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In this Go Las Vegas Pass review, we’ll explore how the pass works, explain what is included, and determine if the pass is worth it for you. Enjoy!

When you hear the words “Las Vegas,” what comes to mind?

It’s Sin City, right? Gambling, partying, and spending lots of money are probably on your list.

Las Vegas is a hella fun trip, but it’s notoriously hard on the wallet. Unlike some cheap destinations that have a ton of free activities, most of what brings people to Vegas comes with an expensive price tag.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go! It just means you should look for ways to cut your expenses without sacrificing your experiences. Luckily, there are a few attractions passes that claim to do just that.

Today, I’ll review the Go Las Vegas Pass. I’ll cover how it works, what’s included, how much it costs, and how to get the most from it. I’ll explain who should consider it and who shouldn’t, and ultimately help you decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Let’s do it!

Go Las Vegas Pass: How it WorksGo Las Vegas Pass Logo

The Go Las Vegas Pass is an all-inclusive sightseeing pass that includes entry to more than 45 of the top attractions in Las Vegas for a set price. I’m talking shows, tours, museums, and more. It’s available as a two, three, four, or five-day pass. As with most sightseeing passes, those are consecutive calendar days.

For one set price, you get access to as many of the attractions as you can handle. Except for the two-day pass, you also get to choose one of seven high-value premium attractions. The name of the game is to use the pass enough that you end up saving big money on admission costs. And now, since the old Las Vegas Pass has been folded into the Go Las Vegas Pass, there are more attractions to choose from than ever before!

You can use the Go Las Vegas Pass on your smartphone or carry a paper copy. When you visit your first attraction, the staff will scan it, activating your pass. From that moment, your pass is active and is valid for the number of days you purchased. Because it operates on a calendar day basis, it’s a good idea to activate your pass in the morning, so you have the full day ahead of you.

Attractions Included on the Go Las Vegas Pass

The Go Las Vegas Pass includes entry to over 45 of the best shows and attractions in Las Vegas. Here’s a sample of what’s included:

  • VEGAS! The Show
  • Hoover Dam Tour
  • Hop-on Hop-off Two Day Bus Tour
  • High Roller Observation Wheel at LINQ
  • Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck at Paris Las Vegas (Daytime ticket)
  • Stratosphere Observation Deck Plus VIP Access
  • Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.
  • Las Vegas Monorail 24-hour Pass
  • Nathan Burton Comedy Magic
  • Vegas Rockstar Club Tour
  • Las Vegas Live Comedy Club
  • Las Vegas Downtown-Fremont St. Walking Tour
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  • Springs Preserve
  • Stripper 101 – Learn How to Pole Dance
  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum
  • Beatleshow
  • …and more! (View the full attractions list here.)

If that wasn’t enough, the three, four, and five-day passes also come with access to one of these seven premium attractions:

  • Full Day Grand Canyon Tour
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience: Ride Along
  • Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour
  • Blue Man Group Show Ticket
  • Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil
  • LOVE by Cirque du Soleil
  • Criss Angel MINDFREAK

As you can see, the Go Las Vegas Pass is not playing around. There’s some serious choice and value on the table.

Go Las Vegas Pass Pricing

Now that you’re getting excited about all the attractions included on the Go Las Vegas Pass, you need to know how much you’ll pay for one of these bad boys! Here you go:

PassesAdult PriceChild Price (Ages 3-12)
2-Day Pass$139$134
3-Day Pass$257$247
4-Day Pass$319$294
5-Day Pass$361$319
*Current as of 09/16/20

As you can probably tell, the five-day pass offers the best value; just $72 per day for unlimited attractions. That said, you’ll save money using any of these passes as long as you exercise some common sense.

What do I mean by that? Well, don’t use the Go Las Vegas Pass for only $15 attractions. Go for some expensive ones and maximize your savings. A glance at the regular admission costs tells you that won’t be a problem.

If you’re only in Vegas for the weekend, you might opt for the two-day pass, which is fine. At only $69.50 per day, it’s still good value. However, all the other passes are a bit more appealing because they include a premium attraction. And the premium attractions are pretty stellar.

Let’s say you’re in Vegas for a week, and you decide to go all out and get the 5-day pass. Choosing a premium attraction is tough, but let’s say you go for the Grand Canyon Tour. The pass costs $361, so after considering the value of the Grand Canyon Tour, you’re left with 4 days of unlimited attractions for just $201 – that’s only $50 per day!

