Last month, D.C. at Young Adult Money introduced me to a Facebook app called MyVEGAS Slots.  And ever since then, I’ve been hooked.  On its surface, it’s just a regular ol’ Facebook slot game.  The only difference is, the points you earn can be redeemed for real rewards like free rooms, free or discounted meals, and show tickets.  What you can redeem your points for changes daily, but it includes rewards like:

  • Free Appetizer at Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill: 7,500 points
  • 2 for 1 Breakfast Buffet at MGM Grand: 5,000 points
  • 2 for 1 Buffet at the Luxor: 7,000 points
  • One Jabbawockeez Ticket: 49,500 points
  • 2 for 1 Dinner Buffet at MGM Grand: 10,000 points
My Small Collection of Miniature Booze Bottles

My Small Collection of Miniature Booze Bottles

I’ve been trying to build up 30,000 points for two free lunches at Excalibur for a month now, and I finally hit my goal.  Finally.  Fortunately, the timing couldn’t be better.  As I mentioned earlier this week in my budget breakdown, we’re headed to Las Vegas next weekend and have budgeted $600 for entertainment, drinks, gambling, and food.  Earning a free meal or two will help us stretch our dollars further.  My goal is to actually spend less than I’ve budgeted and come home with cash.  Fingers crossed!

new orleans 1Some other ways we plan to experience Las Vegas on a budget:

  • We’re bringing our own booze.  Every time we’ve stayed at a resort in the past few years, we’ve been given a few small bottles of alcohol to drink or bring home.  Sometimes we drink them, but a few have managed to survive …..until now.  I also participated in the World’s Most Awesome Adult Easter Egg Hunt this year, and I won some liquor there.  Yes, I’m serious.  The small bottles are purse-size and will be perfect for topping off a diet coke.  Is that wrong?
  • We’re going to do some serious people-watching.  One thing I really love about big cities is that they are usually filled with a diverse crowd.  In other words, weirdos.  I can’t tell you how many strange people I’ve seen and talked to in places like Las Vegas and New Orleans, and it just keeps getting better.  More good news: People-watching is free.
  • We’re staying at the Travelodge.  Even though I have a lot of hotel points that I could redeem for free stays in Vegas, I chose not to.  I just don’t think that Las Vegas is a good place to burn them, especially when I plan to spend so little time in my room.  Instead, we chose to pay $87 per night for a room at the Travelodge.  Even better, we used our Barclay Arrival World MasterCard and an Expedia coupon to make our hotel stay completely free.  (We did pay for a different hotel in old downtown Las Vegas for our first night).  The Travelodge may not be flashy, but it does offer free wifi, no resort fees, and a free continental breakfast.  And once we make sure there are no bed bugs, we’ll be good to go!
  • We’re skipping the expensive meals.  It’s always tempting to go out to eat, but Las Vegas dining is far too expensive for my taste.  The only exception we’ll make is the free food we’ve earned from the myVEGAS slots game, and any other free food we earn or come across (Greg currently has 17,000 points on myVEGAS slots too!).  Other than that, we plan to eat at Subway and Chipotle since they are both on the strip.

Las Vegas used to be known as a cheap place to visit and explore, but that’s no longer the case.  Fortunately, we’re still able to have fun without spending a lot.  And maybe- just maybe- we’ll win big.

Unfortunately, I doubt it.

Want to save money in Las Vegas?  The Las Vegas Pass may be able to help.  If you want to see more than just the casinos and the Strip, this pass offers “free” entry to some of Las Vegas’s top attractions.  Of course, it isn’t for everybody.  Follow the link to read our full review and see if you can save money on sightseeing in Las Vegas with the pass.  Winning!

What are your favorite frugal activities to do in Las Vegas?  Anything tips?