I have a confession to make: working from home is making me woefully sloth-like.  Since I have more time at my disposal, I’ve been using that time to do fun things that make me happy such as:

  • having hour long conversations with my brother on Facebook
  • reading
  • planning future vacations and daydreaming about them
  • going on long walks with my dog Pablo, the freeloading genius
  • reading vacation reviews on Trip Advisor (and laughing hysterically at how ridiculous some of them are)

I actually just stared at the wall for at least fifteen minutes. 

On the other hand, having extra time has made me a much saner person, a better wife, and a much better mother.  In addition to those awesome changes, having free time has also allowed me to think of some ways that I should be saving money.  So, without further adieu, here are some of the ways that I’ve saved money last week:

Car Insurance

As you all know, we have a second vehicle that is rarely driven.  Unfortunately, my own stupidity and laziness created a situation where I was still paying for full coverage on the thing despite the fact that its old, paid-off, and only driven once a week.  So, I finally did it.  I called my insurance provider and reduced the coverage on my beloved periwinkle minivan.  Doing so saved  $150 off of the upcoming biannual premium that is due on July 15th.  After talking with my agent, I also realized that I could save an additional 8 percent just by switching to electronic statements.  Furthermore, I could save an additional small amount by signing up for an online account with them.

Obviously, I did all of those things and saved a bunch of money in the process.  If you’re happy with the company that you have, it’s always worth it to give them a call and see what you can work out.

Greg’s New Cell Phone

Greg’s new job doesn’t come with the perk of having an employer-provided cell phone.  However, we’re still happy about the transition.  We started cell phone shopping and looked around online to see what was available first.  Although I love my Republic Wireless cell phone, Greg decided that he wanted a phone on the Verizon network.  He also wanted a different phone than the one I have since he never shuts up  he will be using the phone quite a bit.  Our first stop was at the Verizon store where I felt like a bloody carcass being circled by vultures.  They tried to sell us several phones ranging from free to $300.  The crazy thing was that the monthly service plans started at $80 per month!!!  Making matters worse was that Verizon expected us to make a two year commitment.  As a commitment-phobe, I found this completely unreasonable and decided to keep looking.  Luckily, we stumbled upon a local discount wireless provider.  They offered cell phones that run on Verizon’s network but at a fraction of the cost.  We bought a used phone and chose a plan with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data for $55 per month.  The plan also didn’t require a contract which meant that we wouldn’t be stuck if something changed with our employment or phone situation.  We’re going to see how much data Greg uses and if he doesn’t need as much as our plan offers we might be able to downgrade to a plan that only costs $39.99 per month.  We’ll see.

Selling my Old Stuff

Now that I work at home, I no longer need my huge business wardrobe.  I set aside about ten of my favorite business outfits and prepared to sell the rest.  A second-hand business clothing retailer bought about $50 of stuff from me and I put the rest on ebay.  I also sold some jewelry online that I knew I would never wear again.  In addition, I’m also determined to have a garage sale this summer.  Hopefully, I get around to it.

How did you save money last week?