Good morning, Club Thrifty Enthusiasts!  Today I am participating in an awesome giveaway with some other awesome bloggers.  In fact, we’re giving away $900….just because it’s fun.  To tie in with the theme of today’s giveaway, I thought I would write a little about my favorite unfrugal places to visit.  Although I’m currently on FALL FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN, I can still reminisce about some unfrugal places to visit, am I right?

New Orleans, Louisiana- The Big Easy is by far my favorite place to party and people watch.  I love seeing absolutely crazy people on their home turf, and New Orleans is the perfect place to do just that.  Sure, New Orleans is slightly disgustingly dirty, but it’s a complete blast if you’re willing to occasionally walk through puke on the street.  Greg and I love to get a hotel on Royal Street and saunter over to Bourbon St. with giant alcoholic beverages in hand.  Once we walk around for a while, Greg usually likes to listen to some jazz.  And if he gets drunk enough, he might even start scatting.  This can really be a special treat for those who enjoy awkward moments like I do.  New Orleans is definitely one of my favorite unfrugal places to visit and we cannot wait to go back!

Las Vegas, Nevada- Have I mentioned that I’m a freak magnet?  No matter where I go and what I do, the strangest people seem to be drawn to me.  Anyway, Vegas is another fun place to people watch and see all kinds of crazy things.  And the cool thing about Las Vegas is that there are plenty of free things to do if you look hard enough.  Greg and I both like to play poker (with a pre-set budget, of course!) and Greg recently learned to play craps.  If you don’t gamble, there are still plenty of free shows and sights to see.  Hell, the casinos themselves are absolutely amazing to look at…and that doesn’t cost a dime!

Playa del Carmen, Mexico- If you haven’t read about it, I just visited Mexico last week and we had angreg holly playa absolute blast.  The town’s main tourist area, 5th Avenue, is a lot like Bourbon street except for the fact that it’s a lot cleaner and nicer.  In fact, it’s a lot more upscale than I had ever imagined.  The bar scene is super cool and there are a ton of cool looking restaurants as well.   I drank Tequila, played with a monkey, rode a jet ski in the Caribbean, and tried to talk Greg into adopting a Mexican baby…so you KNOW I had a good time.  This is one place that we will definitely be going back to- on a budget, of course.  We did book this vacation through Expedia and got an awesome deal!


So…there you go.  These are some of the unfrugal places to visit that I happen to love.  Make sure to take a moment to participate in this awesome giveaway.  Remember, this giveaway is worldwide so anyone can participate.  All winnings will be paid via Paypal.


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