People are always asking me, “How do you always look so amazing?”  I usually tell them that it is part luck, part genetics, and part my amazing set of secret beauty skills.  No, just kidding.  Nobody ever asks me that.  *As If*

I have two small kids and am regularly sporting pajama pants and a bun on my head.  Still, I do try to look the best I can.  Fortunately, looking good doesn’t have to cost that much if you are creative.  The following beauty tips will help you look your best (on a budget).

Tip #1 Buy Cheap Makeup and Personal Supplies

I know, I know.  That $47 bottle of Mascara does an amazing job at plumping up those lashes.  I’m sure it does…but Covergirl and Maybelline make pretty good products as well.  I have literally been wearing the same Covergirl eyeshadow for 15 years and I get compliments on it all the time.  The cheap makeup brands really do make some pretty good imitations of the more expensive makeup products.  Also look for cheap alternatives when it comes to personal care.  For starters, look for cheap alternatives for your favorite deodorant that works, and products you use regularly like shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

Tip #2 Use Baby Wash as Eye Makeup Remover

Several years ago, I was staying at a friend’s house and didn’t have my expensive eye makeup remover with me.  I couldn’t find anything other than regular soap to remove my eye makeup so I started looking around her bathroom for other options.  After some digging, I tried her baby’s tear-free baby wash and it did an amazing job at getting off my heavy coat of mascara.  I have used it ever since and a $3-$4 bottle can last up to a year.

Tip #3 Color Your Own Wig

I only pay to have my hair professionally highlighted about once a year.  Beyond that, I supplement throughout the year with a bottle of Sun-In and a blow dryer.  Seriously.  I have gotten pretty good at highlighting my own hair this way and a $3 bottle of Sun-In can last as long as 6 months.  I know several women who color their hair with boxed color from the supermarket, and they look amazing!  I think it’s definitely worth a try.

What is your favorite way to save money on beauty supplies?  Any tips?