My Money Confessional: Edition 1

My Money Confessional Edition 1 - picture of dollar bill in jeans pocket

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Forgive me my frugal friends, for I have sinned.  I have been careless with my hard-earned cash and have wallowed in my own laziness.  I have forsaken everything that is important to me and have decided to come clean…right here and now.  Regrettably, I think this will be one of many confessionals that I will write.  I say this because it seems that I am slipping back into my old habits.  Writing about my mistakes and failures is a way to keep myself accountable, and I know that I can count on my frugal friends to smack me back into reality.  Recently, I have been somewhat careless with my money.  And since I love money and hate wasting it, I want to get back on track as soon as possible.

Exhibit A: The Grocery Store

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store after work.  We bought a few fresh vegetables for salads and a rotisserie chicken.  We also picked up some sun screen for vacation.  Afterall, it was on sale, and we always slather a ton of it on the kids.  Anyway, as we finished up our shopping trip at the self-scan register, our sunscreen rang up at the wrong price.  It was supposed to be $6.13 and it rang up for $6.52.  (Gasp!)

What was a frugal gal like me to do? The old me would have had it corrected.  The new and unimproved version of myself didn’t blink an eye.  Part of me thinks that the few minutes that I would have spent having the price checked wouldn’t have been worth saving only 40 cents.  However, we all know that these little discrepancies can add up quickly….and that 40 cents here and a few bucks there can add up over time, amounting to a decent amount of cash.

Exhibit B: The Restaurant

Last week, I was too lazy to make dinner.  I did, however, have a $10 off coupon to my favorite sit down mexican restaurant.  (I know, that sounds frugal right?) So, we decided to splurge.  Truthfully, we hadn’t gone out to dinner all month so it wasn’t a big deal.  We sat down and ordered and our food came out quickly.  However, as they brought out my fajitas and Greg’s chimichanga, they let us know that they didn’t have any chicken fingers for the kids.  This wasn’t the end of the world.  On the other hand, anyone with little kids knows that eating in front of your hungry offspring can be a recipe for disaster.  Thankfully, the kid’s food came out quickly and they began eating their cheese quesadillas and fruit cocktail.  Everything would have been fine had a little bug not been swimming in their mixed fruit.  I pointed it out to our waiter, but I didn’t want to make a big deal.

The weird part was that we were still charged for their meal…even though it wasn’t ready with the rest of our food and they got a cheese quesadilla instead of chicken fingers….and there was a bug that was clearly taking a bath in their side dish.  Anyway, the better version of myself would have refused to pay for their meal.  The lazy, complacent, new me paid for it and even tipped the waiter well.  What in the world is happening to me?!?!?!

Getting My Money Habits Back On Track

These are just a few examples of how I am slipping into the abyss of money wasting and sloth.  I refuse to compound these problems by not addressing them, and I plan on holding myself accountable from here on out.  I’m definitely not perfect, and I may always be a work in progress.  However, I know that I deserve better.  The hours I spend working to make the money I have wasted are gone now, and I will never get them back.  But I can choose to make different decisions in the future.

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  1. Wow what a terrible restaurant! That’s really too bad. I think sometimes making a fuss over something just doesn’t feel worth it so we let things slide (like the .40 mistake).

    1. Usually it is really good. I think they were just having an “off” day!

  2. That’s it? No juicy movie popcorn splurge or impulse time share purchase?



    As Jay Leno said: join the club. It’s a big one. It meets every Friday night at the bar.

    What price or value does peace have?

    1. Sorry, I’m pretty boring. That’s all I got!

  3. Holly… Budgets are great.. And frugality is absolutely a great idea.. But you have to give yourself a little bit of rope here.. This is nothing.. And I guarantee that there will things that come up that require you to truly splurge, here at some point.

    You guys are doing awesome.. Don’t beat yourself up. 🙂

  4. This coming from a reformed spender and who enjoyed the splurge – budgets are great, but they’re like rules – meant to be bent and sometimes broken.

    Beating your self up is never worth it or as I love to say it:
    “Suck it up buttercup and keep on movin”

  5. Ewww. bugs in food is never good! But that being said these little discrepancies are fine ! Although I would complain at the restaurant next time, just for the principle of it. That’s not right!

