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In this Go Cancun Pass review, we’ll explore how this new sightseeing pass works. We’ll also explain what the pass includes, how much it costs, and whether it’s a good fit for your travel plans. Enjoy!

Are you ready for some fun in the sun? Cancun is the place to be!

Located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is known for its beautiful beaches and warm Caribbean waters. Every year, millions of people flock to this seaside resort to stick their feet in the sand, enjoy some drinks, and soak up some rays.

Obviously, Cancun’s white sand beaches are the main draw, but there is more to the area than beaches alone. The city is full of great shopping, dining, and nightlife, too. You’ll even find some incredible historical monuments and ancient ruins right down the road.

Although Cancun is one of the world’s cheapest places to travel, there are still plenty of ways you could bust your budget while you’re here. Things like parasailing, snorkeling tours, and dolphin encounters all cost a pretty penny. So, if you want to do more than just sit on the beach all day, it’s important to look for ways to save.

That’s where the Go Cancun Pass comes in.

This activities and attractions pass is a good way to save money while you fully explore all that Cancun has to offer. Still, it’s not a great fit for everybody’s travel plans. So, let’s take a look at what the pass offers and see if grabbing a Go Cancun Pass is a good idea for you!

Go Cancun Pass: How It Works

The Go Cancun Pass is a sightseeing pass designed to help you sGo Cancun Pass Logoave money at over 25 of Cancun’s best attractions. With the pass, you’ll get free entry to each included attraction, saving you up to 45% off the regular price of admission.

Similar to other all-inclusive cards like the New York Pass, the Go Cancun Pass works on a “consecutive day” basis. The card is available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 day varieties. Simply select the number of days you want your pass to stay active, then visit as many of the included attractions as you’d like during that time.

Using the Go Cancun Pass is simple. After you purchase the pass, you can choose to carry it on your smartphone (using the Go City app) or print a paper copy. To activate it, simply present your pass at the gate of an included attraction for it to be scanned. This also serves as your admission ticket for the attraction. After that, just scan your pass at each attraction, visiting as many spots as you’d like.

Keep in mind that the pass runs according to calendar days. Regardless of the time of day you activate the pass, doing so counts as day number one. So, it usually makes sense to activate your pass early in the morning – allowing you more time for sightseeing on the first day.

Attractions Included on the Go Cancun Pass

The Go Cancun Pass includes entry to more than 25 of the top attractions in Cancun, including:

  • Columbus Steak or Veggie Dinner Cruise ($89)
  • Parasailing ($60)
  • Catamaran Sailing ($70)
  • Royal Garrafon Natural Reef Park Adventure ($89)
  • Puerto Morelos Snorkeling Tour ($79)
  • Tulum Express Tour ($62)
  • Self-Guided Chichén Itzá Tour ($34)
  • 2-Hour Open Bar at Señor Frogs ($35)
  • …and more (full list of attractions here)

(*Current as of April 3rd, 2019)

In addition to the items listed above, those holding passes of 3 days or longer can choose 1 of the following premium attraction options:

  • VIP Swimming with Dolphins at Isla Mujeres ($199)
  • Xcaret Park ($129.99)
  • Xplor Fuego (Night) All-Inclusive ($129.99)
  • Extreme Adventure Park – All Day Combo Tour ($153)
  • Tulum-Tankha Cenotes Eco-Adventure Tour ($120)
  • Xel Ha All-Inclusive “Interax” Dolphin Adventure ($169)

(*Current as of April 3rd, 2019)

Go Cancun Pass Pricing

The Go Cancun Card offers entry to over 20 of the best attractions and activities in Cancun. In this review, we'll explore whether it's a good deal for you!

As you can see, unless you plan on parking your butt in the sand and not moving, many of the most popular things to do in Cancun are pretty expensive. Now that you know the regular cost of those activities, let’s take a look at how the pricing for the Go Cancun Pass breaks down.

PassesAdult PriceChild Price (5-11)
1 Day Pass$99$69
2 Day Pass$157$120
3 Day Pass$255$189
4 Day Pass$322$232
5 Day Pass$376$281
7 Day Pass$437$329
*Current as of April 3rd, 2019

For those who crave more excitement than watching the waves roll in all day, the Go Cancun Pass provides an opportunity to enjoy some of the best attractions in Cancun for much less. And, since most of the included attractions are high-dollar items, you really only have to visit one attraction per day to start seeing the savings. Here’s an example.

