It’s been a week since I’ve been back from vacation and I’m almost down to my pre-vacation weight. Who knew that eating pizza, nachos, and French fries for a week could pack on 6 pounds?!?! Oh, and the thousands of calories of Banana Mamas and Mojitos that I drank probably didn’t help. Regardless, I’m almost back to my regular self and I’m excited that the month of August is finally here. After all, I LOVE fall and I simply cannot wait to take my kids to the pumpkin patch, rake leaves, and all that crap. It’s gonna be awesome!

Media Mentions

Anyway, I had some pretty cool media mentions this week. First of all, Kiplinger magazine interviewed me for a story about Roth IRAS. Why? Because I have one, I guess. And not only did they interview me for the story, but they also sent a photographer out to my house to take a picture of my family (see picture above). I’m mentioned in one sentence (ONE AWESOME SENTENCE) in the article and they even dropped a link to the good ol’ blog. Pretty nifty, I think. If you are dying to have a copy (I know you are!), the September issue we’re in comes out on August 20th.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, one of my articles got picked up by Lifehacker (you can read the article here). If you want to witness people telling me how much I suck, now is your chance. As usual, all of my haters assembled in the comments section to discuss how they could’ve done it better. SURPRISE!!!

Lifehacker Japan

Shortly after that, I started getting a ton of hits on my blog from another strange site.  After being really confused for a while, I realized that my article was shared on Lifehacker Japan and Lifehacker Australia.  Pretty cool!  However, wanna see something really cool? Please….please…..PLEASE…if you don’t do anything else today, please read the English translation of my Lifehacker Japan article through google translator.  (You can read it here, just make sure you’re reading it using google chrome and google translator) Trust me, you will thank me.

21 Days to Healthier FinancesIn addition to that, the same article was shared on MSN Japan which was pretty cool as well. I was also mentioned by Graduating from Debt as one of the top 29 best personal finance blogs for recent college grads.  I was also included in a new  ebook called “21 Days to Healthier Finances!”  (You can get free access to it just by clicking on the book!).   So, I have obviously had a great first week back from vacay.  Make sure to check back on Monday where I am sharing my complete monthly budget breakdown for the first time.  And if you’re like Done by Forty, you might even dim the lights, pull the blinds down a little, and enjoy it like Budget PornBow Chicka Wowow.

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week:

Your Daily Finance wrote about curbing impulse buying habits.

Frugal Rules wrote about how he would never pay his employees with prepaid debit cards.  Why?  Because it’s a dick move.  That’s why.

Bite the Bullet Investing wrote about leverage.  Kill or be killed!

Planting our Pennies wrote about starting a career in sales.  Greg just started his sales career on Monday so this article really hit home!

Diversified Finances wrote about the disadvantages of working from home.  Wait….are there any?

Edward Antrobus wrote about how you might be wasting money on organic food

Budget Blonde wrote about the cost of medical school.  Yikes!

Young Adult Money wrote about how young professionals can take charge of their career.

Also, please check out the Stacking Benjamins podcast for tips on how to slash your budget.

What are your plans this weekend?