June Budget Recap and Updates

June Budget Recap and Updates - picture of puzzle of US dollar with one piece sitting out

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Good morning, everyone.  I wanted to take a few moments to publicly disgrace myself….again.  Remember how our May budget was an epic fail?  Well, unfortunately our June budget turned out to be even more horrific and off balance.  We had *a ton* of unexpected expenses pop up and the grand total of those knocked us completely off track.   Here are the additional expenses that we had to pay in the month of June:

  • Health Insurance: $377.41 (We have a two month lapse of coverage in between Greg’s old and new jobs so we had to buy a temporary policy on the open market.  This was a planned expense.)
  • Greg’s classes: $225  (Greg had to pay for a few of his classes for his new job.  Luckily, he does get reimbursed for them eventually.  This was a planned expense.)
  • Greg’s cell phone and first month’s service: $177.05 (Greg doesn’t have a company paid cell phone for his new job so we had to buy one.  This was a planned expense! )
  • Greg’s new clothes: $125 (Yes, I did find him a new pair of swim trunks in the middle of the road.  However, we also had to buy him some new clothes as well.
  • Greg’s man trip: $160 (Greg is going on a guy-only trip in July.  His flight was paid for with frequent flyer miles so we only had to pay for his hotel in June.  The “fun money” for his trip will be included in our July budget.)
  • Vacation to Mexico: $1625 (We decided to take a last minute trip to Mexico since Greg likely won’t be able to take a vacation for a while with his new job.)

Sheeeewwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee……are you guys noticing a pattern here?  My man is getting expensive!  He’s lucky I love him so much!


The good news is that my freelance income has been stellar.  When I quit my job, I wasn’t 100 % sure how things would go each month.  And after the amazing month I had in May, I thought that my income had probably peaked.  However, I managed to beat it in June!  Blog income was up as well and I’m pretty darn stoked about that.  And since Greg is currently unemployed until he starts his new job, I’m starting to feel like a real sugar mama up in here.  Greg received his last paycheck on July 1st and I am planning on using part of it for our July and August budgets.  Hopefully he will be making money at his new job by September.  We’ll see!

Other News

In other news, Greg’s new job requires that he disassociate himself from Club Thrifty.  Therefore, I will be here all by my lonesome from now on.  It really won’t be much of a change since I’ve been writing about 90% of our stuff for the past few months.  However, it is kind’ve the end of an era for us.  I’m sad that he’s leaving the blog but I’m super happy about his new job opportunity.  I think he is going to do awesome!

In addition to Greg’s new job, I recently got interviewed for Kiplinger magazine.  The story I was interviewed for was about Roth IRAs and I happened to be one of the people they chose to talk about why I have one.  On top of that, they are actually taking our pictures for the inside of the September issue.  I’m not gonna lie….I’m a little freaked out about it.  Wish me luck!!!

So, how did your June budget go?  Anything new and exciting going on?

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  1. Wow, awesome news about Kiplinger! I’ll keep an eye out for you. Sorry to hear that Greg is leaving, but to be honest with you I never really liked him much anyways. Haha! Just kidding, good luck at the new job Greg!

    1. It’s supposed to be in the September issue…I think it comes out about August 20th! Hopefully they airbrush me!!!

  2. I was wondering if he might have to disassociate himself, and while I will miss seeing his posts and comments, I wish him best of luck in his new job!

  3. Sounds like all value-based spending to me, Holly. Might not want to make those last minute vacations a monthly expense though, LOL. We will miss Greg’s blog posts, that’s for sure, but luckily for us you are just as much fun as a writer. :-). When are you gonna share your specific income sources and how you obtained them so we can all be blogging rock stars like you? 🙂

    1. We mostly decided to go on vacation now because he probably won’t be able to go again until next year.

      I have never shared how much I make…I don’t know why! Maybe I will start one day.

  4. Wow, that’s freaking awesome about Kiplinger Holly! We’ll miss Greg, but it makes sense. Great work on the income Holly, that’s always a good thing. 🙂

  5. Aww, sad to see Greg go, but it’ll be a whole new adventure for you! Congrats on the Kiplinger interview, I’ll be sure to look for you in the September issue.

    1. Yeah, me too. I can’t wait to see it. They took a ton of pics…but they’ll probably only use one or two.

  6. Well done on the income side! Having a Greg at home seems expensive :).

  7. Ha! Poor Greg. He just got too costly;) We took a hot in June too, but because our students take off to travel this time of year. But our Green Mountain Energy bill is $70. Last June, it was about $200 (hot in Houston). Now me make us of this new invention called a fan.

