Roma Pass Review 2024: Is It a Good Deal?

Roman Forum

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Will the Roma Pass help you save money in Rome? In this Roma Pass review, we explore how the pass works, what it includes, and how to see the sights in Vatican City, as well.

Rome is my favorite city in the world. It’s steeped in ancient history, full of awe-inspiring beauty, and brimming with an energy like no place I’ve ever been. Quite simply, visiting Rome is nothing short of incredible.

Of course, traveling to Rome isn’t cheap. When you travel as often as we do, you’ve got to find ways to save.

But, it’s not just about saving money. While staying on budget is a must, saving time is just as important. That’s where a great sightseeing pass can help. These passes typically include discounted admission to the city’s top attractions, plus you almost always get “fast track entry” to a destination’s busiest attractions.

Before our first trip to Rome, we decided to check out the city’s sightseeing pass options. We quickly found the Roma Pass. This looked like a solid pass on its own, but there was one major problem – it didn’t include any Vatican City attractions.

Like any first time traveler to Rome, we really wanted to visit Vatican City! So, we continued our search for a pass that offered entry to the Vatican sights. That is when we found the Rome and Vatican Pass Package.

What Is the Rome and Vatican Pass Package?

If you’re searching for a sightseeing pass that offers everything you need in Rome and Vatican City, the Rome and Vatican Pass is it.

The OMNIA Rome and Vatican Package is actually 2 passes in one: The Roma Pass and the OMNIA Card.

With this combo pass, you get the full Roma Pass at your disposal. Like with all 72-hour Roma Passes, entry is included to 2 of Rome’s best tourist attractions. Additionally, you gain “Fast Track Entry” to the busiest sights, which could literally save you hours of standing in line.

What sets the Vatican and Rome Card apart is the addition of the OMNIA Vatican Card. Along with everything you get on the Roma Pass, you also receive free admission and Fast Track Entry to the top Vatican attractions – including the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, and St. Peter’s Basilica! You’ll also get 3-day access to the Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour, which includes 17 stops throughout Rome and Vatican City.

So, if you’re looking for the best sightseeing pass in Rome, I’d go with the Rome & Vatican Pass Package.

How the Roma Pass Works

image of Roma Pass

Since the Rome & Vatican Pass combines two separate cards (the Roma Pass and the OMNIA Vatican Pass), you’ll use each pass at specific locations.

The Roma Pass portion of the package includes admission to important sights throughout Rome, many of which include Fast Track Entry. This card also acts as your public transportation pass for bus fares and subway rides. Simply swipe your card on the way in, and you’re good to go. (Editor’s Note: Travelcards are not included in the Child Package as children under 10 travel free on public transportation with a paid adult.)

Top Attractions Included on the Roma Pass

The Roma Pass includes admission to 2 of over 40 locations in Rome, including:

  • The Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill
  • Borghese Gallery
  • Capitoline Museums
  • National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo
  • National Roman Museum
  • Circo Maximo Experience
  • Forum Pass Super

(Editor’s Note: Some attractions may require reservations. Additionally, some attractions may be unavailable, have limited capacity, or have limited hours at this time. Please check with the Rome and Vatican Pass Package website for more information.)

You’ll also receive discounted admission rates at the attractions you don’t choose, plus you can get discounts on tickets to other exhibitions, events, and participating businesses. Additionally, you get unlimited three-day access to much of Rome’s public transportation system.

How the OMNIA Vatican Card Works

image of Omnia Vatican Card

As we mentioned, the OMNIA Vatican Card includes entry to Vatican attractions – none of which are offered by the Roma Pass alone.

Like the Roma Pass portion, the OMNIA Card is also good for 3 days once activated. With the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card, admission and Fast Track Entry are included to all of the following sights:

  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel
  • St. John in Lateran and Cloister (Located in Rome)
  • Carcer Tullianum (Mamertine Prison)
  • Hop-On Hop-Off Vatican & Rome Bus Tour

Roma Pass Pricing (Including Vatican Card)

No Roma Pass review would be complete without pricing details! So, how much does the Rome and Vatican Pass Package cost? Here you go:

  • 3 Day Vatican and Rome Pass (Adult): €129.00
  • 3 Day Vatican and Rome Pass (Child): €59.00

Let’s compare that to regular entry at each location:

