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Welcome back to Club Thrifty! We hope that everybody had a great weekend and a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! We didn’t get to drink any green beer this year, so we hope you had a few for us.


Is anybody else ready for winter to be over? Yeah, same here. Our house has been battling the flu for the past two weeks. We’ve tried to keep up to speed on everything, but we apologize for not being around as much as usual. We hope to get back on track this week. This morning seems like a good start! Let’s get to it!


A few months ago, a blogging friend of ours asked us if we would be interested in contributing to a new eBook. While we were unable to commit to the project, several of our other friends did. What they put together is a cool little e-book called The A-Z of Saving Money, and it goes on sale today! In order to celebrate its release, they are giving away $250 in cash! Pretty sweet deal, huh? To earn your first entry, simply follow our RSS feed. Then, fill out the form below and earn more entries by following others.


If you’re looking for more giveaways, be sure to sign up for our VIP Club Insider by filling out the form in either the sidebar or below the Rafflecopter widget. Don’t forget to check out our friends’ new eBbook, The A-Z of Saving Money – on sale today for just $14.99!



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  1. Sorry to hear that you guys have been battling the flu. We had sickness running through our house for several weeks and is never fun. Everyone has been healthy for the last few weeks thankfully.

  2. I hate the flu, fortunately I have managed to stay well for almost 2 years now so I feel like I might be overdue…

    Also, it looks like something went wrong with your rafflecopter code as it points to an error page.

  3. Yeah last year this time it was 80 degrees, so I DEFINITELY am ready for the winter to be over! I have a rough commute ahead (along with the rest of the Twin Cities) and I’m praying it’s the last one. Sorry to hear about the flu going around your house.

  4. Sorry to hear you guys have been sick. We’ve been spared any of that junk this year so far, save for a few yucky colds. Yes, winter NEEDS to be done. With each passing day of more snow (a winter blizzard warning today), we strongly consider a new life somewhere south of here.

  5. Ew. The flu is no fun and sorry to hear that it has been flying around your household. I am ready for the Spring temperatures (my favorite time of the year).

  6. You’ll use any excuse to skip work, huh? Actually, if you’d told me you had the flu today, the day after St. Patrick’s Day, I would have called you “Pinocchio.”

  7. Good to hear that your`re all getting better! I had a wonderful st.Patrick`s day, but I`m a bit tired today, so glad that it`s only once a year!

  8. I think the past couple of weeks have been rough for everyone in some way. Hopefully you are all feeling better now. Glad to be part of this book with you!

  9. Being sick blows – I hope everyone is on the mend!!

  10. Every year, my wife gives me the flue shot. It is one of the benefits or flaws of an RN wife. The good news is I never get the flue or sick. It has been unseasonably warm (southern California) here. I think we skipped spring and went straight to Summer.

  11. Ugh! I’ve been on the couch for 3 days with the flu. It really sucks. Thanks for promoting and for co-hosting the giveaway.

  12. Great article! If there’s one thing that the average Joe needs these days its tips on how to save money. I’ll be sure to check this out as I finish building my household budget for this year.

    Joe in Michigan

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