Six Reasons Why Being Frugal is Awesome


6 Reasons Being Frugal is Awesome


Being frugal rocks so hard that it will give your finances whiplash.  I’m not talking about the car accident kind.  No, I’m talking about the good kind of whiplash.  You know, the kind you get after a night at a Slayer concert – or whoever it is that the kids are listening to these days. If you are thinking about taking the frugality leap for yourself, here are six reasons why being frugal will rock your world.


1) Having Money for Emergencies

Let’s face it, things happen.  You may have unexpected car repairs or need a new water heater.  Maybe you will require an emergency room visit and instantly hit your insurance deductible for the year.  Whatever the emergency may be, being thrifty and living a frugal lifestyle means that you have money saved for it.  Being frugal means that, instead of putting the new expense on credit, you can write a check for it.  Having money for emergencies brings peace of mind and reduces stress.  Knowing that you can take care of any problem that may arise is truly a great feeling.


2) Being Able to Retire Someday

Hopefully, if you are frugal enough over a long period of time, you can retire someday.  While your friends may be working well into their 70’s, you may be at home working on your hobbies…or traveling…or sitting on your ass.  Who cares?  The point is that if you are thrifty and save enough you will likely be able to retire way ahead of your peers.  Then, you can truly decide how you want to live your life.


3) Weed out Your Fake Friends

Sure, you can probably find anyone to go to a football game with you or to try out a new nightclub.  You can probably talk a casual acquaintance into being your shopping buddy.  However, who would want to eat a homemade dinner at your house and play cards?  The answer: your real friends.  If you begin a frugal lifestyle, you may find that you lose a few friends.  I did…and that was OK with me.  Basically, if you take materialism and consumption out of the equation, you might find that you have a lot less to talk about with certain people.


4) Buy Less, Waste Less

As a society, we make and consume waaaaaaaay too much crap.  Walk into any store, and you may see aisle after aisle of it – toys, gadgets, back scratchers, picture frames, trampolines…you name it.  And when you buy all of that crap, you are just encouraging other humans to make more crap.  Bring frugal means that you only buy what you really need and want.  It may mean buying used items or just buying less.  Either way, you are adding fewer items to the huge waste that we humans create each day.


5) Being Frugal Means Fewer Marital Problems

Everyone knows that money problems contribute to an incredible amount of marital problems and divorces.  The thing is, when you are smart with your money as a team, you will find a lot less to argue about.  If you learn to live within your means and start saving, chances are the disagreements about money will become few and far between.  When bills are paid on time and money is in the bank, stress and hostility decrease.  When you get on the same financial page as your spouse, you may even find that it doesn’t bother you as much when they leave their pajamas on the floor every day for EIGHT YEARS STRAIGHT.  I sure did.  (Sorry Honey! Kisses!)


6) Better Sleep

I have to say that I sleep GREAT these days.  I think part of it is my new Serta iComfort mattress.  Also, I just don’t have a lot to worry about.  Sure, I worry about the big things like someone I love getting into an accident, someone close to my dying, etc. But, I definitely don’t worry about money.  I sleep great because I know exactly which bills are due and when. Furthermore, I have the money to pay for them…and I have an emergency fund for anything else that comes up! Now THAT, my friends, is relaxation.


Personally, I think that being frugal is some super awesome sauce.    Although your friends may see you as a fun-hating cheapskate, they just don’t realize the benefits of being frugal.  While everyone else is just running through the motions on the hamster wheel of life, frugal warriors everywhere are taking control of theirs.  Cheap brothers and sisters all across the land are paying off debt and refusing to consume so much at such a rapid pace.  Being frugal means that instead of worrying over your finances, you actually take action to change them.  I have taken action to change my finances for the better.  Have you?


  1. Our next Monday’s post is almost identical to this one. Being able to throw money at problems is awesome.

    • Yeah, it is totally awesome. Having money saved certainly doesn’t solve all of life’s problems. However, it does seem to solve most of them!!!!

  2. I loved this!!

    I agree whole-heartedly regarding friends and significant others. This makes me feel much better about being a cheapskate – er I mean, financially responsible and frugal. :)

  3. I think having money for emergencies is what let’s you sleep better! Just being prepared and safe is a great feeling!

  4. I love this post! Being frugal is, in a word, LIBERATING.

  5. I have to agree with your comments after years of slogging it out to get ahead I have changed my attitude. You can’t work enough hours to achieve more money for lifestyle but you can improve your lifestyle immediately by regrouping and finding everyday things enjoyable. I now take time to watch tv programes and give them my full attention it’s amazing what you miss when you are constantly focused on more more more and not giving over to the moment.

    Cheers Cheerfull

  6. Hi Holly,

    Oh I envy you, I’m at the first part of the road you’ve taken, which means I sleep rather well but I’m miles away from the relaxation you guys have ;-)

    All the best in new year! :)

  7. Judy Murray says:

    Spot on! Great insights!

  8. These are great ideas to learning to do with less. I think the word Frugal is sometimes viewed in a negative way. That’s too bad as you do it justice here!

  9. I like being thrifty because it coincides with my faith. I feel more secure by being a good steward. It is empowering to have paid off our home, have four cars paid off and one child almost through college debt free and the other one on track to do so as well.

    I have to say though, most of my friends have no idea I’m frugal. I try to hide it to fit into our community. Many of my friends think it is shameful to shop at resale stores, I love the hunt.

  10. I think the term “frugal” has a negative connotation. The items that you have listed here are just good financial practices.

  11. I especially love the point about being able to sleep at night. Having an emergency fund makes life way more peaceful, knowing that if something bad happens, I’m prepared. I don’t know how my generation can live paycheck to paycheck.

    I found your site off of Mr. money Mustache and love it.

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  13. Elnora Agustin says:

    Hi Holly! Frugality is way out in my vocabulary in my 38 years of existence. I am 40 years old, as they say; “Life begins at forty”. But how can i enjoy life if i don’t even have a cent to enjoy it. To be true, i only met ‘frugality’ 2 years ago, when a co-worker introduced it to me. I am an extravagant person, a ” come what may”… Spend here, spend there, buy this and buy that….sooo much i’ve waisted in my whole life, never think of tomorrow. What a shame to my self. I started to be frugal 2 years ago,very easy to say but never easy to do, it is very hard in my part. So much changes, so many things to give up. I did try to do my best so i can pay off my credits. Your website and other websites about frugality and thrifty living is my strenght to face the changes of my life. And it helped me a lot. I am so proud to myself that in my 2 years of being frugal, i can say that i know now how to control my expenses. I thank you for all the insights and learnings that you instilled in my mind to help me reached my financial freedom. Thank you!!!!

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  15. I have to totally agree with your post. I liked your article your article because it is clear and straight to point and provides some great examples of why living frugal is a good idea.
    It is easy to forget why living a frugal life can bring so many benefits including reducing a person’s impact on the environment. It is so easy to be fooled by advertising and cave in to making purchases we don’t need, which also leaves and creates excess waste. When buying second hand goods, sometimes it is like searching for treasure. You just never know what cute little item you’ll come across or bargains you’ll find.
    Being frugal with your money for emergencies is a sensible strategy for anyone rich or poor. It definitely does bring peace of mind having even a small amount set aside for an emergency. One good method for making sure you can have money set aside is to pay yourself first. Every pay, set aside a set amount into savings before bills are paid. This amount could be $10, $50 or more. Every little bit adds up over time and can be applied to savings goals or emergency savings accounts.


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