Let’s assume you purchase the 3 day pass for $255. You use the card to book the steak dinner cruise, the Puerto Morelos snorkeling tour, and the “Swim with Dolphins” excursion. The regular price for those 3 attractions is $367 per adult, meaning you could do just one of them per day and save $112 per adult with a 3 day pass! That’s a huge chunk of money, so this pass definitely deserves your consideration.

Obviously, the amount you save depends on the attractions you choose. By picking the most expensive items, you’ll save more. It’s also important to note that many of the attractions require reservations. They also have the potential to fill up. Although you’re not required to choose your attractions in advance, keep this in mind as you plan your trip.

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Top Reasons to Buy the Go Cancun Pass

The Go Cancun Card offers entry to over 20 of the best attractions and activities in Cancun. In this review, we'll explore whether it's a good deal for you!

Save Money

What’s the best reason to get the Go Cancun Pass? Saving money, of course! If you’re seeking some variety on your beach vacation, the Go Cancun Pass can help you save oodles of cash on the best activities and attractions in the area. As I laid out in the example above, visiting just one attraction per day could save you a significant amount of cash – especially if you’re traveling in a group.

Unlimited Sightseeing

As opposed to a sightseeing card like the London Explorer Pass, the Go Cancun Pass works on a consecutive day basis. With options ranging between one and seven days, this all-inclusive pass allows you to visit as many attractions as you wish during the time period you’ve selected. Also unlike many other passes, you can participate in some of these activities multiple times. That’s a huge win in my book!

Guided and Self-Guided Tours

One of my favorite things about this pass is that it includes several different types of tours! This is definitely something you don’t see on every sightseeing card, and it provides tremendous value for tourists who want to get out and explore Cancun.

High-Dollar Attractions

For a sightseeing pass, the Go Cancun Pass is absolutely loaded with high-dollar attractions and activities on every pass. However, if you purchase a 3 day pass (or longer), there’s even more to like. The longer passes also offer access to your choice of 1 premium attraction that is valued anywhere from $120 to $199. In some cases, the premium attraction alone practically makes the pass worth it.

Other Benefits of the Go Cancun Pass

  • Convenience – One of the best things about a sightseeing pass is the convenience of having all of your entry fees included on one easy-to-manage card. The Go Cancun Pass is no different.
  • Digital Pass – Want even more convenience? Like the Go Chicago Pass, you can actually carry the pass with you on your phone by downloading the Go City app. If you prefer, you can also print a paper copy.
  • Flexibility – With over 25 included attractions and pass options ranging from 1 to 7 days, the Go Cancun Pass offers plenty of flexibility for buyers.
  • Guidebook – A small guidebook containing information about all of the included attractions comes with your pass.

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Where the Go Cancun Pass Falls Short

The Go Cancun Card offers entry to over 20 of the best attractions and activities in Cancun. In this review, we'll explore whether it's a good deal for you!

Although the Go Cancun Pass can certainly benefit some travelers, not everything is perfect.

Personally, I don’t think the 1 and 2 day passes are particularly valuable. Most of the activities and attractions included with the pass will take up a good chunk of time. While not impossible, it’s probably going to be pretty tough to hit multiple stops each day.

Because of the way the 1 and 2 day passes are priced, you’re looking at more of a break-even scenario rather than a great deal. That’s fine, but it’s not necessarily something I’d buy ahead of time. If you only want to visit 1 or 2 attractions, you’d probably be better off planning and paying on a “spur of the moment” basis. The best value comes with the 3 day passes (and longer), particularly because they include access to the premium attractions.

Additionally, while it’s technically true that you don’t have to choose your attractions before your trip, you should definitely give it some thought. Because the majority of attractions on the card are scheduled activities and tours, they also require reservations. When it comes to value, these are a huge benefit. However, due to the fact that they could fill up, it also means that you should plan ahead. If you don’t, you risk missing out on some of the attractions you want to visit and the pass not getting you the value you anticipate.

