Being frugal rocks so hard it will give your finances whiplash. I’m not talking about the car accident kind. I’m talking about the good kind of whiplash. You know, the kind you get after a Slayer concert.

If you’re thinking about taking the frugality leap, we’ve got a free gift waiting for you at the end of this piece. But before that, here are seven reasons why being frugal will rock your world.

1) Having Money for Emergencies

Let’s face it, things happen. You may have unexpected car repairs or need a new water heater. Maybe you’ll head to the emergency room and instantly hit your deductible for the year. Whatever the case may be, living frugally means you have money saved for it. Instead of putting the new expense on credit, you get peace of mind by knowing you can write a check for it. Knowing you can take care of any problem that may arise is a great feeling.

2) Being Able to Retire

Hopefully, if you live frugally over an extended period of time, you can retire someday. While your friends work well into their 70’s, you can be at home working on your hobbies…or traveling…or sitting on your ass. Who cares? If you learn to save your money, you will be able to retire before many of your peers. Then, you can decide how you want to live your life.

3) Live For Now, Save for Later

Being frugal helped us get here!

Being frugal helps us save on things that don’t matter so we can spend on things that do!

Our idea of living frugally doesn’t mean sentencing yourself to a lifetime of staring at the walls and eating instant ramen for dinner. Hells no! By living frugally and spending less on crap you don’t want, you’ve got more money to spend on the things you actually love. Instead of wasting your money on gadgets, gizmos, handbags, and nights at the club, use that money to travel the world, buy concert tickets, or enjoy a waterpark with your family. Even better, you’ll still have money to save for your future. Like our motto says, “Stop spending. Start living.™”

4) Buy Less, Waste Less

Speaking of stuff – seriously peeps – we make and consume waaaaaaaay too much junk. Walk into any store and you’ll see aisle after aisle of it – toys, gadgets, back scratchers, picture frames, trampolines… you name it. When you buy all of that crap, you’re encouraging other humans to make more crap. Being frugal means only buying what you really need and want. It may mean buying used items or just buying less. Either way, you are adding fewer items to the junk heap.

5) Weed Out Your Fake Friends

Sure, you can probably find anyone to go to a football game with you or to try out a new nightclub. You can probably talk a casual acquaintance into being your shopping buddy. But, who would want to eat a homemade dinner at your house and play cards? The answer: your real friends. If you live a frugal lifestyle, you may find that you lose a few friends. I did… and that was OK. Once you take materialism out of the equation, you might find you have a lot less to talk about with certain people.

6) Being Frugal Means Fewer Marital Problems

Everyone knows that money problems contribute to an incredible amount of marital problems and divorces. The thing is, when you’re smart with your money as a team, you will find a lot less to argue about. If you learn to live within your means, chances are your money disagreements will become few and far between. When bills are paid on time and money is in the bank, stress and hostility decrease. When you get on the same financial page as your spouse, you may even find that it doesn’t bother you as much when they leave their pajamas on the floor every day for ELEVEN YEARS STRAIGHT. I sure did.  (Sorry Honey! Kisses!)

7) Better Sleep

I have to say that I sleep GREAT these days. Part of it is my Serta iComfort mattress, but I digress. I just don’t have a lot to worry about, and I definitely don’t worry about money! I sleep great because I know exactly which bills are due and when. Furthermore, I have the money to pay for them…and I have an emergency fund for anything else that comes up! Now THAT, my friends, is relaxation.

Your Free Frugal Gift

My friends may see me as a fun-hating cheapskate, but they just don’t realize the benefits of being frugal! While everyone else is scurrying on the hamster wheel of life, frugal warriors everywhere are taking control of theirs. Cheap brothers and sisters across the land are paying off debt and consuming less crap! Instead of worrying over their finances, they are taking action to change them. Are you?

If not, we want to help. That’s why we’re giving you the first chapter of our book, Zero Down Your Debt, for free. You’ll learn the fundamentals of good money management, budgeting, and you may even pay off some debt along the way. Get your free chapter here, or fill in the form below to join us now and “Stop spending. Start living.™”