As many of you know, we’re finally moving this weekend after many weeks of anticipation. It’s a bittersweet feeling, for sure, packing up all your stuff and leave the house you’ve known for so long.  After all, this house is where we brought both of our kids home from the hospital.  It’s where most of our memories with our children have taken place so far.  And, since we did a lot of the remodeling ourselves, it’s a place that we feel very connected to.  I scraped linoleum floors in this place, laid and grouted all the tile, and lovingly decorated every single room.  When we first decided that Greg would take his new job, we were initially excited to sell our house and move.  But, as the reality of the situation hit, we’ve become miserable and unstable, and ready to get this show on the road.

Although our move marks the end of an era, it’s also a new beginning.  We’re moving to a place that I have always wanted to live.  And, fortunately, our kids will now attend one of the top ten school systems in the state.  We’re also excited to find a new home that we can decorate and make our own.  And, I truly think that we’ll be happy that we went through all of this once it’s over.  It’s just been a painfully slow experience, selling our house then having to wait 45 days before we could move.

Moving Sucks

We’re fortunate that we found a small house that we can rent temporarily and we’re even luckier that we’ve already got the keys.  For the last few weeks, we’ve been taking stuff over to the house.  So, at the moment, about half of our stuff is at each place.  Awesome.  It’s kind’ve annoying to realize you need something that’s at the other house or that you accidentally packed something that you shouldn’t have.  The other night I hand-mashed potatoes because Greg had already packed my mixer.  I felt all Amish and everything and our mashed potatoes turned out lumpy.  Not the end of the world, of course, but I’m more than ready to live in one place instead of having our belongings scattered here and there.

We’re running out of groceries and lacking the motivation to buy any since we’ll have to move them anyway.  So, last night, Greg and the kids had mac-n-cheese and a steam-in-the-bag package of corn for dinner.  I had a salad made only of toppings because I realized we were out of lettuce after I had already cut up tomatoes, carrots, and mushrooms.  Sigh.

We’re Stressed Out

The other day, I was wrestling with my four-year-old in the living room, holding her down and poking her in the chest.  She always screams and laughs hysterically when I do this, until she finally starts trying to bargain her way out of the situation.  She’ll usually yell “I’ll pick up my toys!” or some other empty promise.  But, this time, she yelled “I’ll leave you alone!”  When I kept tickling her, she yelled, “I’ll give you some quiet time!”

When I realized that she thought I wanted her to leave me alone, it broke my heart.  We’ve been so stressed out lately that we’ve had much less patience in general.  And, here my four-year-old was…..promising to leave me alone, as if I didn’t want to be around her.  Obviously, this wasn’t my best moment as a parent.  And, I used that experience as a wake-up call to be more positive when I’m around her.  I want my kids to be excited to move, after all.  And, how can I expect them to be excited if their two parents aren’t?

We’re Ready to Move On

I’ll miss this house even though I absolutely hate so many things about it.  At this point, I know we’re ready to move on and put this entire experience behind us.  I am so ready to close the door on this chapter and more onto the next chapter in our lives.  And, once we find our “forever home,” I never want to go through this again.

Do you like moving?  Has your view on moving changed over the years?