Wednesday I wrote about the fact that I wear the financial pants in my family.  Today I am going to talk about a different kind of pants- diapers and pull-ups, specifically- and the fact that I am officially tired of buying them after five long years.

Tired. Of. It.

I buy pull-ups for daytime and diapers for overnights.  I buy them at the grocery store, the department store, and the drug store- with coupons if I’m lucky.  I currently spend $10-$15 dollars per week on something that adds no value to our lives or to the planet.   I might as well be shreddin’ $20 bills over here!

Here’s What I’ve Tried So Far

lydia vivian croppedAhhhh… beautiful daughters.  They are so fun and so full of life.  As of this summer, they’re also big girls- my oldest starts kindergarten and my youngest just turned three.  That means that we’ve moved out of the baby and toddler stage thankfully, but we certainly out of the woods yet.  Why?  Well, my three-year-old has no interest in using a big-person potty.  And, believe me, it’s not for a lack of trying on our part.  Here are the strategies we’ve tried so far:

  • Reward- We started giving her a spoonful of ice cream or a piece of candy any time she pee-peed on the potty.  That seems to work after-the-fact, but the promise of a treat isn’t always enough to lure her in there to begin with.
  • Punish- We started telling her we were upset when she peed her pants.  I hate doing that.  Whenever she could tell I was frustrated, she would look up at me with those big blue eyes and say, “Sorry mommy.”  That made me feel awful.
  • Indifference- Once we realized we weren’t getting anywhere with rewards or punishments, we tried taking her diaper off and just letting her pee all over herself.  Our thought was that letting her pee her pants might result in her feeling uncomfortable or embarassed.  Nope.  She just goes on with her day, wet pants and all.

I Am Officially Tired of Buying Diapers

My oldest daughter potty-trained quickly and easily.  But my youngest?  I’m afraid to say it, but I just don’t think she cares enough at this point.  She’s also busy- real busy- and doesn’t want to stop what she’s doing to go to the bathroom.  She would much rather just pee her pants and continue picking flowers, riding her bike, or playing in the sandbox.  Ewww…  I’m tired of buying diapers, but I also don’t know what else to do.  A few strategies I’m considering:

  • Potty Timer– A relative suggested I set a timer and simply tell her it is the “potty timer.”  Then I just need to take her to the potty any time it goes off.  Perhaps she will think it’s a game and get on board.  Maybe?
  • Naked Weekend– Several people have suggested I let her run around naked outside for a day or two.  The idea is that she might recognize her need to potty better if she literally felt pee run down her leg (as opposed to it being absorbed by her clothing).  That might be possible on the weekend, but I’m not sure how cooperative she would be.
  • Fun Potty Time- Others have suggested adding food coloring to the toilet water or wearing a funny hat when it’s pee-pee time.  Sounds crazy to me, but I’m honestly willing to do anything at this point.
  • Wait- I keep reading that kids who aren’t interested in potty-training might just need more time.  I’ve considered putting our plans on hold for a few months and trying again this fall.

So, that’s it.  I’m officially tired of buying diapers, but must continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  Hopefully I’ll figure out a winning strategy sometime soon.  Until then, I envision lots of laundry, frustration, and tears coming up.  Stay tuned.

Did you have trouble potty-training your kids?  What strategies worked for you?