Although I’m a huge fiscal conservative, I openly admit that I have some pretty far left ideas on most of the major social issues.  Most of my beliefs are due to the fact that I feel strongly about individual personal freedom.  Regardless of my personal feelings on any particular subject, I try not to to force my opinions on others.  My philosophy on most issues is “live and let live.”  Or, “do whatever the hell you want as long as you don’t bother me.”

One issue that I feel strongly about is the legalization of marijuana. Although the issue seems pretty cut and dry to me, I know that it can sometimes strike a nerve with those who are against drug use in general or disagree about the issues.  Regardless, here are the 4 reasons I think that legalizing the sale and use of marijuana is the right move for everyone:

  • Tax Revenue– With state and federal governments constantly struggling to balance their budgets, wouldn’t it make sense to slap a tax on everyone’s swag?  I think that most stoners would be thrilled to pay a little extra in order to prevent being hassled by the Po-Po.  According to a Cato study, legalizing and taxing marijuana could raise 8.7 billion dollars in annual tax revenues.
  • Waste of Resources- Let’s face it; chasing down stoners is a complete waste of law enforcement resources.  Shouldn’t we stop squandering their resources so they can focus on fighting real crime?  More than 300 economists convened in 2012 to discuss the legalization of marijuana and they concluded that doing so could save the U.S. 13.7 billion dollars per year.
  • Individual Freedom- Would you resent it if someone told you that you couldn’t eat artichokes?   I would.  I freaking love artichokes. And more than that,  I just think that the whole thing is a matter of principle.  The government should focus on more important things than trying to control people’s personal decisions about their own body.
  • Waste of time- The criminalization is marijuana use is simply a waste of time.  As long as people can grow their own plants in their backyard or their basement, there’s simply no way to stop them.  And, why should we bother enforcing a law that can never truly be enforced?  In my opinion, we shouldn’t.

More Thoughts on Marijuana

Now, I’m old….so I don’t really know that many people that smoke marijuana anymore.  However,  all of the users I know and used to know are totally harmless individuals.  They aren’t starting fights with strangers at bars or driving into telephone polls.  They aren’t angry or aggressive.  They were just hungry.  And giggly.  And tired.  I haven’t personally witnessed any situation in which marijuana use was particularly detrimental to society, or to an individual.

So, what do you guys think?  Should the federal government legalize the use and sale of marijuana?  Do you think doing so would have a positive or negative impact on society?  And, are you getting a strange but undeniable craving for Taco Bell?  Please share by commenting below.