  • The Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill: €18.00
  • Forum Pass Super (one-day): €18.00
  • Sistine Chapel/Vatican Museums: €25.00
  • St. Peter’s Basilica: Free (Audio Guide €5.00)
  • Carcer Tullianum (Mamertine Prison): €10.00
  • St. John in Lateran and Cloister: €5.00
  • HOHO Bus Tour: €38.00
  • Castel Sant’Angelo: €19.00
  • Capitoline Museums: €12.00
  • Borghese Gallery: €15.00
  • Circo Maximo Experience: €12.00
  • National Roman Museum: €14.00
  • Vox City Guide: €10.00

(*All prices current as of April 24, 2023)

How does the Vatican and Rome Pass package compare?

Let’s say you use your Roma Pass to visit the Colosseum & Roman Forum/Palatine Hill (same day) and Castel Sant’Angelo. Let’s also assume you use all of the attractions offered by the Vatican Card, including the HOHO Bus Tour and the Vox City Guide. That brings you to €130.00 in value.

Keep in mind, you also get a 72-hour transportation card (valued at €18), Fast Track/Reserved Entry at most locations, and up to 53% off admission to any Roma Pass attraction that you didn’t visit during the time that your card is active. Although it doesn’t provide as big of savings as some passes in other cities (like the London Pass), now we’re talking about some pretty good value.

Most importantly, the combination of the Roma Pass and the OMNIA Vatican Card gives you Fast Track Entry (and/or a reserved entry time) where you need it most, saving you hours and hours of standing in line. If you want to explore the city on your own, the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card is a solid way to save time and money on sightseeing in Rome.

Skip the Lines & Save in Rome – Want to save time and money in Rome? Skip the ticket lines AND save money with the Rome & Vatican Pass! Get started here.

Top Benefit: Fast Track Entry

roma pass review
Us outside St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

Although the Rome and Vatican Pass saves you a little bit of money, that isn’t the biggest draw.

Your time in Rome is precious. The last thing you want is to waste it standing in line. In my eyes, the Roma Pass and the Vatican Card pays for itself because you get Fast Track Entry (and/or a reserved entry time) to the busiest sights.

The Roma Pass affords you Fast Track Entry to the Colosseum (advanced booking now required) and the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill. With the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card, you’ll also gain Fast Track Entry to the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. (Please note, advanced booking is required at both.)

Seriously, I can’t stress this enough: Get the card if only for the Fast Track Entry!

At this point, we’ve visited Rome several times and during different seasons of the year (spring, summer, and fall). Even in November, lines to the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill and Vatican Museums were hours long. I’m talking at least a 2-hour wait (or more) just to get in, and that is considered off-peak season. Under the hot June sun, the wait times looked to be even longer.

Just so you know I’m not kidding, here are two photos I snapped of the ticket line at the Roman Forum:

photo of long ticket line in Rome
photo of long ticket line in Rome

It’s a little tough to see, but that line extends about another block and a half toward the Colosseum…and this isn’t even the main entrance where the lines were much longer!

With the Roma pass, you can march directly to the turnstyle and practically walk right in. In fact, I watched people do it – which inspired me to take these photos!

Trust me on this: It’s well worth the money for fast track entry alone. Be a savvy traveler and skip those excruciatingly long ticket lines. Get your Rome and Vatican Pass here.

Other Benefits of the Vatican and Rome Pass

With so many options, looking for the best places to visit in Rome can get overwhelming. Sort through the madness by visiting some of our favorite spots!

You already know that the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card offers free entry to some of Rome and Vatican City’s most popular destinations. You also know about how important it is that this pass offers Fast Track Entry to the busiest sights. But, that’s not all that the card has to offer. Here are a few other awesome perks:

Free Travelcard – Similar to the Paris Pass, the Roma Pass provides free access to Rome’s public transportation system. Hop on a city bus or train to quickly get where you want to go. Just swipe your card, and you’re on. Remember, if you use your card first on transportation, the clock starts ticking on your 3 consecutive days limit.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour – Make your way around Rome and Vatican City using the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. You get free access to the tour for 3 days. Pick up a bus on the way to your next destination, or ride the loop to see all 17 sights at once. The tour also includes a free audio guide. Just look for the white and yellow buses at 17 different locations!

