10 Reasons Frugal Husbands are Sexy As Hell

Frugal husbands may not look flashy, but mine makes me want to swoon. Here are 10 reasons you should find a frugal husband of your own!

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When my husband and I started dating in 2004, he was a struggling actor in Chicago. He worked a low-paying job in advertising during the day and did shows at night. Because he never earned more than $12 an hour, he had almost nothing – a couple of dressers, an old Monte Carlo, and the clothes on his back. Oh, and around $2,000 in credit card debt.

But, it was fine with me. I wanted to be with him because I loved him, after all. And since I never earned a lot of money either, I just figured we’d stay relatively poor.

If you had told me then we would be self-employed, debt-free, and living the dream in ten years, I’m not sure I would believe you. The thing is, my husband has never really changed his M.O. – even though our lifestyle has changed over the years. While he eventually earned a second degree so he could earn more money (and started blogging with me, leading to even greater earnings), his old, humble beginnings have always stuck with him.

Even though we earn a very healthy income, my husband still wears shirts with holes in them and underwear until it falls apart. He went without for so long that I think it’s just ingrained in him to believe we don’t have money to spare. So, he’s cheappainfully cheap. So cheap that I am literally in shock any time I find out he purchased anything for himself.

But, you know what? I am not one to complain about a man who isn’t obsessed with spending. In fact, I would even go so far as saying that I find it absolutely sexy.

You know what’s hotter than a guy in nice clothes driving a nice car? A guy who is debt-free and doesn’t owe anyone a dime.

Maybe it’s just my frugal instincts talking, but I’m perfectly happy with the fact that my husband will wear socks with holes so big I can’t believe he bothered to put them on.

Call me crazy, but I’m in love.

10 Reasons Frugal Husbands are Sexy As Hell

There are so many reasons to love a frugal husband, but money is really just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a lot more than that, which is why I came up with this list and decided to dedicate it to my husband (who is currently sitting across the room in a shirt from 1996). Here are ten reasons frugal husbands are oh-so-sexy, and why you should get one of your own:

#1: He won’t pressure you to wear fancy clothes or makeup.

Frugal husbands may not look flashy, but mine makes me want to swoon. Here are 10 reasons you should find a frugal husband of your own!
Would your man go out in green camo pants, a red long sleeved t-shirt, and a gray camo do rag? Mine would… and he’s awesome.

If you manage to snag a frugal husband, you’ll find that you don’t need to dress up fancy all the time. To him, fancy clothes and makeup represent nothing more than dollars wasted. A frugal husband is well aware you can get really awesome clothes at second-hand stores, and that most high fashion is just plain dumb.

Since your frugal husband would prefer you didn’t buy new clothes, he’ll be perfectly happy with the fact you change out of pajamas only to shower and put on different pajamas.

Are those pajamas paid for? Yes? That’s really all he wants to know.

#2: He’s more than happy to Netflix & Chill on the weekends.

One thing I really love about my frugal husband is that he has always been happy to sit at home with me. Ever since we started dating, we have been huge on hosting card nights, movie nights, and any other activity that doesn’t require us to leave or spend money.

While we used to stay home because we were poor, we now do it because we enjoy each other’s company. And when your man is frugal, he won’t want to go out on the weekends anyway. Why pay $6 for a beer at a bar when you can drink a case of Miller Lite at home? I swear, my husband has said those exact words at least 100 times!

#3: You never need to worry about finding the “perfect gift.”

Regular guys expect you to put some leg work into finding the perfect gift. But, frugal husbands? They wish you wouldn’t buy them anything, mostly because they don’t want you to spend any money.

This takes a lot of pressure off of you as a spouse, but it also paves the way for some creative gift-giving. Your frugal man may not want you to spend a lot, but he’ll appreciate a nice homemade meal (preferably his favorite) or a letter written from the heart. Those things are free, and they mean a lot more than anything you could buy at the store.

#4: You’ll be able to retire together…early as hell.

One of my favorite things about my husband is that he doesn’t want to work forever. He knows he wants to enjoy a slow-paced early retirement, and he has plans in place to make his dreams come true. This is great because, to be honest, I don’t really want to work forever either. I want to retire into a beach hammock where I can sip beer, listen to crappy house bands, and search for hermit crabs on the shore.

