Go Berlin Pass Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Go Berlin Pass Review - picture of Berlin skyline

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Note: Go Berlin Passes are currently unavailable for purchase due to attraction closings and restrictions. Please see the Go Berlin Pass website for further information.

Is the Go Berlin Pass worth it? This review explores what the pass covers, who should get it, and whether it’s the best value for your sightseeing dollars in Berlin. Enjoy!

Berlin has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. Once a flash point for Cold War tensions, the city has finally recovered from decades of division from the Berlin Wall. The reunited Berlin is once again a major player on the international stage and tourism in the city is booming.

But let’s face it, sightseeing in big cities gets expensive. That’s why I recommend searching for good sightseeing passes before any visit. Although each pass is different, many of them save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars during your visit.

The new All-Inclusive Go Berlin Pass includes entry to Berlin’s top attractions, tours, and museums. While it isn’t right for everyone, the right kind of traveler can get great value from it.

Let’s take a look.

What Is the Go Berlin Pass?Go Berlin Pass Logo

Similar to tourist passes such as the New York Pass, the Go Berlin Pass is designed to save travelers time and money. It includes free entry to over 60 museums, attractions, and tours, and it can save you up to 54% compared to paying at the gate!

The pass is available for two, three, four, or five consecutive calendar days. That’s the only decision you have to make in advance, though. You get all-inclusive access to any of the attractions, in any order.

To use the pass, simply print a copy or download it to your smartphone using the free Go City app. Head to your first attraction, show your pass, and boom, you’re in! Your pass automatically activates the first time it’s scanned, and you’re on the clock from there.

The Go Berlin Pass also includes the Berlin Museum Pass, which requires a slightly different process in order to use it. Namely, it’s a physical card that you have to pick up in person in Berlin. To get it, head to the pickup point, scan your Go Berlin Pass, get the Berlin Museum Pass, and then use that to get entry to the included museums.

Top Attractions Included on the Go Berlin Pass

The Go Berlin Pass offers free entry to more than 60 of Berlin’s best museums, tours, and attractions. Many of the museums are available through the three-day Berlin Museum Pass, which is included with the Go Berlin Pass. That’s right, it’s a pass-within-a-pass situation.

On its own, the Berlin Museum Pass costs €29. It includes free entry to more than 30 of Berlin’s best museums, including but not limited to:

  • Old National Gallery
  • Bode Museum
  • Jewish Museum
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Neues Museum
  • Pergamon Museum

The Go Berlin Pass also includes 28 other attractions, tours, and museums. Highlights include:

  • Hop-On, Hop-Off (HOHO) Big Bus Tour — €30
  • I Love Berlin Bike Tours — €28
  • Madame Tussauds Berlin — €25
  • Berlin WELT Balloon — €25
  • Berlin Dungeon — €22.50
  • SEA LIFE Berlin — €19
  • Berlin River Cruise — €15
  • Third Reich Berlin: Hitler & WWII Final Days Walking Tour — €14
  • Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin — €11.70
  • You can find the full list of attractions here.

*Prices current as of April 17, 2020.

Go Berlin Pass Pricing

The Go Berlin Pass is available for two, three, four, or five consecutive days. Here’s how the price structure breaks down:

PassAdult PriceChild Price (6–14)
2 Day€79€40
3 Day€104€56
4 Day€131€74
5 Day€159€94
*Current as of April 13, 2020

To get the most value out of the pass, you’ll want to visit at least two (possibly three) attractions per day.

Let’s say you buy the four-day pass and choose the following attractions:

  • Berlin Museum Pass
  • HOHO Bus Tour
  • Berlin River Cruise
  • I Love Berlin Bike Tours
  • Berlin Dungeon
  • Berlin WELT
  • Third Reich Walking Tour
  • Madame Tussauds

That lineup would run you €207.50 without the pass, but you only pay €131, scoring a savings of €76.50 per person — not too shabby!

A quick note about the two-day pass: It might appear to have the weakest value on the surface, but it’s actually the best! Every Go Berlin Pass also includes the Berlin Museum Pass, which is valid for three days. Here’s the kicker: The Berlin Museum Pass is a separate, physical card. So if you buy the two-day pass and get the Museum Pass, you can keep using your Museum Pass on day three, after the main pass has expired.

Save up to 54% on Berlin’s Best Attractions! Want to save money on sightseeing in Berlin? Save up to 54% with the Go Berlin Pass! With entry to over 60 of the city’s top sites, this pass is a great way to save time and money. Grab your pass here.

5 Best Features of the Go Berlin Pass

Go Berlin Pass Review - picture of Berlin Cathedral with boats in river

Berlin Bike Tour

I love taking bike tours, and the Go Berlin Pass includes one of the best bike tour options I’ve seen. Choose from two different bike tours of Berlin — either the All-In-One Berlin Highlights & Berlin Wall Memorial Tour or the Third Reich & Nazi Germany Tour. Both tours last 3.5 hours and are fun, active ways to learn about some of Berlin’s most fascinating history. Note that tours run daily at 11 a.m. and reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance.

Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour

The HOHO Bus Tour is a great way for you to explore your surroundings and get a feel for the city. The tour makes 21 different stops throughout the city, including Ku’Damm, Topography of Terror, and the Reichstag. Listen to audio commentary and learn about the city while you ride. You can even use the bus to get from one attraction to the next. Your HOHO bus tour ticket is only good for one day, so plan ahead in case you need to use it as transportation.

Berlin Museum Pass

The Go Berlin Pass includes the Berlin Museum Pass, which grants free entry to more than 30 of Berlin’s top museums. Although picking up the physical card is a bit of a pain, access to must-see sites such as Museum Island, the Old National Gallery, and the Neues Museum makes it worthwhile.

