As many of you know, we sold our house in thirteen days.  This was great, of course, because we didn’t have to deal with a lot of stress waiting for an offer.  However, the fact that we sold so quick didn’t leave us much time to find a new home to buy.  So, in the meantime, we have to rent.  Fortunately, we have a friend who happens to have a vacant rental home about ten minutes from Greg’s new job.  Sure, it isn’t ideal, but we’re thrilled that we didn’t have to move into an apartment.  After all, we are leaving a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home that had almost 2,400 square feet!  I simply cannot imagine moving into an apartment without a garage or place to put our lawnmower or the stuff from our attic!

So, since we somehow escaped apartment living, we’re moving into our friend’s house.  And, much to my surprise, the house is actually quite beautiful.  If you’re interested in the rest of the details about our move, check out my latest staff post at Get Rich Slowly, “The Small House Experiment, Part One.”

Our temporary home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and sits on two acres.  And, although it only has 1,168 square feet, it’s laid out rather well.  Basically, it has one large living room in the center of the house that the bedrooms and kitchen branch off from.  It doesn’t have much storage above ground but it does have an empty, dry basement where we can keep some of our stuff.

The Living Room and Kitchen

Although the house has been vacant for a while, it’s in pretty good shape.  Last weekend, we stopped by Target to buy some supplies for a good deep clean.  This upcoming Saturday I’m having the carpet professionally cleaned, which Greg thinks is crazy.  But, my two-year-old literally licks the floor sometimes so I feel that it’s necessary.  I don’t know who lived there before us or how clean or dirty they were.  I also had a carpet cleaning coupon that made it only $89 for the whole house.  Do you think it’s crazy to have carpets cleaned in a house you don’t own?  Help me out here!

View out the Back Window.....so Peaceful.....

 The inside of the house is small but functional.  However, the outside is absolutely gorgeous.  The back of the house has a large redwood deck, a firepit, and two acres of natural beauty.  The yard has ginormous trees that create a beautiful canopy of shade all around the property.  The front porch also has a porch swing which is something I’ve always wanted but never had.


Overall, we’re thrilled that we’re able to rent this house for $700 per month.  I honestly cannot believe how this deal fell in our lap but I’m happy it did.  This experience will give us the opportunity to “try out” small home living and continue to save money for the down payment on our next home.

The only thing I’m worried about is how small the bathrooms are……


What do you think about our small house experiment?  What do you think about living in a small home?  And, can you believe someone is renting us this house for $700 per month?