Welcome back to The VIP Club, our weekly roundup of all things awesome in the personal finance blogosphere.

A few months ago, Holly and I got the harebrained idea and started this personal finance blog. We started it for two reasons: 1) We felt like we had something that we could add to the conversation and 2) We wanted a way to help keep ourselves accountable for our financial actions. Well, over the past few months, our blog has grown faster than we could have ever imagined thanks to all of the people who have helped us along the way. In order to say thanks to our blogging friends who have really helped us get our site off the ground, we eventually developed the VIP Club.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been thinking a lot about the VIP Club and how we felt like it needed to evolve into something a bit different. What that was, we didn’t really know. It occurred to us that we didn’t want being a financial VIP to just mean that we were building links with other bloggers. While that is certainly important on the blogging side of things, we wanted the VIP Club to line up more with the goals of this website. We wanted it to be more inclusive. How we were going to get there, we still didn’t know.

So, after a few weeks of thinking, planning, and discussing we are proud to announce the new and improved Club Thrifty VIP Club. It is open to all, readers and bloggers alike, complete with its own newly designed website badge. If you want to learn more about how to become an official member of our new VIP Club, please click on the provided links to visit our new page. Once you’ve signed up and posted the badge, please comment on the page so that we can add your website or name to the list of official VIP Club members.

Blogger friends, don’t fear. We will still be doing our VIP Club Roundups, although we are debating some changes to the day and frequency of those posts.



Thanks again to everybody for the awesome support! We really do appreciate it! Please drop by our VIP Club page, post the badge, and become a member today!