To be honest, you could do $201 worth of activities in one day! The savings are astronomical.

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Top Reasons to Buy the Go Las Vegas Pass

picture of Grand Canyon

Money, Money, Money

Nobody goes to Las Vegas to relax, right? They go for the shows, casinos, food, and the flurry of activity! That makes it the perfect city for an all-inclusive attractions pass, since the more you use it, the more you save.

Make no mistake – the Las Vegas Go Pass can easily save you a significant amount of money – up to 55% to be exact. As long as you’re sure to choose a few of the more expensive options, you’ll save by doing just two attractions per day. Considering there are daytime and evening options, that’s a breeze!

High-Value Attractions

Like the New York Pass, the Go Las Vegas Pass offers such excellent value because it includes many attractions with high regular admission prices.

That makes it extremely easy to save money – I’m talking hundreds of dollars. Savings like that mean you might be able to do some things during your trip that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

Premium Attractions

I’m super-impressed with the selection of premium attractions on this pass – and they are premium.

Similar to the Go Cancun Pass, you’ve got a lot of great options to choose from – including an all-day tour, four shows, and two thrill-seeking activities. No matter your tastes, one of these options is bound to tickle your fancy. More likely, you’ll find it hard to choose just one.

My Pick: The Full Day Grand Canyon Tour

The Full Day Grand Canyon Tour will appeal to nature lovers who’ve never seen this world wonder. Once you arrive, you spend three hours in Grand Canyon National Park, including a picnic lunch. You won’t get back to Vegas until 7 PM or later, so this may be the only attraction you’ll get in on that day. Still, if the GC is on your bucket list (and the weather is good), it’s worth it.

This would probably be my pick if I’d never been to the Grand Canyon. It rounds out a trip to Las Vegas by offering something totally unique from what’s available on the strip. It’s also the most expensive attraction offered.

For Thrill Seekers

The Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour, in contrast to the GC tour, only lasts 10 minutes. Well, the helicopter ride itself only lasts 10 minutes. You catch a lift to the site, enjoy a glass of champagne, and then soar up over the strip, taking in the iconic nighttime view. It’s short and sweet, but a helicopter ride is pretty badass. It goes without saying that if you choose this as your premium attraction, you’ll still have tons of time in your day for other pursuits.

The Richard Petty Driving Experience is another brief, high-thrill premium attraction. Basically, you get to sit in the passenger seat of a race car while a professional driver does three laps of the race track. Your transport to and from the track is included, too. In my opinion, this is only a smart choice if you’re a die-hard racing fan. It will only appeal to a narrow range of people and must be done solo.


There’s no shortage of shows included on the Go Las Vegas Pass, but the premium attractions step it up a notch with some very high-value offerings.

Cirque du Soleil shows are always amazing, so either would serve as a fantastic evening out. Beatles fans should opt for LOVE, while burlesque lovers should see Zumanity.

If Cirque isn’t your jam, or if you’ve seen those shows already, you might prefer the Blue Man Group Show. And Criss Angel won’t disappoint – this 90-minute show of illusion is one of the greatest magic shows you’ll ever see.

Other Benefits of the Go Las Vegas Pass

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour – I always recommend the HOHO Bus Tour to first-time visitors because it’s an awesome way to see and learn about a new city’s highlights. You can stay on the bus to take in the sites and the narrated tour, or you can hop off and go exploring.

Shows – The Go Las Vegas Pass has a fantastic and varied selection of shows. If you want, you can see one every night!

Go Line Privileges – Some of the attractions have a “Go Line” that allows Go Las Vegas Pass holders to skip the main ticket line and get in faster. Less time waiting in line means more time to enjoy Las Vegas, so that’s a win in my book. Enjoy this perk at the Stratosphere Observation Deck, Vegas Rockstar Club Tour, and Rockstar Poll Party Tour.

Additional Discounts – You can also get mad savings on admission costs to over 45 Vegas attractions and enjoy additional discounts at local restaurants and retailers.

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Where the Go Las Vegas Pass Falls Short

I think this pass offers incredible value, but no pass is perfect.