Frugal husbands get it, and they’re on board with your dreams of early retirement and freedom.

#5: He won’t have too many annoying (and costly) hobbies.

I always cringe when my girlfriends speak of their husband’s costly hobbies. Golf? That’s way too expensive. Gaming? Prices are out of control. Golf carts or sports cars? I can’t even talk about it.

The best part about a frugal husband is that he’s too cheap to have any hobbies that are too costly or annoying. Since his goal is saving money, he mostly avoids the common pitfalls of manhood, including pricey guy-hobbies.

#6: He showers you with attention (because he’s always home).

Non-frugal husbands stay busy because they’re out consuming and buying and dreaming up other ways to spend their money. Because of this, they have less time to be at home with you (their frugal princess).

But, frugal guys? They are literally always home because that’s where the food is and it’s a free place to hang. Why go elsewhere when they might have to actually pay for something? Frugal husbands would rather chill on the couch, eat cheap snacks, and do free stuff. You know, because they’re frugal like that.

#7: He has dreams and goals.

Most frugal people are frugal because they have #lifegoals to achieve. This is especially true with frugal husbands who know the value of a dollar. They want things in life, and not just money in the bank; they want more freedom in their lives and more control over their time.

What I love about my frugal husband is that he has dreams just like I do. Life is much better when you have something to dream about – something to strive for. A frugal husband can help you realize your own dreams, even if you weren’t sure what they were before.

#8: He avoids debt like the plague it is.

Frugal husbands may not look flashy, but mine makes me want to swoon. Here are 10 reasons you should find a frugal husband of your own!Debt and money-stress are easily the biggest contributors to divorce, which is yet another reason frugal husbands are a prize to be won. Your frugal guy will never try to burden your life with something as unnecessary and soul-sucking as debt, nor will he try to buy stuff you can’t afford.

When you’re debt-free, you don’t have to worry about bills or money ever again. Marriage is hard on its own, but debt makes it that much harder. Your frugal husband knows this, and he acts accordingly.

#9: He tries not to be wasteful.

Most people are wasteful in nearly every aspect of their lives; they throw too much stuff away, waste money like it’s burning a hole in their pockets, and don’t bother too much with the “three R’s” – reducing, reusing, and recycling.

But, your frugal husband? He doesn’t want to waste stuff because he knows replacing it costs money. And he sure as hell isn’t going to waste money, mostly because he knows how hard it is to earn it.

#10: Money in the bank is just plain sexy.

I dated other people before my husband, and many of them were the type who tried to impress others. They had nice cars and nice clothes and did their best to give off the appearance of wealth, yet their “wealth” was little more than debt in disguise.

Now that I know what it’s like to have a frugal husband, I could never go back. While flashy cars and nice clothes attract a certain kind of gal, a frugal girl like me can spot the smoke and mirrors from a mile away.

A fancy car with a huge car payment is gross, whereas a paid-off anything is a beauty in my book. And, money in the bank? It’s just plain sexy, right along with the guy who is slowly building his empire with me – one dollar at a time.

Get Your Own Frugal Husband…Because You Can’t Have Mine

If you don’t have a frugal husband yet, I highly suggest finding one of your own. While you might miss the flashy car and lifestyle for a while, you will eventually learn to love your frugal guy – even when his clothing choices are questionable or he gives you coupons for “free massages” for your birthday.

In all seriousness, frugal husbands are the best. They know money isn’t everything, but they also know that frugality can make anyone happier – and wealthier – over time. They’ll love you even if you wear the same outfit every day, and they’ll be glad to snuggle up with you to watch a (free) movie. No matter what anyone says, frugal husbands are the holy grail. But, back off ladies…because this one’s taken.

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  1. Yes – there is hope for me yet! And I can tell you this, frugal guys find frugal wives sexy, too.

    Now, as for me, I do have a couple of expensive hobbies, but I to think I make up for it in other frugal ways.

