could say having kids or pets are a waste of money. We just rented a steam carpet cleaner because our dog pees in the floor. I also just spent $70 on clogging shoes for my child, money I’ll never see a return on. Obviously, I am also being sarcastic because I love my kid and my dog (in that order) more than life. If I could pick one hobby that is a waste, it would be fantasy football. I have no idea why that is appealing or how you don’t fall asleep trying to choose players.

    1. Clogging shoes, lol. Nope, you’re definitely not getting a return on those!

  24. That’s a lot of money on clothes! I wouldn’t be as harsh as you and say these things are a waste of money… it’s just a matter of priorities for people. We don’t all have the same priorities as you and everyone has a hobby or something that is a “waste of money” to someone else.

    I will say, I like doing 5ks, but I only do ones that are for a charity (St. Jude, or local nonprofits). I don’t sign up for the for profit company 5ks because… meh.

    1. Runs for charity are awesome! I could see myself doing that. Might as well do something fun and donate at the same time.

  25. Racing. It’s money down the drain. I work in the industry and you wouldn’t believe the thousands of dollars people throw at these race cars, there’s no chance of ever getting that money back. I’ll never understand that hobby!

    1. I don’t understand it either, and I’m from Indianapolis!

  26. What’s kind of funny is I love all those things, I just have to make sure I do it all in moderation and budget for it. I will say the first time I ran a race I was like “Wait you are charging me $85 to run around the street? You give me a number and what else? Really $85, come on man!

  27. This post is right on target. Essentially you can meet your entertainment goals more cheaply with each item you called out–if you just stop and look at your options. You like to run 5Ks with others & donate, join an running group and donate $$ to your favorite charity each month. You’re a sports fan, awesome–host parties at you host to watch the game together and have a potluck with appetizers, the same goes for bars–host a get together at your home or rotate gatherings with your friends. Finally, travel–there are so many great places you probably haven’t explored within a 4 hour driving radius–go to these places on the off years you don’t have free reward tickets. Finally, collecting things–take pictures of the stuff you love, visit a museum, put something on your Amazon wish list and see if you really want it in a month. It all comes down to being patient, looking at other options and understanding that you don’t always need to spend big $$ to be happy:) I loved your sarcasm, right on girlfriend!

    1. Haha, thanks! I totally agree that you can usually find a cheaper way to enjoy the things you love. It’s all a matter of putting forth the effort!

    2. Can’t edit my response :0)–sorry about a few spelling errors–I get really excited about being creative in saving money–and push enter to quickly. The intent is not to withhold enjoyment from hobbies–it is to determine how to still have enjoyment, but be creative and resourceful–always questioning the norm of how things are done!

  28. I don’t even spend $500.00 a year on clothing! I can’t imagine spending that much every month. It would be like buying a new wardrobe every 30 days.

    1. I know, right? We have two kids and probably spend $500 total per year. Maybe a little more if you include my husband’s work clothes, but not a ton more.

  29. I’m gonna send this post to a friend who I had a long chat with on the weekend about how he felt his spending was out of control for the last several months: his wife got a big promotion and they got seduced with lifestyle inflation. Massive amounts spent on clothes and dining out and little saved. Our chat straightened him up and he’s getting back to reigning in the runaway lifestyle inflation. He’d get a kick out of this post!

  30. Being a sports fan can certainly be expensive. There is a reason why professional football is a multi billion dollar industry. Being a die hard sports fan myself. I’ve developed a frugal method of being a fan: never go to a game and never buy sports jerseys. That’s how they make their money so that’s where I won’t spend mine.

  31. Ben @ The Wealth Gospel says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from my father-in-law’s over-obsession with sports. We scored a trip to a college football game in Austin, TX a couple of weeks ago and some Texas Ranger tickets last week. Spent a total of $15 🙂

  32. The only one you have listed that I would disagree with is travel 🙂 you can’t really use credit card points for extensive travel but other than that, I agree!

  33. I agree 100% that going to sports events can be a huge money suck. I do think there are frugal ways to be sports fans, but I’m more concerned with time than money when it comes to sports.

    I wouldn’t call going out to eat and getting drinks a hobby, but it’s a huge money suck for lots of people. I think snowboarding and golf are the two things that I think are a waste of money. I used to do both! It’s been about 3 years since I did either, though.

