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Welcome to the first day of your new life – a life that’s free from debt and stress and bursting with travel and fun.

You may not be entirely sure what you signed up for, but that’s okay. We’re glad you’re here.

We’re Holly and Greg, and we stumbled on the world’s best lifestyle in 2012. After years of enduring pointless debt and stress, we learned to master our money, spend and save consciously, and create a life we were finally excited to live.

You can do it, too.

While writing and learning about money, we’ve discovered a few simple truths:

  • Most people never reach their full potential, mainly because they don’t believe they can.
  • Debt is the biggest obstacle standing between you and the life of your dreams.
  • Your paycheck is your most powerful financial tool.
  • When you tell your money what to do, it listens. When you don’t, it disappears.
  • Spending according to your values reveals the life you were meant to live.

If your goal is guilt-free travel, abandon all your preconceived notions about money. Forget everything your uncle, neighbor, and banker told you, and listen to this:

With the right attitude and tools, you can design the life of your dreams, travel without guilt, and have cash to spare.

It’s true. How do we know?

Because we’ve done it.

To help you get started, we’ve listed our “5 Steps to Guilt-Free Travel” below. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Travel More, Spend Less

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5 Steps to Travel Without Guilt

Are you ready to travel without owing a dime? Here’s what all the other guilt-free travelers are doing:

Step 1: Pay off every ounce of debt you owe (aside from a small mortgage).

We have plenty of tools that can help you become debt-free. Check out our book, Zero Down Your Debt, and these articles:

Step 2: Start using a budget.

Everyone hates the dirty “B” word, yet a budget is the one thing you need most. With a monthly budget, you’ll be able to see where your money is going and reduce waste.

Check out these pieces:

Step 3: Start spending according to your values.

At Club Thrifty, we believe your spending reflects what you value. We also ascribe to the “pay yourself first” philosophy. Once your family is debt-free, you should make sure you’re saving plenty for retirement, college savings, and the future. Here are some articles about discovering your true values:

Step 4: Set up an awesome travel fund, and start contributing.

We love zero-sum budgets because they let you set aside money for anything you want. For instance, our big wish list is full of nothing but travel. Once you are debt-free and saving for the future, we want you to throw fat cash into your travel fund every month. Here are a few tools that can help:

  • High Yield Savings Accounts – Keeping your travel fund separate from your general savings is important, and online banks provide an easy way to do it. Read about our favorite savings account and how you can earn up to 130x more than with other competitors.
  • Tiller – Tiller is a great budgeting tool that helps you prepare a monthly budget and automatically track your expenses. At just $5 a month, it’s worth it. Try it free for 30 days here.
  • Personal Capital – This site provides a variety of free money tools that track your cash flow, monitor your net worth, and analyze your investment fees. They also have a great retirement calculator that we use all the time. Plus, it’s all free! Read more in our complete review here.

Step 5: Design a life full of guilt-free travel, adventure, and fun.

You’re finally debt-free and saving for the future. And yeah, we think you’re awesome. Now that your debt-free dreams are in full swing, you can begin designing the kind of life you want to live.

Save and spend like your life your life depends on it. Because it does.

The life you’ve always dreamed of is within your reach, but it won’t fall into your lap. You have to take it, and you have to start today.

The guilt-free travel movement gives you permission to do more than exist – it gives you the tools to live. So, let’s get started.

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Travel More, Spend Less

Our FREE guide will show you how to save hundreds (or even thousands) on your next vacation!