Free Guidebook and Map – When you purchase the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card, you’ll also receive a complimentary guidebook and map. Use the guidebook to help plan your Roman holiday. Check the map for getting around Rome and Vatican City, plus use it to find the HOHO bus stops.

Free Audio Guide – Use your OMNIA Card to get a free audio guide at St. Peter’s Basilica. Audio guides are a great way to add more depth to what you’re seeing.

Discounted Admission – Yes, the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card offers free entry to many of the top destinations in Rome and Vatican City. However, once you use all of those, you still get discounts at the Roma Pass attractions you didn’t visit. Plus, you can get discounts on tickets to participating events, exhibitions, and other business. Just be sure to use your card within the 3-day activation period!

Visit the Top Sights in Rome & Vatican City – See the best sights in Rome and Vatican City for less with the OMNIA Vatican & Rome Pass. Learn more here.

Where the Pass Falls Short

Overall, the Rome and Vatican Pass is a pretty good deal – especially when you consider that it includes fast track entry to the top spots AND access to public transportation. However, there are a few flaws.

First, it could save you money…but not much. While some of our favorite cards (like the New York Pass) often save travelers hundreds of dollars in entry fees, the savings with this card are far more modest. However, you do get fast track entry at the busiest spots, and that feature is practically worth it alone.

The fact that you have to schedule entry times to the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s, and the Colosseum is also confusing and a bit of a pain. This has been alleviated a bit as you can now pre-book your reservations by following the instructions on your confirmation email.

If you haven’t reserved your time at St. Peter’s or the Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel, don’t plan on visiting the Vatican sights on your first day in town. Don’t wait to book your spot either. Instead, head up to Vatican City to make your appointments ASAP. That way, you’ll have more slots to choose from.

Finally, Rome is full of exceptional history and stories, and I think some of those are best told through an actual tour guide. While some sightseeing passes include guided tours, this one does not.

On the flip side, I don’t particularly like guided tours of art museums. I’ve been on two guided tours of the Vatican Musuems/Sistine Chapel and have used the OMNIA Vatican Card to visit once. I much prefer the experience with the Vatican Card because A) I got to see far more of the museum than what the tours allow, and B) I was able to enjoy the museum at my own pace.

So, unless you need to know every single miniscule detail about the Sistine Chapel (or you enjoy being herded through the Gallery of Maps like cattle), I would definitely recommend the Vatican Card instead.

Who Is the Rome & Vatican Pass Good For?

  • Visitors who want to visit Rome & Vatican sights – Travelers who want to visit sights in both Rome and Vatican City should definitely consider this pass. By combining the Roma Pass and the OMNIA Vatican Card, you’ll have access to the best sights that both have to offer.
  • First-time visitors – If you’ve never been to Rome before, the Roma Pass and Vatican Card offer discounted entry to most of the sights you’ll want to visit anyway. Public transportation (subways and buses) are also included in the pass, so you’ll save money and steps there too.
  • Those who enjoy exploring at their own pace – The Rome and Vatican Pass is good for three consecutive days once you activate it. Take that time to explore the sights at your own pace.

Who Should Avoid the Pass?

  • Visitors with no interest in Vatican sights – If you don’t plan to visit the Vatican sights, you’ll be able to save more by skipping the combo card and getting the Roma Pass on its own.
  • Travelers who prefer tour guides – Although most sights offer audio guides, if you’re somebody who would rather pay extra for a live tour guide, skip the pass and book tours instead. You can find the best Rome tours here.

Tips for Using the Rome & Vatican Pass

Schedule Your Vatican Visits – Unlike most of the attractions in Rome, entry to the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica is timed. You can either pre-book your reservations in advance (recommended) or do it in person. If you select the later, visit the office in St. Peter’s Square to schedule a time on your first day in town. Time slots are available on a first come/first serve basis, so keep this in mind before planning your time in Vatican City.

Schedule Your Colosseum Visit – Unlike in the past, advanced booking is also required at the Colosseum. We highly recommend booking your visit in advance.

Activate Your Pass in the Morning – The Roma Pass is a three-day consecutive pass, so it expires three days after your first use. Don’t activate it late in the day, even on public transportation. That will count as a full day, which could mess up your sightseeing plans.