    1. I probably should’ve. I think I’m turning into a big softy!

  6. My eggs were priced wrong too today at the supermarket! A few cents, nothing to make a big deal out of, so I paid and left. But I wonder how much money they make just by charging you wrong (my guess: TONS!)? I don’t remember being undercharged for something at the grocery store. When I have it rectified I think about other people who won’t be charged extra too.

    1. Ugh- every time I go to Walmart (which isn’t often at all) things ring up wrong. 4 cents here and ten cents here. I’m sure it all adds up! Greedy bastards!

  7. Wow about the restaurant! And I’m often left wondering the same things whenever things like this happen to me. Is it worth my time?!

    1. Exactly. I think I’m more like that when I’m with my kids too. I need to get them home, give them baths, etc. I don’t have time to argue over a few bucks!

  8. thewildwong says:

    Yikes! I guess you have to make sure to say, “and no bugs, please” when ordering at that restaurant. They should have comped your meal!
    I agree with the others; this behavior isn’t too unfrgual, but it also sounds like you want us to whip you back into shape. So get on it, lady! 😉

  9. What is wrong with that restaurant? Wrong food, bugs and they still made you pay full price! That’s terrible. You could probably still call the manager and complain. They may give you a comped meal – that is, if you ever want to eat there again!

    1. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way at all….but I don’t think anyone there speaks much english. It would probably be a lost cause =)

  10. Having been a waiter in the past, I usually let things slide like you did. Although, being assertive (and nice at the same time) usually goes well for my pocketbook – so I may have to rethink my own strategy here.

    1. Me too. I used to work in food service- never again! I do have special love for waiters and waitresses though- just because I know thir jobs suck!

  11. I’ll disagree with Jefferson a bit…while these aren’t that big of a deal I would have stood on principle alone and would have NOT paid for the meal (or at least the kid’s portions). That is absolutely disgusting and I would have made a small scene. 🙂

  12. I admit that I’m a bit of a pushover with this kind of stuff. I would’ve probably let both of those things slide. With the restaurant though, I’d probably avoid going back out of spite. I find that some things just aren’t worth getting all worked up over.

    1. I’m a pushover too, I guess. If a waiter/waitress is being nice to me and my kids…it’s hard for me to complain =(

  13. I know the frugal monster wants to come out and devour those who stand in the way of frugal-ness, but these are minor enough that you can rest easy knowing that you are not wasting money that you don’t have. My first confessions post had me doubling my food budget, so you don’t need to feel too bad here 🙂

  14. Bugs? Gross! I think I would have sent it back and if it wasn’t correct sent an email to the manager if I still ended up being charged full price.
    But I am glad you didn’t short change the waiter because of it – I tend to let the waiter slide on things that are kitchen errors. Maybe this is wrong, but I have no desire to work in a restaurant and am willing to pay the people that do!

    1. I NEVER undertip….. I used to work in food service and I know how hard and unrewarding it is. Unless a waiter slapped me across the face or spit in my food, I would always tip at least 15%!

  15. bugs aren’t a good thing at all, we all know this but I’ve been in the restaurant business for the past 5 years. You shouldn’t EVER not tip the waiter though, it’s not his call to comp your food. That’s the manager’s call so don’t take it out on him. He isn’t responsible for checking the food and he didn’t prep/cook it so please don’t take it out on him. Everything else in this post was minor compared to that (In my opinion because I am still a server) and that’s how I pay my bills so I absolutely HATE seeing people taking it out on the wrong person.

    1. I think you need to reread what I wrote. I always tip well- 20% or more. I have never undertipped a waiter in my life.

  16. Bugs aren’t gross, they’re nutritious and full of protein!

    I would have let everything slide as well. Except I wouldn’t have tipped to show that I wasn’t happy with the service. If these little acts make you feel really guilty, you must be really good at the frugal thing!

    This was a fun read, thanks!

  17. .40 was probably not worth the ten minutes it would have taken to correct. I always feel guilty questioning the clerk if there are people behind me in line. I should not feel bad, though, it isn’t my mistake, but for that amount I’d let it slide. I think eating out once a month if you have been good otherwise is fine, but bug cocktail is not good. I probably wouldn’t have said anything about that either, though. Sometimes I am just too nice!

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