The holidays are approaching and I’m slowly getting cheaper as the days tick by.  This is mainly because I have spent most of my Christmas spending budget, and I still have a few people to buy for. (Gasp!)  I’m still not sure how I am going to swing the gifts for the few additional family members that are left on my list.  However, I have recently made a few genius strategic moves to put some breathing room back into my allotted Christmas spending budget.

Confession #1

The other day, I wrote about how I returned an art easel straight to hell Toys ‘R Us and got a full refund.  I did this because my boss gave me a free easel that her kids had outgrown.  I cleaned it up and it looks brand spanking new now.   I will have no problem passing it off as a gift from Santa on Christmas day.  It actually does have a small crack on it, but it’s nothing that a strategically placed sticker won’t fix. BOOM! Greg thinks I crossed the line from frugal to tacky with this move.  What do you guys think?  Savings: $48.14


Confession #2

EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I consider buying my boss this World’s Best Boss mug off of  Not only does it say “World’s Best Boss” on the front, but it also says Dundler Mifflin on the back – referencing the TV show, “The Office.” He loves that show.  However, my frugality reminds me that it is not necessary to buy him a separate gift since we all go in on a joint gift from the entire staff.  Also, we have so many damn mugs in our office already.  Do we really need another one?  Would he feel obligated to drink out of it?  Would he become secretly resentful of me?  Savings: $17

Confession #3

I got Greg’s Christmas present absolutely free!  (Does that still count as a present?)  Of course, I can’t tell you what it is because he will obviously be reading this.  But still, I’m proud of my creativity…especially because I budgeted money to spend on him and saved it instead.  Score!  Savings: approximately $100

Confession #4

I slashed $35 from my Christmas budget by removing everyone’s pets.  Seriously, is it really necessary to buy a bag of treats for everybody’s dog or cat?  Would they even realize it was a gift from me?  Do animals care if they get Christmas gifts?  Do I even care if they care?  Obviously, I don’t. Savings: $35

Confession #5

I was in charge of buying my boss’s Christmas present on behalf of all of the employees this year. We ended up with around $300 of pooled money. I put the $300 in cash in my bank account and bought their gifts on my credit card in order to rack up the credit card rewards. I feel so dirty!  Still, I do realize that I didn’t technically do anything wrong….and that it makes no difference.  If given the opportunity to earn rewards, this Cheap-ass Santa always chooses to do so.

So, there it is. I have bared my frugal soul and shared with you my deepest, darkest secrets. What special strategies have you employed to save money this year?  Are you feeling particularly cheap?  Or generous?  Please share by commenting below!