Start Early – To pack the most value into your card, be sure to begin sightseeing early every day. The more sights you can see, the more value you’ll get from the card. Also, keep in mind that the Colosseum only allows about 3,000 people in the building at once. Because of this, you’ll need to book your entry time in advance. I’d recommend booking early in the morning to avoid the heat, reduce the chances of waiting for others to clear out, and you’ll be able to visit the Roman Forum afterwards.

Visit Colosseum & Forum on Same Day – Admission to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill is counted as one entry if you visit them both on the same day. I highly recommend you do so. (FYI, the Forum is my favorite place to visit in all of Europe.)

How to Get the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card

Ordering your OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card is easy. Get your pass here.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to order your sightseeing passes before you leave. Unfortunately, there is still no digital pass, so you’ll need to retrieve your passes when you arrive. Just head to one of these Vatican City or Rome locations:

  • St. Peter’s Square
  • St. John in the Lateran

Personally, I think it is easiest to pick them up at St. Peter’s Square because it is the easiest to find. Here’s a map to help you find the office:

OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card

To get there, you literally walk into the area known as St. Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro). If you’re coming from the east, walk into the square and look at the building immediately located to your left. (If you walk into the circle, you’ve gone too far.)

From the south, follow the outside of the circle until you’ve come to the center on the east side. Look to your right, and you’ll see the office. Head in and pick up your passes at the desk. Then, if you haven’t done so already, make your appointment to see the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Other Resources to Save in Rome

Looking for other ways to save in Rome? Consider applying for a travel credit card!

The best travel credit cards come with no foreign transaction fees. They also earn points that you can use to save on flights and hotel rooms. And when you save on these big costs, you have more money to spend while in Rome.

>>Compare the best travel credit cards here

Roma Pass Review: The Verdict

If you only want to see the sights in Rome, the Roma Pass is great. But, if you want to visit Vatican City while you’re there, I’d definitely go with the Rome and Vatican Pass Package instead.

The OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card gives you access to everything on the Roma Pass plus some. In fact, the Roma Pass is part of the package!

Awesome advice! I'm going to Rome and glad I found this. Great info on saving money and avoiding lines.

You also get the OMNIA Card, which includes entry to the Vatican attractions – none of which are found on the Roma Pass. Better yet, you get Fast Pass Entry (and/or a reserved entry time slot) at the most popular (and busiest) places. So, why get just the Roma Pass when you can have it all with the Vatican and Rome Card?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Roma Pass review! Have a wonderful trip to Rome, and please let us know if you have any questions. Happy traveling!

Get Your Rome & Vatican Pass Package – Visit the best sights in Rome and Vatican City! Get the Rome and Vatican Pass Package to skip the ticket lines and save money. Get yours here!

Roma Pass Review
  • Attractions
  • Pass Options & Lengths
  • Price
  • Fast Track Entry
  • Overall Value

Roma Pass Review Summary

The Rome and Vatican Pass Package includes two different passes – the Roma Pass and the OMNIA Vatican Card.

With this package, admission is included to places like the Colosseum, Roman Forum/Palatine Hill, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, and St. Peter’s Basilica. You also get “Fast Track Entry” to the most popular (and busiest) places – saving you time and money. Access to Rome’s public transportation system is also included, as are discounts at other exhibits, events, and businesses. 

If you plan to explore Rome and Vatican City on your own, we recommend this pass for the Fast Track Entry features alone.

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  1. I wish I had known about this pass before I went to Rome! My friends and I were definitely winging it, and probably spend a lot more on these attractions than we needed to. I’ll keep it in mind for my next trip!

    1. Oh man! I wish you would’ve too Kate. But, IMO, one visit to Rome isn’t enough 🙂 Now you know for next time!

  2. Wow Greg, I didn’t know such cards existed (maybe it didn’t 12 years ago?) but having all those benefits all in one is fantastic. You listed out the prices and it’s definitely worth it, particularly when time = money! Thanks so much for this recommendation. When we go to Rome we’ll definitely get this!


    1. I think a lot of people travel to these places without ever searching for a way to save time and money. Most of the large cities have a travel card of some type. Some offer better benefits and discounts than others. This particular card saves a little money, but the biggest draw is the Fast Track Entry. The lines at the Colosseum were probably 2.5 hours or more when we were there. I’m guessing at least that for the line outside the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica. The last thing I want to do on my trip is waste my time standing in line!

  3. With our Europe trip pushed back to 2017 from 2016, Italy is yet again at the top of our list of places we are considering visiting. I’ve been learning French in my spare time so there’s a good chance we will go that route, but Italy is still in the running!

