I have a confession to make. Last month, I splurged on something that wasn’t in my budget.

Frustrated with my then boring exercise routine, I ordered a fairly pricey workout video series called Focus T25 off of Amazon.com. Even though I normally like to exercise outside, I wanted to do something different for a change. I also got hooked in with one of those snazzy infomercials with testimonials and before-and-after pics. Sue me.

Regardless, I think the $125 I forked over was a pretty good investment. Now that we’re been doing the program for several weeks, I can really see the difference, especially in my core and lower body. I also have a little more pep in my step, better focus, and more energy than I had before. The best part yet – I’ve lost around 7 pounds!

For a video series that requires no equipment at all, I was actually surprised at how intense they are. Even though each segment is only 25 minutes long, it’s still pretty hardcore. It’s amazing how much work you can put in just using your own body weight.

5 Reasons I Think Exercise Videos Are a Great (and Cheap) Way to Get in Shape

Even though I have access to other types of workout equipment, I’m starting to think that workout videos might be one of the smartest ways to get in shape. Here’s why:

You Don’t Need Any Equipment

With Focus T25 and many of the other videos I’ve done in the past, you don’t need any equipment to get started. Personally, I like types of exercise that don’t require me to keep a ton of weights or gadgets lying around. We all know people who use their treadmill as a clothes rack. Believe me, I’ve been one of them.

Videos Can Last Forever

Aside from a few Tae Bo VHS tapes I have, the exercise videos in my possession can basically be used until the end of time. I like to mix things up so I don’t get sick of any one routine in particular, but the videos themselves are pretty timeless. I should really gift my Tae Bo collection to someone with VHS player. Anyone?

You Don’t Have to Leave the House

I’ve joined the gym off and on for years. Aside from the cost, the main reason I don’t stick with it is because I absolutely hate driving there. Even though it’s a mile away, it’s such a hassle to find someone to watch my kids and get out the door. Exercise videos, on the other hand, can be completed after the kids go to sleep if necessary.

You Can Exercise Cheap or Free

As someone who goes to garage sales often, I can tell you that I see exercise videos at garage sales all the time. While $125 may be a lot to pay for a video, picking one up for $1 or $2 is an awesome value and a great way to save money. Even better, exercise videos are available all over the web for free. My friend John from Frugal Rules recently lost 100 pounds with Nutrisystem and Jillian Michaels videos off of YouTube!

You Don’t Have to Look Good

Although I have never watched myself do Focus T25 or any other video, I know I’m a hot mess. I can’t do half of the moves and am extremely uncoordinated. There are times during the videos when I completely ignore what they’re doing and do something else instead. Since I’m not in a class with others or at the gym, I don’t care. I do whatever the hell I want. And, as long as I keep my heart rate up, I’m pretty happy with myself.

Focus T25 (Get fit with just 25 minutes a day. Plus, receive 4 FREE bonus gifts when you purchase!

Finding a Cheap Way to Get In Shape

If you don’t like exercise videos, there are plenty of other cheap ways to get in shape as well. I prefer walking or jogging, personally, but I know a lot of others who would rather go hiking, biking, or swimming. Most of these activities cost very little to get started, which is just another reason most excuses for not exercising are completely bogus.

I should know. In the past, I’ve made every excuse in the book. Hopefully, with the help of all the exercise videos I love to hate, I can break that cycle for good.

Update: Just so you know, this thing actually works! I lost a total of 12 pounds, which is a lot on somebody my size. However, Greg actually lost an amazing 35 pounds!!! My man looks GOOD, y’all!

Back off ladies! He’s mine!

What is your favorite way to get in shape? Do you think exercise videos are fun or silly?

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