Mint SIM Review: Pay $15 for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

Tired of paying out the nose for decent wireless service? In this Mint SIM review, we'll explain how to get great wireless speed at a fraction of the cost.

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Over the years, we have tried out several new cell phone plans and companies. We experimented with wifi calling before it was hip (and really, before it worked very well). We’ve tried prepaid phone cards and discount providers. We even tried a few different services to save on home phone service. We stopped just short of trying Magic Jack (remember those?), but never quit looking for ways to save money.

These days, we no longer have a home phone. Instead, we share a few cell phones that suit our needs perfectly. Fortunately, I recently got the chance to try out a new service and brand among wireless providers. With Mint Mobile (formerly Mint SIM), you get the chance to tailor your cell phone plan around your needs – and you can even bring your own phone. Bam!

How Mint Mobile Works

According to the company, Mint Mobile is “so easy it feels like cheating.” While I LOL at that a little, I have to agree. With Mint Mobile, you have the option to keep your old cell phone and sneak in a shiny new Mint SIM card for better, more affordable wireless service.

Once you decide to give it a try, to get started simply:

  1. Choose a plan. You can choose to pay for 2GB, 5GB or 10GB of 4G LTE per month.
  2. Bring your own phone. You can buy a new one if you really need it, but you can also bring your old phone to the program.
  3. Activate the system. Mint Mobile outlines the easy activation process on their website. It’s not hard at all, and it took us 5 minutes.
  4. Insert your new SIM card. Simply trade out your phone’s old SIM card for the new one Mint Mobile sends you in the mail. It’s easy, and yes, Mint Mobile offers an online tutorial.

If you get confused anywhere along the way, never fear. Mint Mobile shows you how to do everything with their own, helpful videos. This might sound silly, but videos can be a real lifesaver if you’re not very tech-savvy like me.

Tired of paying out the nose for decent wireless service? In this Mint SIM review, we'll explain how to get great wireless speed at a fraction of the cost.

How Much Does Mint Mobile Cost?

Like some other discount phone providers, Mint Mobile lets you customize your plan so you’re only paying for the phone service you need and want. Generally speaking, plans start at $15 per month and surge up to around $30 per month if you need crazy amounts of high-speed data.

My favorite plan of theirs is their Clever AF (BAHAHA) plan for $15 per month for three months. It includes 2GB per month of 4G LTE plus unlimited talk, text, and data. You can also turn your phone into a mobile hotspot, which is one of my newest favorite things to do.

Here’s a rundown of their plans and how much they cost:

Tired of paying out the nose for decent wireless service? In this Mint SIM review, we'll explain how to get great wireless speed at a fraction of the cost.

As you can see, you can basically pay as little or as much as you want depending on the qualify of coverage you desire. There are a ton of benefits to this, I think, and they extend well beyond the fact you can buy a phone plan called “Cleverer AF.” I mean, who comes up with these names? Brilliant! (It means “cleverer as a fox,” of course)

Here’s what I like the most about the way Mint Mobile pricing is set up:

  • Pay for only what you want and need. Unlike some other phone companies that make you pay out the nose for crazy amounts of data, talk, and text, Mint Mobile offers affordable unlimited plans. Keep in mind that you still get unlimited data beyond the plan you pay for. After you use your allotted amount of LTE, the speed just goes down.
  • You get a lower rate if you prepay for a longer plan. Because of the way Mint Mobile’s pricing is set up, you almost always get a discount for prepaying for a cheaper plan. Personally, I like the idea of prepaying my cell phone bill for 12 months and not having to worry about it again!
  • Bring your phone. One of the biggest benefits of Mint SIM is that you can normally bring an old phone. This makes it a smart option for people who already have a nice cellular device – or for anyone who just wants to pick up a cheap phone and avoid the obscene prices of most new technology.

Tired of paying out the nose for decent wireless service? In this Mint SIM review, we'll explain how to get great wireless speed at a fraction of the cost.

My Experience with Mint SIM

Now that I’ve explained what Mint Mobile is and how it works, I wanted to talk about my experience with the product. Unfortunately, there is just not a lot to say. Why? Because it worked great.

Like I explained above, after getting the packet in the mail, I activated my account and put the SIM card thingy in my old Samsung Galaxy J7. Then, I turned it on and forgot about the whole thing because, well, it was very uneventful.

I live in Central Indiana, and the coverage here is amazing. All of my phone calls on Mint SIM worked seamlessly, and I thought the data was really fast. All of my texts went through, so there was no drama.

And really, that’s all I could ever hope for – a phone package with no drama. I mean, most of us just want to hit the “on” button and for things to work, right?

I will say that putting the SIM into the phone was easier than I imagined. Activating the package? A piece of cake.

So, that’s really all I have to say about it. However, I do know that Mint Mobile doesn’t work everywhere in the U.S. Their website offers a “coverage checker” though, so you can check before you buy. If you’re curious whether Mint Mobile might work in your area, you can find out here.

Mint Mobile Review: The Bottom Line

Tired of paying out the nose for decent wireless service? In this Mint SIM review, we'll explain how to get great wireless speed at a fraction of the cost.If you’re looking for affordable cell phone coverage and already have a phone, check out Mint Mobile! The process is easy and you can pay as little as $15 per month. Best of all, the service works great, provided you live in one of their coverage areas.

Personally, I think this is a smart service for anyone who is flexible with the type of cell plan they choose – a kid in college, a family who hates big cell phone bills, or an older person who wants to pay almost nothing to have a phone for emergencies. But since you get unlimited talk, text, and data, these plans are good for heavy users, too.

Learn more about Mint Mobile here!

Have you ever heard of Mint Mobile? What plan are you using and why?

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  1. You do not say where in the US you used it. Some locations, mine, on the coast of SC does not always have the best coverage, but if you live in a high density location such as Atlanta or LA, then you have great coverage. Secondly, does it work overseas? I have found that using hot spots alot does eat data, and is a poor slow way to do internet. Not one of your better reviews.

    1. Yes, I did! I said I live in Central Indiana and it works well here. I also linked to a coverage map they offer so you can check your area, too. The plan doesn’t work overseas!

  2. Thank you for the review. I have been searching for a cheaper plan as I don’t need the newest fancy phone, tons of data, or international calling right now. My bill is $59 for 2GB plus unlimited talk and text and I know that there HAS TO BE a cheaper way. One area I travel to about once a year is not covered by Mint Sim (Wyoming) and I will always need my phone when I’m there so I can’t sign up otherwise I would be all over this!

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