If you’ve ever taken a Las Vegas vacation, you already know how expensive everything is. A nice meal at a fancy restaurant on the strip can cost more than $100. Meanwhile, drink prices are absolutely insane. And let’s not forget about the gambling; if you play and lose, you’ll obviously end up much worse off than when you started.

Of course, that’s not how we do Las Vegas.

Instead of gambling for hours on end, we enjoy all of the free exhibits and attractions. And instead of splurging on pricey meals, we snack on bananas and eat at places like Chipotle.

To save on hotel stays, we even stay somewhere off the beaten path (like last time when we stayed at the Travelodge Las Vegas).  Still, that’s not the only trick we have up our sleeves. In addition to looking for ways to save, we also use myVEGAS Slots to earn boatloads of free stuff. Here’s how.

What is myVEGAS Slots?

In case you haven’t heard of it, myVEGAS Slots is a Facebook app similar to Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, or Bubble Witch Mania. The only difference is, it’s not completely pointless. Instead of earning points that are worthless, myVEGAS Slots lets you rack up points you can redeem for all kinds of free loot. Here’s how myVEGAS Slots works:

  1. Each day, you log in to myVEGAS Slots, “spin your wheel,” and visit “your strip” to pick up myVEGAS chips. You then use those chips to play any myVEGAS game of your choosing. {Hint: My favorite myVEGAS game is BetRocK}
  2. As you play, you’ll earn Loyalty Points. Those are the points you can redeem for free stuff.
  3. Once you play for several weeks, you’ll begin to progress through the game and “build your strip.” As you build more casinos, you’ll earn more and more chips to play with.
  4. As you play more often, the game will let you set it on “auto.” That way, you can let it play in the background while you do something else.
  5. You can earn more points by having friends that play myVEGAS or inviting friends.

If you think all of this sounds silly, you’re absolutely right. It’s pretty close to the dumbest thing on Earth. However, the free stuff you can earn is totally worth it – especially if you can spend five minutes per day spinning your wheel and starting a game while you check email, work, or do something else productive. Here are some of the things you can redeem points for:

  • Free hotel stays on week nights or weekends
  • Free buffet meals
  • Free drinks
  • Free tickets for Las Vegas shows like Zarkana, Blue Man Group, and Ka
  • $50 and $100 gift cards to Allegiant Air (a discount airline)
  • Discounts and on board credits on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Free Slot Play

Maximizing Las Vegas Rewards

Although myVEGAS Slots offers all kinds of stuff for free, there are some caveats that makes rewards fairly difficult to redeem. For example, each individual can only redeem three rewards offered by MGM Resorts International every rolling 30 day period (Sugar Factory, House of Blues, Wolfgang Puck and the Las Vegas Monorail do not apply towards the three reward limit in a 30-day period). Second, some of the best rewards require a one-night stay at a MGM Resorts International property to redeem. That includes properties like the Bellagio, Luxor, Excalibur, the Mirage, and Aria, among others.

Still, I think it’s pretty hard to complain about free.

Most of the limitations also have workarounds. For example, one person can only redeem three rewards every 30-day period, but two can redeem six rewards. If you’re traveling with a spouse, partner, or friend, getting them to play the game for a few months can help you double your rewards. Second, you can always choose to stay at a MGM property in order to qualify for the best ones. Even better, you can use reward points to book a room at an MGM property in the first place.

How We Are Using Our myVEGAS Rewards Points

As I mentioned a few months ago, Greg and I are once again traveling to Las Vegas in a few weeks. Due to a combination of factors and an incredible deal I stumbled upon, we’re staying at the Mirage for three nights for a total of $99. That’s pretty sweet considering the fact that the Mirage is so nice, but it’s also convenient since the Mirage is an MGM property.

Over the past year, I’ve played myVEGAS Slots almost every day. As a result, I’ve amassed a total of 500,000 myVEGAS Loyalty Points for our trip. Since we already have a place to stay and I don’t want to see any shows this time, we opted to cash in our points for a bunch of meals. Behold my myVEGAS redemption schedule for this trip:

  • 2 Lunch Buffets at Aria: 78,000 points (normally $23.99 per person)
  • 2 Lunch Buffets at Aria: 78,000 points (normally $23.99 per person)
  • 2 Lunch Buffets Bellagio: 78,000 points (normally $23.99 per person)
  • 2 Dinner Buffets at MGM Grand: 91,000 points (normally $29.99 per person)
  • 2 Dinner Buffets at Mirage: 112,000 points (normally $29.99 per person)
  • 2 Dinner Buffets Monte Carlo: 55,000 points (normally $24.99 per person)

If you think that’s a whole lot of buffets, keep in mind that we’re vegetarian. When we’re traveling, nothing makes me happier than a big ol’ salad bar with a bunch of fancy toppings. I’m sure we’ll be buffeted out by the end of our trip, but three days of buffets won’t kill us!

Since we don’t need breakfast on our first day and one free breakfast for two was included in our reservation at the Mirage, we should only have to purchase one meal during our entire trip. That’s pretty sweet.

If you want to score a free Las Vegas vacation with myVEGAS rewards, my advice is to start playing now. (You can also get some advice on how to travel for free by visiting our travel coaching page!) As you can probably tell, it takes a long time to rack up a meaningful number of points. And if you want enough points to stay and eat for free, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to the cause.

Have you ever played myVEGAS Rewards? What have you redeemed points for so far?

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