    1. I don’t think you can go wrong either way, although I have a soft spot in my heart for Italy. Incredible beauty, incredible history, and extremely welcoming people…plus the food is delicious.

  4. I live one hour far from Rome and every time I visit It I discover something new, it is called the Eternal city and it is absolutely true!!!

    1. It really is an amazing place. I’d love to live there for a few months and just explore. It’s incredible.

    1. Actually, I can believe that 🙂 Italy is so freaking amazing that I can see how you didn’t make it that far yet. But yes, you definitely need to get to Rome. It is incredible.

  5. Rome is so amazing, and so large with so much to explore. I’ve never heard of this pass before! I’m currently monitoring flights to see when I can get a deal. Shouldn’t be so bad since I’m in Thailand right now instead of the states!

    1. We found the Roma pass first, but realized it didn’t have all we needed. So, we doubled it up with the OMNIA pass, and we were set. It’s really a great tool, especially to skip the lines!

  6. My husband and I are visiting in January 2017 for 7 days. Do you think the pass would be needed at the time given the smaller crowds at that time?

    1. I haven’t been in January, but I was there off-peak in November. By my estimation, I’d get the pass. From those I’ve talked to, lines at the Colosseum are always long. If you want to see the Vatican sites, those lines are also incredibly long…like several hours. I’d get the 3 day pass, see what you can with the pass on those 3 days (Colosseum, Forum, St. Peter’s, Sistine Chapel/Vatican Museum) then use the other days to see things where there aren’t lines and are often free (Parthenon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, etc.).

      Have a great time! You’ll love it!

      1. I know that the omina card provides you with two free admission. If I go to the Colosseum and the Roman forum the same day. Will the count as one or will it be conserved the two free admissions

        1. Hey Victoria,
          Thanks for reading! The Roma Pass portion of the card provides admission to the Colosseum and Roman Forum (Omnia Card portion is for the Vatican sites). If you visit both the Colosseum and the Forum the same day, it counts as one admission ticket. Hope that helps!

  7. Can you purcchase the Roma Pass at the Termini Station upon arrival and then activate it there. Rather than getting it online before travelling? Or is it easier to purchase the Roma Pass online beofre leaving the USA?

    1. It’s my understanding that you can purchase the Roma Pass at Termini, but I always suggest buying online before you go. When it comes to sightseeing passes, I almost always buy mine ahead of time online. I think it is more convenient – and depending on the pass – you may save a little money.

      1. if you buy the pass online, do you still have to reserve your time for vatican city in person?

  8. And make sure if you visit the Vatican to have your shoulders/knees covered in the summer or they won’t let you into any of this. As not being well versed in Catholic tradition I did not get to go into the Basilica the first time we went but got smart/prepared and got to go in the second time when we went six years later. Both times were excessive heat in August

    1. Very true Kelly. Whenever you’re visiting churches, it’s always good practice to check the dress code. Many (including the Vatican sites) require covered shoulders and knees.

  9. Question: Our stay in Rome happens to land on weekend in June, arriving 2pm Friday and departing 8am Monday. Is either of the passes worth the purchase, with it being the weekend? I know, what horrible luck. Thanks!

    1. Hey Kimberlee,
      Man, that’s a bummer that you only have a the weekend in Rome. Since you won’t be getting there until 2 PM on Friday, you’re going to be packed really tight. If you do get the pass, I’d probably start off heading directly to the Colosseum/Forum. Summer hours last until roughly an hour before sunset. So, you’ll probably have time to spend a couple of hours at both. Also, be sure you set up your scheduled times at the Vatican ASAP. I believe the Vatican Museums are closed on Sundays (except the last Sunday of the month), so your only real shot will be to get in on Saturday.

      We visited Rome for the second time last summer and wrote a piece about the trip. It may give you some other ideas about what how to handle your time there. You can read it here:

      I hope that helps! Have a wonderful time, and let me know if you have more questions.

  10. Chris van den Muijsenberg says:

    Thanks for your review. You answered exactly the right questions I had during my Rome trip preparations.

