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We are Greg and Holly Johnson, founders of Club Thrifty. Since getting out of debt, we’ve been able to travel the world, work for ourselves, and build a life that we love. We want to help you do the same!

Our Story

Do you work hard but have almost nothing to show for it at the end of the month? Are you frustrated because you make a nice living but can’t seem to save any money? Do you ever feel like all of your money is disappearing but you have no idea where it is going?

So did we.

Years ago, we struggled with debt and money-related stress. We spent more than we earned, never knew where our money went, and yearned for a more fulfilling life.

Because we worked at a mortuary, we were constantly reminded that our time on Earth is limited. We saw people dying every day – both old and young. We listened as hundreds of grief-stricken families explained how their loved one died before ever enjoying their retirement or experiencing the dreams they had longed for their entire adult lives.

That’s when it started to click.

We didn’t want that to be us. We wanted to retire early and pay for our children’s college education. We wanted to travel the world while we were still young. We finally understood that we couldn’t wait to seize control of our dreams because someday it may be too late.

So, we decided to build a life that allowed us to live now – really live – while still saving for our future.

photo of daughters in Switzerland

If we could get our money straight, we realized that we could afford the life we wanted sooner rather than later. If we could pay down debt, we would literally have thousands of extra dollars to save and spend on our dreams each month. By changing the way we thought about money, we realized that we could change our lives for good.

Eventually, we discovered an amazing tool to help us accomplish nearly all our financial goals – zero-sum budgeting. We learned to cut waste, spend less, and use the money we earned wisely. By putting our new budget to use, we found ourselves on the right financial path in no time.

Since making the decision to seize control of our money we have:

  • Traveled to more than 40 countries
  • Paid off every ounce of soul-sucking consumer debt (over $50,000)
  • Paid off our house
  • Paid off a rental property in cash
  • Saved five figures for our daughter’s college education
  • Learned to save more than half our income
  • Quit our 9-to-5 jobs and started our own business
  • Began traveling between 16 and 20 weeks per year
  • Sipped cold beers on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches
  • Snorkeled with sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, and stingrays
  • Explored the ruins of ancient civilizations
  • Showed our kids they can achieve all their dreams and more

Here’s the best part: We started all this on a regular income.

While paying off $50,000 in car loans, student loans, and consumer debt wasn’t easy, it was the best thing we’ve ever done. You see, once we became debt-free, we discovered something amazing: When you get out of debt, improve your spending habits, and don’t waste your money, you can actually afford to live!

We know it’s true because we’ve done it. We want to help you do it too!

Want to learn more? Our start here page can guide you down a similar path of debt freedom, travel, and fun. You may also want to check out our Money Center, Travel Center, and Guides Section.

Thanks for reading!

About Club Thrifty

club thrifty - our family

Club Thrifty was founded by Greg and Holly Johnson in 2012. In the beginning, the couple used the website to document their financial journey while hoping to inspire and teach others about the benefits of solid money management. The website originally focused on topics like budgeting, tracking expenses, saving money, and getting out of debt – all of which remain important core values on Club Thrifty today.

As Greg and Holly’s financial situation changed, so did Club Thrifty. The website began exploring lifestyle topics such as family travel, frugal travel, and credit card rewards. Club Thrifty also began covering additional financial subjects like investing, banking, online business, student loans, and more.

Over the years, Club Thrifty has become a trusted source for entertaining yet accurate personal finance and travel information. The website has been cited by dozens of national publications, won several awards (including Best Frugality-Focused Blog in 2014 and Best Frugal Travel Blog in 2016 & 2017), and has received critical praise from peers and readers alike.

Since starting Club Thrifty, Greg and Holly Johnson have become two of the preeminent subject matter experts in the fields of budgeting, travel, and credit card rewards. The couple has visited over 40 countries to date, and their family travels about 16 to 20 weeks each year – much of that with their two young daughters. They have also published a book, Zero Down Your Debt, designed to help others pay off debt and seize control of their lives.

Today, Club Thrifty is visited by millions of readers each year and is a top destination for people who want to seize control of their money, build a life they love, and travel for less. As has always been the case, Club Thrifty continues encouraging readers to “Stop spending. Start living.”

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