On Sunday, we had one hell of a storm roll through.  And it was really weird, I thought, since it’s November.  I mean, are we supposed to get tornadoes in November?  I guess we are in Indiana, after all, since in my state it seems that any kind of weather phenomenon can take place.  Anyhoo, we had a huge storm roll in and I was instantly mesmerized by it.  Since we’re out in the country right now, I could step outside and watch all of the mayhem unfold.  And, I did. 

storm 3

That right there is a wall cloud, I think.  It was super scary to see the entire sky turn black as night.  Of course, I was outside taking pictures while Greg was inside watching the news.  So, he was the first one to hear that a tornado had touched down just north of us.

After a while, I went in to watch the news and Greg went outside.  About 20 minutes later, it was reported that  tornado touched down in our town.  By then, the weather map on the television looked ominous with giant red and yellow circles hovering right over where we live.  Fortunately, our temporary rental home has an unfinished basement and we woke the kids up from their naps and took them down.  And once we took the kids down, I breathed a sigh of relief as we waited for the storm to pass.  That was, of course, until I remembered something.  We don’t have renter’s insurance.

When we sold our home, I cancelled our homeowner’s policy.  But, since I wasn’t sure how long we would be renting, I didn’t sign up for renter’s insurance.  And with a giant storm heading our way, the fact that we didn’t have renter’s insurance made for quite a vulnerable feeling.  Of course, Greg and the kids are the most important things.  But, we have plenty of possessions to protect as well.  For instance, we have a house full of furniture, tons of electronics, and all of the equipment it takes to run my business.  If the tornado ruined all of our possessions and we managed to survive, we would literally have nothing left.

Of course, the storm passed and everything is fine in our area.  North of us, however, is a mess.  Some towns had tornadoes touch down and wipe out city blocks…or worse.  People’s homes were destroyed and some lost everything.  I can’t imagine what that would feel like especially for people who didn’t have renter’s insurance to protect them.

So, I already called my insurance company and will be taking out a renter’s insurance policy sometime today.  It’s only going to be around $100 per year and I can cancel it once we buy a new home.  I got lucky this time.  Our temporary home was spared and my kids and husband are safe.  And now I know not to let cheap stupidity get in the way of doing what I know is the responsible thing to do.

Has your own cheap stupidity ever proved detrimental to your finances?  If you rent, do you have renter’s insurance?