    The Netherlands

  11. HI Greg,
    Thanks for this info….great reading!
    It appears that the Omni Vatican and Rome Pass is valid for 3 days once activated. Because the Omni Vatican and Rome Pass are essentially 2 different and separate cards, can I activate each one separately, which would essentially extend their use to a total of 6 days? Basically … use the Rome Pass card on day 1 and then activate the Omni Vatican card on the 4th day? Or once I activate one of these cards, both are activated?

  12. Karen Mosier says:

    How far ahead can I buy passes online. It looks lije they have to be picked up the same day when you get to the check out page.

    1. Karen, you can definitely purchase the pass ahead of time. You can either have it shipped to you or pick it up for free in Rome. To pick it up in Rome, you’ll need to print off your email confirmation and bring it and an ID to one of the collection points in Rome. I prefer using the collection point at the Vatican, but it’s up to you.

  13. Karen Mosier says:

    Thanks! We are leaving in two weeks and appreciate all of your tips.

  14. Is the Vatican sights open on Sunday 7 January 2019?

  15. Chris wigmore says:

    my family and I are going in February half term this year.
    When we have looked at individual tickets, they are saying that it is all booked up.
    If I purchase these will I still get in

  16. Thanks Greg – I (Luckily) stumbled on your great post. I was not aware I had to reserve to get into Vatican City. I still have months to go before we’re in Rome (we’re going in August) but there’s lot’s to figure out – your post sure has helped – so THANKS!

  17. Hi Greg,

    Thank you for all the information regarding passes. I’m so sorry but I have to ask, would you mind confirming whether both Rome Pass and Omni pass is valid for 3 days once activated? or is this separate 3 days per card? Reason being with the Rome Pass, admission to 2 out of 7 locations. You mention that both Colosseum & Roman Forum is equivalent to 1 site which is good as this is our Day 1 in Rome. Day 2 we are planning to do visit Capitoline Museum & National Museum is this also equivalent to 1 site or is this separate? Day 3 would be Vatican Museum which this will be on Omni Pass.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Nelvie,
      Thanks for reading. The entire package is good for 72 hours once you activate it. The Colosseum and Roman Forum are actually one ticket (when purchased on-site), so visiting them on the same day only counts as one of your two attractions on the pass. The Capitoline Museum & National Museum are two separate tickets, so they each count as a site on the pass. As a reminder, if you end up using the card, be sure that you make your reservations for your Vatican Museum entry ASAP after getting to Rome!

  18. Hello Greg,
    We are going to Rome at the end of May and I will be purchasing our Roma and Omni passes today. Should i reserve our entry to the Vatican today or wait till we arrive in Rome and go to the square and do it there? Is it even possible to reserve it now? Also, We arrive in Rome Sunday May 26th in the afternoon and will be departing Rome Wednesday May 29th at noon. Since the pass is for 3 days and includes buses and trains, should i use it to get from the airport to lodging or from lodging back to the Termini? Which do you feel is a better use?
    Thank You, Renee

    1. Hey Renee – Thanks for reading! So, you can actually book your reservations to St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museums ahead of time. After making your Rome & Vatican Card purchase, you’ll get a confirmation email with instructions on how to do that. (I would highly suggest doing that ahead of time. Also, just make sure you’re booking your reservations within the 72-hour window in which you plan to use the pass.)

      As far as transportation goes, it totally depends on where you are staying, airport/train station you’re using, how many people you have with, etc. Personally, we like to book a private transport from the airport to our hotel, usually for like $50 or so. It works great.

      If you’d like to read more about our trips to Italy, check out these pieces:

      Have a wonderful trip!

  19. Am I able to use the pass to get from the airport to lodging!

    1. It depends on where you are flying into. The card does NOT cover transportation to/from Fiumicino Airport, which is where you are likely flying into. You can get to/from the city center to Ciampino Airport using a combination of Metro trains and buses.

  20. Kevin Mahon says:

    Hi Greg – thanks for the info. Quick question – my kids do like the audio guides – do you know if it is possible to use these passes to get the fast track into the site but then still purchase an audio tour once inside?

  21. Greg great stuff! So the Roma Pass gets you Fast Track access to the Colosseum and Forum? So is that skip the line access? My family and I are headed there in June and trying to decide how best to go through both places (along with Circus Maximus and see the Pantheon). This pass seems like it would help us skip the huge lines and relatively get right in.


    1. Thanks Tom! Yes, you get “skip the line” access at both the Colosseum and the Forum. With that said, what you are skipping is the extremely long lines to buy tickets. There may still be a queue to get in the gate, especially in June, but it will be much much shorter.

