Happy Halloween, everyone.  Today marks my very favorite holiday by far.  And although this year’s Halloween may be bittersweet because of our upcoming move, I’m still looking forward to it.  Actually, I’m looking forward to taking my kids trick-or-treating tomorrow, not today.  Why?  Because there’s a big storm moving in with lots of rain and yuckiness in the forecast.  So, my town decided to move trick-or-treating to Friday so that the kids could get out and enjoy it without getting soaked.  Sounds good to me!

With our move in only a few days, we have had some scary money situations going on.  Lots of cash going out the window in all sorts of directions…with no end in sight.  So, with that being said, I thought that I would share some of my scary money confessions from this month.  Oh, and check out my kids in their Halloween costumes from the past few years.  Here we go……

One of my favorite pictures of all-time, Halloween 2011!

One of my favorite pictures of all-time, Halloween 2011!

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012

I love this picture!

I love this picture!

Scary Money Confessions

Confession #1: Selling our house cost us almost $15,000

It really makes me feel like shit to put that out there, but that’s the cold hard truth.  First, it cost us $9,600 for the use of our realtor.  Then there were other fees involved in the sale, like the fact that we offered our sellers our portion of our 2013 property taxes as well as a few state-required bullshit fees.  We also offered a home warranty ($325) and will pay approximately $1,000 for movers.  Those numbers are frightening!

Confession #2: We ate Subway eight times this month, McDonald’s 9 times

Well, to be fair, we didn’t eat fast food a total of 17 times!  We always get the kids Happy Meals if we’re eating Subway.  This is mainly because the kids won’t eat anything from Subway and we won’t eat anything from McDonald’s.  So, in total, we ate fast food a total of 8-9 times.  However, we didn’t go substantially over our grocery budget….which is awesome!

Confession #3: We bought $350 in gas this month

I know that this probably doesn’t like a lot, but it’s a lot for us!  Greg has a Prius and I work from home.  We usually fill Greg’s tank once or twice a month and mine every other month.  But, since we’ve been driving back and forth all month, our transportation costs have shot through the roof.  Fortunately, this will all be over in the near future since Greg will have a short ten-minute commute from our temporary rental home.  Whew….

Confession #4: I found an $800 error on the HUD statement for our home closing

It never fails.  Every single time we’ve closed on a home because of a purchase or refinance, I’ve found some sort of problem with the HUD statement.  This time, the error was huge…$800!!!!  And, it was totally in our favor (it always is).  Basically, they had an $800 credit to our buyers for our property taxes due next month.  But, when I checked my mortgage statement from this month, I saw that our escrow account had already paid them.  So, had I not caught the error, we would’ve lost $800 to our buyers for absolutely no reason at all.

When I called the closing company, I got this response:

“Well, you’ll just have to work it out later.”

That’s when things got scary because I had to turn my absolutely frightening bitch switch on.  The closing on our home was originally scheduled for the next day, so she didn’t feel that she had time to fix it.

“Ummmm….that’s why I’m calling.  To work it out.  And, I refuse to close on my home until it’s fixed.”

After some hemming and hawing, she decided that she could make the extra effort to confirm that my property taxes had been paid.  Shortly after that, I got a new HUD statement reflecting the $800 change.  Winning!  Even scarier is the fact that our closing has been rescheduled four times now….and is now supposed to close at 4:30 today.  Fingers crossed….

So, that’s about it.  Scary shit, indeed. 

Do you have any scary money confessions to share?  If so, please do just that in the comments below.