For those of you who have been around a while, you know that we love to talk about some of our favorite TV shows. Yeah, we don’t have cable…which presents a bit of a problem. However, we do tend to catch up by binging on full seasons of our favorite shows via Netflix and Amazon. From Game of Thrones to Honey Boo Boo, we love to discuss us some quality TV.

Lately, our “drug” of choice has been Breaking Bad. (That was just too easy!) For those of you who have been hiding out under a rock for the last five years like we have, the premise of the show goes a little something like this. (Please note, we still have a season to go, so NO SPOILERS!!!) Family man and high school chemistry teacher Walter White finds out that he has contracted lung cancer, with the doctors telling him that his prognosis is not particularly good. Mr. White refuses to immediately tell his family of his diagnosis and worries about how he is going to pay his staggering medical bills. How can he go through treatment, die, and leave his family behind in a mountain of debt? You see, Walter and his family lack decent health insurance…and the treatments are liable to bankrupt him. So, he faces two choices: take the treatments and go bankrupt, or die. Booya! Gotta love healthcare in America!

After seeing a news report on TV about methamphetamine labs, Walter asks his D.E.A. agent brother-in-law Hank if there is a lot of money in selling drugs. Hank tells him there is…until they get caught. Realizing that he has the chemistry knowledge to make crystal meth and the need to leave something behind for his family, the loveable, bumbling Walter White sets out to create and sell drugs. The rest is a dark, comedic, disturbing, entertainment yumminess!

The show poses the obvious question about what you would do under the same circumstances. Yeah, yeah Canadians. We all know you would just go to the doctor and have it covered. Unfortunately, we here in the states aren’t so lucky. On the flip side, we did get this uber sweet show out of it. Bonus!

The other night, while watching the show and chomping on my hard blue rock peppermint candy, I asked Holly what she would do.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I guess I’d hope that our insurance covered it.”

I’m not really sure what I would do either. At a certain point, money doesn’t really mean anything. Obviously, I’m going to do everything that I can in order to survive. I would do the same for any member of my family. However, like Walter, I wouldn’t want to burden my family with all of that debt after my death either. I’m not sure that I would take to selling illegal drugs, but I’m sure that there would have to be something that I could do to help the situation.

If nothing else, this show is another great reminder of why an emergency fund is so important. Having that emergency fund to fall back on can help you in so many different ways. Need to fix your car so you can go to work? Dip into that emergency fund. Lose a job recently? You’ve got a few months expenses to help you get by until you find another one. Although they can’t cure all of your financial ills, emergency funds provide a great stop-gap measure when it feels financial doom is pouring in around you.

So, what would you do in Walter White’s situation? Would you do whatever it took to survive? Would you also do whatever it took to protect your family? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!