I am currently on my way home from vacation.  In my absence, please enjoy this post from Kayla from Shoeaholicnomore.com.

Kayla is a mid-20s single girl living in the Midwest, USA. She is focused on paying off her consumer and student loans, while simplifying her life and closet. You can join her on her journey at Shoeaholicnomore or follow her on Twitter.

Washing dishes, folding laundry, and cleaning house. All of these are necessary tasks to keep you and your household functioning and sanitary, but none of these tasks provide big rewards or feelings of accomplishment. They are just really big time-sucks.

Now, in case you don’t know my backstory, I’m trying desperately to work my way out of the red by paying off my consumer debt and student loans. I still have between $17-18k left to pay off, but I’m hoping to be done paying them off by December 2016!

In order to speed up my pay-down progress and meet my goal, I’ve taken on a part-time job, started a direct-selling home business, and ventured into the world of online freelance writing and VA work. These are all in addition to my regular, full-time desk job at an ag-lending institution. Between all of these things, my time is stretched pretty thin, leaving me with only one day “off”, or less, each week to get the rest of my time-sucking tasks completed.

Outsourcing to Buy Time

Usually on my one day “off,” I’d rather be recharging my batteries and relaxing with family or friends instead of scrubbing the toilets or completing some other non-fun things. Therefore, I decided to use some of my hard-earned money to hire someone else to do these things for me.

My cleaning lady comes every other week. She set her own rate and it only sets me back $36 each time! She cleans the bathrooms and the kitchen, vacuums the whole house, and gets my wood floors shinier than I could if I spent a whole day on the task. Of course, I have to do some touch-up cleaning in between her visits, but for the most part I never have to deep clean my own house.  Now, that’s outsourcing!

Is Outsourcing Worth It?

I finally decided this expenditure was worth it to me because I get paid more per hour than I pay her to clean, plus it frees up my day “off” for the most part. I still have to do some awful things, like mowing and laundry, but the things I hate most are in her self-imposed job description. Plus, I feel like I’m contributing and helping her and her family by giving her another job to pay the bills. Passing on some of my money and getting so much help in return cannot be a bad thing.

Yes, hiring a cleaning lady does slow my debt progress down slightly. Yes, I could put that $72/month on my debt and it would be worth more since it would decrease my interest payments.  However, I like knowing I’ve helped a family in my community by providing a job. Plus, my house gets cleaner than it would if it were all left up to me! In my opinion, that’s a true win-win situation.

What tasks have you out-sourced to free up more time for income-producing activities?