      In my opinion, visit the Colosseum first…and do it first thing in the morning. We’ve been there in June before and A) it gets extremely hot, B) it’s very busy, and C) they only allow 3,000 people in the Colosseum at once – which means you now have to book your advanced entry there. Get there early to avoid the heat and so you (hopefully) won’t have to wait for others to leave.

      After that, head directly to the Forum so that your pass only counts as one entry. I’d use one of the side entrances – either the one between the “Wedding Cake” and the Colosseum or the Palatine Hill entrance. (If you’re looking at the main gate to the Forum from the Colosseum, keep going up the road left about a block and you’ll find it.) The lines to get in will be shorter there, although there may still be a little wait in June.

      Have a wonderful trip! Rome is my favorite city and we’ve been multiple times.

      If you’d like to read more about some of our trips there, you can check out these articles:

      Rome, Pompeii, and Positano Trip Recap
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      – 7 Free Things to Do in Rome that Everyone Will Love

  22. Hi there, does this card also allow you to skip the line into Vatican City ? Not just the sites inside ? Thanks !

    1. Thanks for reading Jo! There is no line to actually enter Vatican City itself. Just take a cab, hop a bus, or walk on into the city 🙂

  23. Ben Tamasan says:

    I will be in Rome in August 23 for two day. Can you buy a pass for 48 hours only? I am traveling with my 11 years old son. Do I need a pass for him also?
    Thank you!

    1. The Roma Pass by itself has a 48-hour option but not the combo Rome & Vatican Card we’ve reviewed here.

  24. DEAn brown says:

    Hi Greg, we are heading to Italy at the end of October. we will spend the first 4 days in Rome. Is it worth it to buy an Omni Pass for Fast Track entrance during off-peak season?


    1. Absolutely. We’ve visited Rome during that time, and lines at the Colosseum, Forum, and Vatican Museum can still be a couple of hours long. Regardless of whether you buy the pass, you’ll definitely want to purchase tickets with some sort of “skip the line” option.

  25. Hi Greg,
    Thank you for all of the information, very helpful. I will be visiting Rome in April 1, 2020 and will be there for four days. I want to purchase the Rome City Pass and the Vatican Pass for 72 hours and I understand all the validations and public transit part of the tickets but have some questions. When purchasing the passes it says “free” for two entry with the skip the line when purchasing but what if I want to purchasing other tickets? Do I receive a code for receiving the discount on other tickets and do I also get to skip the lines for these attractions? I am a little confused on that part of the ticket. Any information would greatly help my planning. Thank you.

    1. Hey Patricia, I’m happy to help, but I’m a little confused about your question. I’ll try to answer as best I can. I think you’re asking about the Colosseum/Palatine Hill & Roman forum ticket. Technically, your ticket to the Colosseum and Palatine Hill/Roman Forum is all one ticket. They are directly across the street from each other, and you get entry to all of them with one ticket. So, you only have to make a “reservation” at one spot to get in. Once you do, just show your pass at the gate (don’t wait in line for tickets).

      Remember, skip the line entry allows you to skip the ticket window at select sites (Colosseum, Palatine Hill/Roman Forum, and the Vatican sites – including St. John in the Lateran). You’ll need to make booking arrangements in advance for almost all of these – Colosseum, St. Peter’s, and Vatican Museums. Once you make your arrangements through the Rome & Vatican Pass, you can simply show your passes at the gate during your designated time and walk on in.

      I hope that helps!

  26. This sounds great. Quick question, for the colosseum where you have to book a time slot to go and visit, how does that work? Can I still book a slot with these cards?


  27. Scott Armstrong says:

    Greg, fantastic review. Quick question though: we are in Rome for 6 days and this is a 72 hour pass. Can you activate one pass and then 72 hours later, the other pass? That way, the 72 hour window becomes 6 days. Would be important to us for the purpose of using public transportation the whole 6 days and not paying extra. thanks, Scott

  28. Trudy Gould says:

    Hi Greg,
    About the two passes. I hope to be in Rome in March 2025 for 8 full days. If I by both passes that then give me 6 days to use. Each one for 3 days. If so I will change my way of sightseeinf Rome. If not and they are both for only 3 day I will have to cram in a lot.

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