As many of you know, we recently sold our home and moved into a temporary rental property.  And if you’re unaware of the backstory, you’re probably wondering why in the hell we would do such a thing.

The short story: Greg tried a new career, hated it, then took a different job.  We were super slow at looking at new houses which was unfortunate since we sold our home in 13 days.  Since we sold before finding something new, we ended having to find a temporary place to live while we continue to look for a permanent home.  Boom.

So, that’s how it all went down.  And now that we’re living in a small space, I’m starting to notice some things that I like and others….not so much.

What I Like About Small House Living

First of all, there is a lot to love about this small home!  Here is a short list of the things I love the most:

  • There’s something convenient about having living space and all of the bedrooms on one level.  My kids can play in their rooms right outside of the family room which makes it easier to keep an eye on them.
  • I have already noticed how much easier it is to clean 1,200 s.f. compared to 2,400 s.f.  I can clean the bathrooms and kitchen, dust and mop the whole house, and vacuum in less than an hour.
  • We haven’t received our first utility bill yet, but I’m fairly positive that we’re using less.  The furnace rarely turns on.  And when it does, it heats the house back up fairly quickly.
  • The back of this house faces the south, bringing in sunshine from sunrise to sunset.  I haven’t turned the lights on during the day since we’ve moved in and we usually don’t turn anything on until the sun starts going down. (This has nothing to do with the house being small…but I still like it!)
  • Despite the small size of this home, all of our furniture fits….even my piano!  I’m actually pretty amazed at how functional this house is despite the fact that it’s so small.

What I Don’t Like About Small House Living

Of course, there are some things that I don’t love about living with three other people in such a small space.  And, that’s okay.  I don’t consider it a failure because that’s really what this experience has been all about.  We’re trying to see what we can live without and what we actually need.  And so far, there are only a few things that I don’t think could work for us in the long-term:

  • My youngest daughter’s bedroom is very small and wouldn’t likely work if she slept in anything bigger than a crib.  In our next house, I want larger bedrooms that they can grow into.
  • The eat-in kitchen doesn’t have very much room for a table.  Honestly, I’m surprised that our table fits at all!
  • The kitchen is woefully lacking storage with no room to add additional cabinets or a pantry.
  • My two-year old cries…..loud and often.  This house offers nowhere to escape from it….even for a short break!
  • I really miss having an office!  Having my computer on a card table in my bedroom just isn’t doing it for me.

Overall, I don’t mind the smaller space.  Would it work for us for the rest of our lives?  Probably not.  Fortunately, we don’t have to pick between two extremes and we can continue looking for a house that fits our family just right.  Now, on to the pictures…..





Have you ever lived in a small house?  What is your take on small house living?