Disclaimer:  Many people have recently been asking me why we became vegetarians last year.  Therefore, I decided to share my story.  However, please know that I’m not trying to convert any of you.  I also promise to try not to judge you if you continue to eat sweet, defenseless, innocent animals after reading this.

Over the last few years, we started feeling weird whenever we ate meat.  I’m not really sure when or why it started.  It just did.  And at a certain point, I started completely losing my appetite when I actually thought about what I was eating.  So, little by little, we started seriously cutting down our meat consumption.  And by the end of 2012, we were eating meat only once a week.  We thought about going vegetarian before, but I was in love with bacon and pot roast.  Plus, it seemed like such a hassle.

Then, in December I saw some things I wish I could “unsee.”  I completely freaked out after watching a movie on Netflix called Vegucated.  We randomly picked it from the queue and watched it, not really knowing what it would be about (except that it was about vegetables, of course!).

Getting Vegucated

Vegucated is a documentary about three people who decide to adopt a vegan lifestyle.  Not only does it talk about the struggles of a vegan lifestyle, but it showcases all of the things they discovered along the way.  As I watched, I discovered things along with them….things I never wanted to know and things that I can never forget.  For instance, did you know that sometimes baby boy chicks are simply thrown away?  Apparently, baby boy chicks aren’t as valuable so they are often discarded.  Discarded.  Well, that’s one way to put it.  Sometimes the baby chicks are thrown into a grinder where they are ground alive.  Other times, they are tossed into trash bags and put in the trash.  ALIVE.  Think about that for a second.  No matter how stupid those chicks may be, they don’t deserve to be thrown away in the trash.  At that very moment, I vowed to NEVER eat chicken again.

I will also never forget the images of pigs being slaughtered.  Scared like little children, they huddled in the corners of their bins while men shot bolts into their heads to stun them.  Then, still alive, the pigs were moved into the area where they begun processing them.  Hung by their feet, they were skinned.  Some of them were still moving at this point.  You get the picture.

I can’t believe that I never knew all of this.  For so long, I had been enjoying pork barbecue, rotisserie chicken, and my favorite -bacon- without ever thinking about what that animal had gone through.  If I hadn’t discovered the gruesome truth, I would probably still be a carnivore.  But I can’t now.  I won’t.  We haven’t eaten meat for six months and I’m convinced that I’ll never eat meat again.

More Reasons To Stop Eating Meat

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there are other reasons to stop eating meat.  If you love our planet, there are some huge environmental factors to consider.  Huge scale farming is notoriously terrible for the environment.  Aside from the insane amounts of methane gas created, industrial farms creates an unbelievable amount of environmental waste.  Just think about all of the fresh water it takes to keep all of those animals hydrated.  All of the fossil fuels it takes to keep those farms running.  All of the damaging pesticides and fertilizers it takes to grow the crops used to feed all the animals.

Now imagine if we stopped huge scale animal production altogether.  Did you know that we already grow enough food on this planet to feed 10 billion people?  Neither did I.  If we stopped the huge scale meat production, we could literally end world hunger.  Imagine if all of the crops that are currently used to fatten up animals were diverted to solving the world hunger crisis.  Imagine what that could mean for humanity.  Imagine all of the lives that could be saved.

So, that’s why we stopped eating meat.  But, we decided not to go full-fledged vegan.  I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail from saying this, but I just think that being vegan would be too much of a hassle.  Tons of foods have small amounts of animal products in them and I think it would be nearly impossible to avoid them altogether.  So, while we are going to try to avoid most animal products, we haven’t been super strict about it.

So, what do you guys think?  Could you ever become a vegetarian?  Or, have we only confirmed that we’re tree-hugging liberals?  Please share by commenting below.