As many of you know, I write about travel and credit cards for a living.  I love traveling to far-flung places, enjoying new cultures, and meeting new people.  This is especially true when I can finance the majority of each trip by utilizing credit card rewards in the form of airline miles, hotel loyalty points, or cash-back.  After all, who doesn’t love free travel?

Unfortunately, I am slightly traveled-out at this very moment- so much so that I created this post just so I could complain about all the things that make travel miserable.  It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been on 7 different flights within the past three weeks and will complete a total of 11 flights by the time FinCon is over next weekend.  No matter how much you travel, 11 flights in 30 days is a lot for any sane person, am I right?

So let’s get down to it, shall we?  Here are the things I hate about travel and why they bug me so much:

Things I Hate About Travel


As much as I love to travel, I am not one of those people who enjoys flying.  In fact, I’ve been convinced I was going to die at some point on every flight I’ve ever been on- and I’ve flown a lot.  I’m cool as long as the plane flies effortlessly through clear blue skies, but I hate turbulence with a passion.  I also hate flying through clouds and storms-especially lightening!  And when the plane has to turn.  Is that really necessary?

Renting a Car

Greg and I rented a car in Orlando last month and that is probably the last time that will ever happen.  First of all, we had to wait for almost an hour in two separate lines before we could even leave.  Did I mention it was 100-freaking-degrees outside?  Second, they somehow convinced Greg that he needed to buy additional rental car coverage when he went to pay (I was staying back with the kids), so we had to get back in line and complain until they took the additional coverage off our contract.  It would have been much easier (and far less stressful) to rent a cab, use Uber, or get on a shuttle with the rest of the herd.  Never again.


Speaking of getting in line with the rest of the herd, I hate queueing.  Whether it’s standing in line at the airport, waiting to check into our hotel, or moving down a buffet line, queueing makes me go bat-shit crazy after a while.  And trust me, it doesn’t take much.  When I’m on vacation, I want to feel free- like an individual.  I don’t want to stand in lines all day and be herded around like a hunk of beef.

Slow Wifi

Resorts often claim to offer hi-speed internet, but I’ve found that their definition of “fast” and mine are vastly different.  I’ve been in plenty of places were the internet service was reminiscent of the Prodigy days- you know, the days each page took at least a minute to load.  That’s why I can never plan to do any “real work” beyond checking email on vacation, and why I am often left scrambling to get things done when I get home.  Slow internet absolutely kills my productivity.  And I hate it.

Rooms with Problems

Maybe it’s because I stay in chintzy places, but it seems like I always need to call the office for leaky roof, or a bug problem.  I’ve even had to look up directions on how to fix a mini-refrigerator online before because I couldn’t get anyone to help me!  I’m not that picky, but I can’t help but notice when water streams down the wall every time I take a shower or the balcony door won’t lock or close.  Am I the only one?

Other Travelers

Maybe I’m just sick of people right now.  Or maybe it’s the fact that a group of people threw my shoes off a three-story building in Mexico then laughed at me while I climbed around in the rocks trying to find them.  (Yes, that happened)  Either way, I’m starting to feel like other travelers suck.  I’m on vacation to meet new people and have fun, not to crawl around on my hands and knees in the dark while a group of people laugh hysterically and make obvious jokes in a language I can’t understand.  Can you tell I’m bitter?

I still love travel, but I’m ready for FinCon to be over so I can enjoy some much-needed time at home to relax.

What do you like/dislike about travel?  Would you be mad if someone threw your shoes off a building in a foreign country?