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In case you missed them, here are our splendid recent articles:




Search Terms

Here are some of our favorite search terms of the past few days:


  • nothing really matters before but-tryin lannister
  • torture bra
  • people who save plenty of money for retirement are said to have “saver’s remorse (Rationalize much? Sheesh?)
  • did soneone sell their kids on craigslist
  • my wife wastes money children
  • al i want voor x mass is ass



What is Holly Obsessed With This Week?

So, I’ve told you that Holly gets obsessed about things, right? Well, she is obsessessed…still…with Les Miserables. Only, now she has found a way to be able to “watch” it while pleasing the kids. You see, our oldest likes to watch Barbie videos on the computer. So, Holly thought it would be great if the two were combined. Little did she know that she could find this out there! Now she can please our child and listen to her favorite musical at the same time…ugh…







Top 5 Favorite Articles

Here are some of our favorite articles of the past two weeks (in no particular order):


  1. Consumerism Commentary explains how and why you should Quit Your Job This Year.
  2. Critical Financial mentions us as one of his 7 Favorite Financial Bloggers. You know we have to mention that!
  3. Grayson at Debt Roundup talks about The Day My Personal and Financial Life Changed. Congrats, by the way!
  4. Canadian Budget Binder shares A Personal Story: Chores and Money Lessons Growing Up.
  5. Kathleen at Frugal Portland writes about The Frugal Portland Philosophy.




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