  2. When I met my husband, he was using cardboard as curtains and boxes as his TV stand. He also had no debt, and had just paid off his student loans in a couple years. Marrying him was a great idea, even though I opted out of the cardboard curtains when we bought our house.

    1. I love it! And yes, I’ve upgraded a lot of our stuff since I met my hubby. =)

  3. Interesting post, be frugal is nice be extreme cheapskates not so much…in my opinion you and your husband found a good deal on good life on low cost budget…hopefully you’ll love your next European vacancy

  4. Just have to find a frugal gal that thinks my frugality is sexy. I’m not as hopeful as Jason. Finding a frugal, local, and sane woman who isn’t already married is tough.
    Just took a girl to a semi expensive dinner, experience is always a little draining for me. Then yesterday I made one of my dinners at home like usual(love to cook) with high quality produce and the flavors blew me away. Why would I spend $70 at a restaurant when i can make something even better for a tenth the cost.

  5. Brian Davis says:

    I just sent this to my wife. I hope she actually reads it, rather than just rolling her eyes like she usually does when I try to talk budgeting with her!

    1. @Brian – I am glad to see that I am not the only one who has that problem with the other half! Let me know if you ever manage to crack it…!

  6. Nice post.
    Your husband seems to be someone I can identify with.
    Since he does not have or want to pursue expensive hobbies, then what hobbies does he have? What will he retire into?
    I’m looking for a few new ideas that will not create expense lines in my spreadsheets.

    1. Well, there are a lot of things. He loves the outdoors and nature. He loved reading and watching awesome mini-series. We travel a lot – probably 12 weeks of the year. That part isn’t so frugal but it will be easier to travel even more cheaply when we are retired and don’t have kids in school. He loves history!

  7. Ahahaha, I love this! It is so true, when a man can enjoy the simple things in life and is willing to be thrifty while working hard on everything from our lifelong goals to a small DIY project, it is damn sexy! Good thing Mr. Adventure Rich is one frugal dude.

  8. I love this post! I never thought of my husband in that light but #1 is definitely true. He doesn’t care where I go for my hair or wear anything because he’s just a happy fella who loves quiet afternoon in and nothing in 5 inch club heels. Besides this thrifty club, the actual clubs are not frugal!

  9. Quickly reading it, I first thought #6 said, “He showers with you…… yeah, that would make a frugal husband sexy alright! Perhaps that is really number 11!

  10. Preach! I’ve learned quite a bit from my frugal husband and he exhibits many of the same qualities as yours — such lucky ladies we are! Though, they’re also lucky to have wives who not only appreciate their thriftiness, but who are themselves pinnacles of personal finance. 😉

  11. Wish I could find that frugal wife! They seem to be like unicorn….

  12. Thank you. A good article that reaffirms what I been looking for. Like to add something that I believe is two different kind of frugal people… frugal people who are generous in heart and mind. Cos life is too short to be stingy and grumpy. 🙂

  13. lobo apple says:

    My wife does not think frugal is sexy.
    Because we met and married late in life after I retired at 50, over 7 figures savings.
    She only wants to live off me and spend my money.

  14. Yep they’re hot. Hope I find one of my own in time. ???? I once dated a guy that spent all his money even though he’s in the IT field. It’s like really dude? Why!!!

    He also wanted to retire early but how are you going to do that when you spend it all? I guess he didn’t want be financially independent that badly .

  15. I guess I’m sexy ’cause I’ve been frugal since childhood. All the best, Nevada

  16. What an adorable post! I love it!!
    My ex used to give me a hard time about my frugal ways and I was often frustrated by his spendthrift nature.
    Fast forward a few years and now I am married to a guy who is much more frugal than me, so I feel like the other end of the spectrum.
    I sometime say, he is the universe’s revenge, LOL!
    But hey we are both FIRE and enjoying our time together, so yay for Frugal guys!!

  17. I have two cars so I take my old clunker when I go out on dates. Sometimes it’s nice to see how the other person will react when they don’t think you have lots of money or a career where money is of no concern. On the other hand I don’t like to lie so I struggle with this sometimes. I want to make sure I know about their financial habits before I even begin the dating path. At least you were lucky to back out on time. Thanks for the help.

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