    1. Hey, nothing wrong with fans! I HATE paying for air conditioning!

  8. Congrats on the stellar income! I went over budget but spent less then I earned, so at least that’s good! 🙂 Jealous of your trip to Mexico!!

    1. Yes, we thankfully still made more than we spent….so that’s the most important thing!

  9. My Wealth Desire says:

    Very impressive. Hoping for the best for you in Kiplinger and for Greg for his new job.

  10. Wow, congrats about Kiplinger, that’s so exciting! That’s hilarious about being a sugar mama – I’m glad you two were able to take vacay and enjoy some summer fun!

  11. Wow that is exciting…Kiplinger! I have a free subscription until next year so I’ll be looking forward to seeing that issue =) I wouldn’t worry much about the June budget as most of them were planned expenses and are due to the change in career.

    1. I hope I don’t look like crap! I don’t get to see the pictures ahead of time!

  12. Good luck! Were you looking or did it just happen?

    My budget is working very well, I even scheduled a long weekend at the beach for July. The room is paid by vouchers and even included breakfast. It is part of my goals this year to take more time off.

    1. Were we looking for what? Greg’s new job? Yes, he was looking for a while until he finally found something that he thinks will fit.

        1. Oh, I’m sorry. They just interviewed me for a story they’re doing about Roth IRAs. They took pictures of my family to go with the story.

  13. Honestly it sounds like you had a great month, Holly!! The Kiplinger article sounds amazing, you are rocking the freelancing, and Greg is moving on to bigger and better things. Congrats!

  14. Greg is lucky you love him so much. 🙂 He will be missed but his new job opportunity sounds exciting and I have no doubt he’ll do great. Congrats on the Kiplinger interview and photo. I am told they can do amazing things with Photoshop. Ummmm….not that I have ever asked them to touch up anything ….

  15. That looks like an expensive month! But it won’t be like that every month so you’ll be okay. Too bad that Greg won’t be around anymore, we’ll miss him!

  16. It sounds like your income made up for a costly month. At least that’s a positive!

    June had some unexpected expenses for us as well. Mr. W and I are both in a wedding in July, and there were some expenses I didn’t anticipate (my fault for forgetting, of course). I DID remember to budget the cost of my dress, his tux, travel, and shower/wedding presents for the happy couple. I totally forgot that I’d have to have the dress altered ($50 for a little hemming?!), that I would cover a portion of the cost of the bridal shower ($200) and that Mr. W would attend a bachelor party ($250). But, at least we learned this lesson now, so that I can do a better job budgeting for weddings in the future. It seems like all our friends/family members are getting married these days!

    1. At least your wedding will be a (hopefully) one time expense, right? Enjoy it!

  17. Greg is enjoying his suga momma! Sorry that Greg will no longer be on the blog but best wishes with the new job. Also great to hear that the income is on the uptick as well. What part of Mexico are you guys vacationing to?

  18. Glad to hear the transition is working out well. Bummer to see Greg go, but I bet he’ll be relieved not to have to deal with us rascals anymore! And nice work on the Kiplinger connection. I suggest you have Greg wear his road-kill swim trunks for the pic.

  19. Nick @ AYoungPro.com says:

    Congrats on Kiplinger, that is really awesome!

  20. Awesome news about Kiplinger, that’s so exciting! I’m sure your pictures will turn out fine (though I’d be freaking out, too). I think it makes sense to take “one last vacation” before Greg starts the new job – I would as well. Very sad that he has to leave the blog though! All the best to him. He is quite lucky to have such a supportive sugar momma!

  21. I overspend! over $300.. which is quite a lot for me, buuut it was vacation time, so I guess it´ll have to do. I see that I´ve haven´t been around for some time, Greg got a new job? that´s great! Congratulations! anyway, I´m hoping for a frugal July – trying to figure out some fun, frugal summer activities:-)

  22. I see what’s going on now…you’ve gotten rid of Greg, and you’re “blaming” his new job. Clever.

  23. To be 100% honest I didn’t do a very good job tracking my spending in June. I know my income was up, but so were my expenses because I didn’t have any money left over……there’s always next month

  24. Akll I know is I was terrible in June. I just started budgeting in June and so I had to catch up on some bills, and so July will be my real budget month.

  25. Exciting news about Kiplinger! Shame that Greg has to disassociate himself with the blog, but I understand how some jobs could require that. We’re just setting up a new budget because my wife is going back to school.

  26. Even though Greg isn’t writing anymore, make sure you keep us all updated on how things work out for him!

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