  34. catherine says:

    A woman I work with, her husband recently, at the age of like 40, took up ”cigar smoking’. He doesn’t smoke (cigarettes) but started buying EXPENSIVE cigars from around the world (some are like $30 EACH), fancy humidors, cutting blades..you name it. He is literally burning his money.

  35. I do enjoy a great craft or Belgium beer every Friday evening. I have one cold pint to celebrate the coming weekend at my favorite coffee-shop/bar. I have a quality over quantity mindset. I guess some would say that the $5 to $7 a week expenditure is a waste of money but I do really enjoy the indulgence and the social time.

  36. I just can’t even imagine spending $500 a month on clothes, mostly because I hate shopping, and I have a hard enough time finding clothes to buy even when I have a gift card! My boyfriend’s running hobby can be slightly expensive, but thankfully it’s his only one, and my hobbies are pretty cheap.

  37. A little late on reading this, but yea hobbies can be a killer. I used to eat out wayyy too much, and have slowly battled that to the point where I am not at a $50/month budget and losing weight! Much better for my wallet and my waist (down 35 pounds this year).

    One hobby I would LIKE to do it Jiu Jitsu, but when I checked the monthly fees were either $80-$100, plus I would need to travel there a few times a week adding another $50 to the cost. Not horrible, but I also don’t want to start and then stop in 1-2 years when we start having kiddos. That $150 a month can provide much better uses right now as we still battle our way forward in life, in essence, I don’t think I would get $150 worth of enjoyment out of the activity right now versus $150 of enjoyment paying down debt / investing.

  38. Haven’t read comments so forgive any duplicates 🙂
    Scrap booking
    Collecting of anything you won’t sell
    Going to foodie restaurants and generally being an expensive restaurant lover

  39. I’ve really changed my habit of eating out all the time. Also, I have never paid for a race. I run free 5k races all the time. It’s crazy to pay for them!

  40. Diane@HappyBeingFitClub says:

    I try to justify spending money on races by getting a free T-Shirt or running gear. It’s like I paid $40 for a shirt, banana, and a bottle of water. 🙂 Some of them are crazy expensive and I don’t understand that but I sure do enjoy the runs and getting together with like minded people.

    I finding spending money on drinking at bars a huge waste of money. I don’t really drink and this might be why! I can’t see spending $7 when you can buy 6 of them at the store for $7!

    I agree with some of the comments and we all “waste” our money on different things.

  41. My fiance and I are dedicated Golden State Warriors fans (him more so than me) and you’re right – BEING A FAN IS EXPENSIVE! It was actually affordable when our teams sucked because everything was cheaper! Now that we’re pretty good, everything is much more expensive!!!

  42. Hahahaha! I just ran a color run! It was $30 I think, which is much more than I’d normally pay for a race. I got all caught up in the hype! But, it was a super fun experience!

  43. “The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes “sight-seeing.” – Daniel J. Boorstin
    Love to travel. Unfortunately, I don’t live in the states where there are loads of credit cards sign up, so have to do it the old fashion way – pay or earn miles/points from the travels. Luckily, I traveled alot to the states for business trips.
    Hobbies on toys. Been lucky. I have several old my little ponies toys (like 25 yrs ago old), and it’s hot again. Ditto for my G.I. Joe and Transformers.

  44. I think collecting for money is a bad idea. If you like to collect things for their aesthetic… Well, it’s pricey but at least you’re doing it for you. And I should point out that a lot of 5k races are for charity. For that, I think it’s cool if people want to pay that. Though I had no idea you had to shell out that kind of dough. Ouch.

    As for drinks, FinCon was a great reminder of why I don’t drink more. I loved going to the Carousel Bar but the drinks were 9 freakin’ dollars! The one they suggested made my breath nearly flammable, so I was set. But then a spot opened up on the carousel itself and I wanted to say I’d had a drink on it. So I spent $21 (after tip) on two drinks. Ugh!

    At any rate, the thing about hobbies is that they tend to be expensive but they’re also meaningful for the person. Well, they’d better be, anyway, with the amount that gets spent. It’s hard to quantify the value of that, so what galls us might be utterly worth it to them.

    Also, I love the idea of dining out as a hobby.

  45. Mark Robinson says:

    Thanks Holly! I am aware with most of these expensive hobbies. I think travel and going to bars/going out to eat is really very expensive hobbies. Everyone can’t afford these.

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