Now, before you get all bent out of shape about the title of this post, let me make one thing clear.  I’m not talking about eating expired food, or moldy food, or trash out of a dumpster or anything.  I’m talking about eating old food that you’ve been staring at for far too long.  You know, like a) food your kids claim not to like, b) food items that you bought in bulk and can’t seem to use up, or c) food that sounded good at the time but no longer does.  Since we’re on FALL FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN, we’ve decided that we’re going to eat up all of our extra food in order to come in under our monthly grocery spending goal of $500.  So, with that being said, would you like to join me?  But, wait…you don’t have to commit quite yet.  Before you pledge to eat your old food, let me first explain our strategy.

Taking Inventory

First of all, I started by taking stock of what we already have.  And, since we’re already ten days into the month, we’ve already managed to suck down a bunch of old food including biscuit mix, cornbread, frozen green beans, and other stuff.  But, there’s still a ways to go.  Here are some things I noticed when I took inventory of our food:

My stockpile….leftover from my days of couponing

  • I have 13 jars of spaghetti sauce
  • I have 12 bags of frozen vegetables
  • I have 18 boxes of Boca burgers
  • I have 14 boxes of pasta.

Although I used to be an extreme couponer, I never really hoarded food.  So thankfully, I don’t have 82 boxes of Hamburger Helper or a special shelving unit devoted to organizing my canned goods.  Instead of hoarding food, I just amassed collections of personal care items and things like Ziploc bags and Kleenex.  I will never have to buy floss again. I REPEAT: I WILL NEVER HAVE TO BUY FLOSS AGAIN.  Oh, and why the hell do I have 14 boxes of Magic Erasers?  Anyone?

Anyway, thoroughly analyzing my food surplus was incredibly helpful.  Once I took inventory of my edible belongings, I realized a few things:

  • We really need to start eating pasta once a week.
  • I really need to stop buying Boca burgers when they’re on sale.
  • I really need to make vegetable soup.

Identifying Misfit Foods

Those things will be easy.  However, I also noticed some random misfit food items that don’t fit in with the meals that we typically eat.  Here are my misfit foods:

My misfit food items....I WILL EAT YOU!

My misfit food items….I WILL EAT YOU!

  • frozen Kashi pizza
  • bag of amish noodles
  • huge jar of great northern beans
  • box of Jasmine rice
  • generic mac-n-cheese
  • Trader Joes’ bean & barley soup



None of these items are expired, so I am determined to eat them!  The rice and noodles should be easy.  The jar of beans will be a little trickier because it’s enough for two meals and I’ll have to commit to eating them twice within a short amount of time.  My kids claim that they don’t like generic mac-n-cheese…but somebody’s going to eat it!  You can believe that.  DAMNIT.  I might even swap out the box and pretend that it’s the preferred Kraft kind.

Going the Extra Mile

The Trader Joes bean & barley soup sounds delicious…but the beans need to be soaked overnight and I always forget.  Therefore, I’m going to make a special effort to do this sometime this week.

Now….onto the Kashi pizza.  I bought two of these and the first one was absolutely disgusting.  We forced some of it down and gave the rest to my dog.  And, sadly, my dog wasn’t even interested.  So, let’s face it; I’m going to have to be intoxicated to make this happen.  And, thankfully, I’m willing to make that sacrifice in order to complete Operation Frugality: Save Money by Eating Old Food.  I’m just going to hold this puppy back until this weekend so that I can be thoroughly prepared for the occasion.  Now, that is dedication.

Are You In?

Now that you know what you’re getting yourself into, do you want to join this food challenge?  If so, have you located your misfit food items?  And, what do you have a lot of?  I’ll follow up at the end of this week to report how we did and find out how all of you did as well.  Are you in?