I love that three of the attractions offer Go Line privileges, but considering that’s only three out of 45+, I’d like to see more. That’s not really practical with shows and tours since advance booking is often required, but it would be nice to see it at the museums and other sightseeing spots.

Another limitation worth mentioning is that you can only use this pass to visit one show per day (excluding the premium shows). I personally don’t think it’s a huge deal because most people plan to see one show a day in the evening.

However, if that rule weren’t in place, it would be possible to see an afternoon show (like Nathan Burton Comedy Magic) and then another show that evening. People who want to see as many shows as possible might find this restriction disappointing.

Who Should Consider the Go Las Vegas Pass

  • First Time Visitors – If it’s your first time in Vegas, you’re going to want to hit the major sightseeing spots and go to some shows. The Go Las Vegas Pass can help you do it for less.
  • Anyone Who Loves Shows – If you’re going to Vegas, you’re probably planning on taking in some shows. This pass has an excellent selection, so it’ll be no problem to schedule an entertaining show every night of your trip.
  • Travelers Who Are Ready for Action – If you’re rearing to go and are excited to hit multiple hot spots each day, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Who Should Skip the Go Las Vegas Pass

  • Travelers Who Prefer a Chill Pace – The Go Las Vegas Pass is a consecutive day, all-inclusive pass. If you don’t like the idea of a few action-packed days in a row, it isn’t a good fit for you.
  • People Who Came to Gamble and Party – Vegas is the gambling capital of the country, so if that’s how you plan to spend most of your time, you don’t need an attractions pass.
  • People on a Tight Budget – If you’re on a strict budget, Vegas probably isn’t the best vacation destination for you anyway. But if you’ve got to make a little go a long way, forget the pass, wander through the casinos, and choose one or two attractions that are in your price range.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Go Las Vegas Pass

Go Las Vegas Pass Review - picture of show girls on stage

Skip the Two-Day Pass – The two-day pass can save you some money, but because all the other passes include a premium attraction, they offer a better value. Unless you’re only in town for the weekend, I’d opt for at least the three-day pass.

Visit Two or More Attractions Per Day – The more you use your pass, the more you’ll save. To make sure you get your money’s worth, be sure to visit at least two attractions per day (unless you’re doing the Grand Canyon tour, then you might only have time for one).

Choose the Expensive Options – Using your pass often is part of maximizing your savings, but so is using it on high-value attractions. That’s honestly not hard because the majority of the attractions have hefty regular admission prices.

Remember to Make Reservations – The Go Las Vegas Pass gets you access to a bunch of shows and tours, but for some of them, you need to make reservations in advance. I know that’s a drag, but when you’re talking about super-popular tourist attractions, you can’t really expect anything else. Avoid disappointment and make those reservations ahead of time!

Where to Buy the Go Las Vegas Pass

If the Go Las Vegas Pass sounds like a great deal for you, buying it couldn’t be simpler. Buy the Go Las Vegas Pass here.

After your purchase, you’ll get an email containing a copy of your pass and instructions on how to use it.

If you want to use a paper pass, simply download and print it. If you prefer the greener, more convenient digital route, download the Go City app and store your pass there.

(Editor’s note: Keep in mind that, due to COVID-19, you now have two years from the date of purchase to activate and use your pass – after that, it expires.)

If you change your mind within 90 days, no worries. The 90-day guarantee means you can get a full refund on a non-activated pass.

Bottom Line: Should You Get the Go Las Vegas Pass?

If you’re heading to Vegas with a ready-for-action mentality, and if even a few of the included attractions appeal to you, the Go Las Vegas Pass will be a great fit.

By using the pass at least a couple of times a day on some high-value attractions, you can save some serious money. If you’re planning to go nuts and fit in as many attractions as you can each day, you can save up to 55%, which is incredible.

I hope this review was helpful. Thanks for reading and enjoy Vegas!

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Go Las Vegas Pass Review
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  • Fast Track Entry
  • Overall Value

Go Las Vegas Pass Review

If you’re heading to Vegas with a ready-for-action mentality, the Go Las Vegas Pass will be a great fit. By using the pass at least a couple of times a day on some high-value attractions, you can save some serious money. If you’re planning to go nuts and fit in as many attractions as you can each day, you can save up to 55%, which is incredible.

We would like for additional fast-track entry options and the ability to see more than one show per day, but otherwise this pass is a stellar option.