It’s been a fun summer in the Johnson household, and I’m extremely sad that it is coming to an end.  I love fall and everything, but I absolutely hate winter.  I once thought it was weird that old people migrated south during the winter months, but now I totally get it.

Winter sucks, and old people are geniuses!

Anyway, several people have emailed to ask whether my daughter likes kindergarten or not, and I’m happy to report that she really likes it.  I’m also happy to announce the fact that my daughter is now in panties during her waking hours, and is only wearing a pull-up to bed.  (So no, we won’t be buying her a rocking potty)

We finally accomplished this feat by letting her piss all over herself until she finally got sick of it, and giving her a mouth full of pudding every time she went on a big potty.  I’m really happy about the fact that we’re slowly transitioning out of the diaper phase for a few reasons.  First, I am just tired of changing diapers.  And second, I am also tired of buying diapers.  Seriously.  Enough.

Cash Money Income Update

In case you’re new here, I always report my self-employment income once each month.  I do this to keep myself from slacking off and to show other people that it is more than possible to earn a living as a web-based writer.  With that being said, the total amount of cash money I grossed as a self-employed goddess in July was……*drumroll, please*


This total includes all of the money that I made from my various streams of income:

  • Credit Card Sales
  • Consulting
  • Freelance writing
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Ghost Writing

Please remember that I make the majority of my income from a variety of freelance writing jobs, not my blog.  If you’re interested in learning how to get freelance writing jobs, please check out this post:

How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs 

My Expenses

Having relatively low expenses is one of the perks of being a web-based writer.  Other than my laptop and an internet connection, I just don’t need much.  However, hiring writers for our travel site has wreaked havoc on our expenses for the last few months.  Hopefully it will be worth it!  Here is a basic rundown of my expenses from last month:

  • Staff Writing: $200
  • Blog Hosting: $12
  • Internet $51

Life Updates

holly gregMy earnings were pretty decent this month, but I do expect them to be down for August.  As I mentioned last week, I lost a fairly lucrative writing job in July which I have yet to replace.  I am also going on vacation for the last third of the month, which means that I am losing at least 7 days of productivity.  Right now I am merely trying to get ahead of things and prepare for my trips, but I do hope to refocus once I get home and things go back to normal.

Wish me luck this weekend as we navigate our first cruise ship for a short 4-day trip to the Bahamas starting this morning.  I have been having a lot of tsunami nightmares lately, so I am slightly freaked out about the whole thing!  #FirstWorldProblems

Don’t worry, I’ll write a full review of the experience when I get back.

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How were your earnings in August?  Any big swings up or down?