The following is a guest post by Pauline Paquin, who you probably know from Reach Financial Independence.  Pauline has just launched Make Money Your Way to help readers diversify their sources of income with real estate, investing, entrepreneurship and online endeavors. Born and raised in Paris, Pauline writes about how she has been traveling the world for the past 10 years, while trying to build wealth and achieve financial independence.  She also writes about  how to make money and how you can follow your  dreams and reach your goals too. You can follow Pauline on Twitter @MoneyYourWay.

Pretty high up on the list of things I loathe is routine. And having to wake  up at a time your body clock did not set. Or having to go to work. Even worse is going to work during winter when it is still dark outside.  How unnatural is that? So when I was still employed, my absolute dream job was something you could do at any  time, in your PJs if you fancied. Here is a list of money-making ideas for the  office averse:


There are a lot of jobs you can find online that don’t actually require you to get  out of your favorite pair of PJs. Freelancing covers a wide spectrum of  activities, from web design to translation to freelance writing or even being a personal assistant. Yes, some people are ready to pay you to save them time and book their flights and hotels or schedule meetings on their behalf.

You learn how to make money tutoring struggling students from the comfort of your home  just by using Skype or another live chat system. You can even use screen sharing so that the students feel like they are having a hands-on experience.Using the same strategy, you can teach your  native language or a music instrument over the world wide web.

I have found most of my freelancing jobs by referral.  After I left my last  job, I stayed in touch with some happy customers and did some freelancing for them, translating their website or consulting on their day to day operations.  When you know a business you do not need to visit them every time they have a  job for you. I have managed my company’s accounting while living in another country, and filed the tax returns online instead of queuing up at the tax office. With freelancing, you are basically creating your own job. In the morning, you can be editing a video and by afternoon you might be something else. The hours are also the ones you want to put in. I have an assistant who works 20 hours a week. You could  pick up a similar gig to have a stable source of income, or look for smaller but  better paying contracts.


It is not easy to make money blogging.  My first blog, Reach Financial Independence, took about 6 months  to consistently generate over $2,000 a month, an income level I would consider worth pursuing as a replacement of a $30-$50K paying job. Why? Because you save a lot of money just by not going to work. Daycare, work clothes, gas and a second car  to commute, are things that you no longer have to pay for.  But you have to “work” for free to allow your blog or website to pick up for at least a few months. The advantage of blogging is you only report to yourself.  Your success will be a determined entirely by your efforts. So you could start working on your  blog at night or on weekends until the online income reaches a level where you feel like you can finally quit your day job. Unlike a freelancing project, you do not have deadlines.  You can take a month off and then put in 80 hour weeks.  It really is all up to you.

Home craft projects

If you are crafty, you can try to turn your passion into a source of income.  Whether it’s quilting, making homemade jams, or sewing custom made clothes for newborn, you can spend your time making those objects from home.  After your goods are made, you can try to market your stuff online. Marketplaces like Etsy and Ebay make it really easy for you to find customers all over the country. If you  prefer to leave your PJs once in a while, you can sell your goods at your local fair or your regional farmer’s market.

Home daycare

You may have to throw on a robe when the parents come over to drop their kids off.  Or, you may have to wear normal pants when you take kids to the park.  However, running a home day care does involve a lot of perks.  First, you can take  care of your own kid(s), and save a lot of money on daycare costs. Or, you can choose to have just watch one more kid, to even out the cost of raising yours without being overwhelmed by half a dozen mouths screaming for food at the same time. It is also a job that is generally in high demand since people need someone to watch their kids while they’re at work.

If you enjoy staying home or simply making some extra money after your day  job, visit Make Money Your Way for more money making ideas!

Have you ever worked from home? What did you  do? Did you work in your pajamas?