Finally, there are probably quite a few people who like what the Go Cancun Pass offers but don’t want to carve out a few days to visit everything. If this sounds like you, a Cancun Explorer Pass may be a better fit. This pass includes entry to 3, 4, 5, 7, or 10 attractions. The savings aren’t as great and the premium attractions are not included. However, you can visit the attractions in any order, and you have 30 days to use them. Learn about the Cancun Explorer Pass here.

Who Is the Go Cancun Pass Good For?

Variety and adventure seekers – If you’d like to mix in some variety and adventure on your beach vacay, this card can help you get out and save money while you’re doing it.

Couples, families, and small groups – Are you traveling in a group? The Go Cancun Pass is good for solo travelers, but you can multiply your savings if you’re traveling with others. In fact, this card could save your small group hundreds of dollars.

Travelers interested in the premium attractions – If you’ve looked through the premium attractions list and think you want to visit one of them, a Go Cancun Pass of 3 days or longer is a good fit.

Those who want to swim with dolphins – The Royal Swim “VIP” Plus at Isla Mujeres is a dolphin swimming adventure included with the premium attractions. At a regular price of $199, visiting just this attraction alone means a 3 day pass is practically paid for.

Who Should Skip the Go Cancun Pass?

Beach bums – If the only thing you want to do is lay on the beach, I don’t blame you. With that said, this probably isn’t the card for you.

Those who want to go with the flow – Several of the attractions on the pass require reservations – which may also require some advanced planning on your part. If you like what the pass offers but would rather be a little more spontaneous, a Cancun Explorer Pass may be a better fit.

Those with no interest in sightseeing – It probably goes without saying, but – if you don’t like the attractions and activities included on the pass – there is no sense in buying it.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Go Cancun Pass

The Go Cancun Card offers entry to over 20 of the best attractions and activities in Cancun. In this review, we'll explore whether it's a good deal for you!

  • Skip the 1 and 2 day passes – In most cases, the 1 and 2 day passes will likely help you break even, but they won’t save you a bunch of money. Skip them both and opt for at least a 3 day pass instead.
  • Visit the most expensive attractions – This may seem obvious, but the more expensive the regular admission price is for an attraction, the more you’ll save with the card.
  • Visit a premium attraction – If you purchase a pass that’s good for at least 3 days, be sure to visit one of the premium attractions. While the dolphin encounter is the most expensive, these are all high-dollar items that provide a huge boost to the overall value of the pass.
  • Have a plan – Because the Go Cancun Pass works on a consecutive day basis, it helps to have a rough itinerary before you go. That way you won’t “waste” any days on your pass. If you don’t want to plan ahead, a Cancun Explorer Pass may be a better fit.
  • Make reservations before you go – Don’t forget to make reservations! Most of the attractions require a reservation. You don’t want to wait too long and end up missing out on a spot because it has filled up.

How to Purchase the Go Cancun Pass

Purchasing your pass is super simple. You can order your Go Cancun Pass here!

After making your purchase, the pass will be sent to you via email. You can either download the Go City app to carry a copy on your phone, print a paper copy, or both.

Remember, your pass is activated the first time you use it. Whether you activate it in the morning or at night, that counts as day number one. If you want to fit more than one attraction into that first day, it’s best if you activate it early.

It’s also important to note that you must activate your pass within one year of your purchase. If not, your pass will be voided.

Go Cancun Pass Review: Is It Worth It?

The Go Cancun Card offers entry to over 20 of the best attractions and activities in Cancun. In this review, we'll explore whether it's a good deal for you!

So, is the Go Cancun Pass a good value for you? That all depends on your travel style.

If sitting on the beach is the only thing you want to do in Cancun, then this pass probably isn’t for you. However, if you’d like to add some variety to your beach time, the Go Cancun Pass can save you a significant amount of money on activities and sightseeing throughout the area. The choice is yours!

I hope this Go Cancun Pass review has been helpful. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great time in Cancun. Until next time, happy traveling!

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Have you been to Cancun or used the Go Cancun Pass? Let us know what you think in the comments below!The Go Cancun Card offers entry to over 20 of the best attractions and activities in Cancun. In this review, we'll explore whether it's a good deal for you!