Berlin Dungeon

The Berlin Dungeon is an entertaining sensory experience that is perfect for adults and families with older children (kids under 8 are not permitted to enter). Visitors move from scene to scene, touching, smelling, and hearing about Berlin’s last 800 years of history. The attraction is filled with special effects, providing a thrilling backdrop to the actor portrayals throughout the exhibit. (Note: Shows in English are available up to three times a day. Click here for details.)


A popular family attraction, SEA LIFE has more than 35 different pools that house thousands of sea creatures. Some exhibits even include touch pools, so the whole family can get a truly hands-on experience. Guests can take in daily feedings and fun lectures by the experienced staff. (Note that the AquaDom, but not SEA LIFE itself, is closed for refurbishment until Fall 2020.)

Advantages of the Go Berlin Pass

  • Save Money on Admission: If you’re down to visit two or three attractions per day, the Go Berlin Pass can significantly reduce your sightseeing expenses.
  • Skip the Line Access: When your vacation time is limited, saving time is just as important as saving money. This pass lets you skip the line at select attractions, so you spend less time waiting and more time doing.
  • Instant Digital Pass: You can print the Go Berlin Pass at home or download it to your smartphone so it’s always in your pocket. The free Go City app also includes a Go Berlin Guidebook, so you have key info for the city and the included attractions at your fingertips. Note that if you choose to use the included Berlin Museum Pass, you’ll have to pick up a physical card.

Get Half Off Berlin’s Best Attractions – Don’t waste time or money! Save up to 54% with the Go Berlin Pass and make it a trip to remember! Get yours here.

Where the Go Berlin Pass Falls Short

The All-Inclusive Go Berlin Pass replaces the former Berlin Pass, which included many of the same attractions, though not quite as many. Something the old pass had that the new one lacks is access to public transportation. Berlin has an excellent transit system that makes getting around a snap, and not including access is a bit of a miss.

If public transit access is important to you and you aren’t planning on visiting many attractions, tours, or museums, the Berlin WelcomeCard is worth a look. It pairs unlimited transit access with discounts at select sites.

Another drawback is that the included Berlin Museum Pass has to be picked up in person at Little Big City Berlin. In the age of digital convenience, that’s a bit of a drag. I’d much prefer the Go Berlin Pass to just include those museums rather than have it be a separate card.

A note of caution about the Berlin Museum Pass: It’s great that it’s included with the Go Berlin Pass, but it isn’t a smart move to spend most of your time visiting those museums. The Berlin Museum Pass is only valued at €29, so if you spent two days of “pass time” visiting those museums, that wouldn’t be great value for your money. Given that, I recommend that people who are primarily interested in museums just buy the Berlin Museum Pass on its own.

Who Should Consider the Go Berlin Pass

First-Time Visitors: If it’s your first time in Berlin, you should definitely consider the Go Berlin Pass. Its all-inclusive nature is super convenient for tourists who are new to the city. It includes entry to Berlin’s major sites, plus several tours that allow you to experience Berlin from a number of different angles. The HOHO Bus Tour is especially awesome for first-timers.

Families and Small Groups: Families and small groups who are traveling together (think three to 15 people) are also a good fit for the pass. In addition to the museums, the pass includes several family-friendly attractions to enjoy. Plus, you’ll get to skip the ticket lines, saving you lots of time (and complaints from younger children).

Visitors Wanting to See a Lot in a Few Days: Do you want to see as much of Berlin as possible and have just a few days to do it? This pass is for you. By visiting two or three sites and/or attractions per day, you’ll see much of what Berlin has to offer, and you’ll do it for less.

Who Should Skip the Go Berlin Pass

Sightseers Who Like to Take Their Time: All-inclusive passes are best for travelers who enjoy busy days chock-full of sightseeing action. If you’d rather spread things out, you’d be better off with the Go Berlin Explorer Pass, which is good for a set number of attractions over 30 days.

Travelers Who Are Only Interested in Museums: The Go Berlin Pass is a well-rounded option that includes an awesome selection of tours, attractions, and museums. But if you’re only interested in museums and not the other stuff, just skip the Go Berlin Pass and buy the Berlin Museum Pass on its own for €29.

Visitors on a Very Tight Budget: If your sightseeing budget is less than €79, this pass is out of your price range. The Berlin Museum Pass is available for less, or you can enjoy Berlin’s free sites and skip admission fees altogether.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Pass

Go Berlin Pass Review - picture of Brandenburg Gate at sunset

  • Start Early: Be sure to start your sightseeing early in the day, especially when activating the pass. The earlier you get started, the more attractions you’ll be able to visit and the better value the pass becomes.
  • Group Your Plans by Location: As with most tourist passes, you’ll save valuable time if you plan your day’s activities according to where they are located. Making several trips across the city can really eat up time. Plan to see sites located near each other, and you’ll be able to hit more attractions.
  • Visit At Least Two Attractions Per Day: To get your money’s worth from the pass, you need to make sure the value of the attractions you choose is greater than the price of the pass. If you visit two to three attractions per day and choose some of the more expensive options, you shouldn’t have a problem.
  • Buy the Pass on Sale: The Go Berlin Pass goes on sale from time to time, giving you the chance to turbo charge your savings. Keep an eye on the website or sign up for the newsletter and wait for a sale.
  • Be Strategic With the Berlin Museum Pass: Regardless of how many days you buy the Go Berlin Pass for, the Museum Pass is only valid for three. That means if you buy the five-day pass, you need to plan your museum visits for three days. If you buy the two-day pass, it means you should save your museums for the third day when the main pass is expired but you still have a valid Berlin Museum Pass.

How to Buy the Go Berlin Pass

To buy the Go Berlin Pass, head over to the website and choose the two-, three-, four-, or five-day pass. After you’ve paid, you’ll get an email with clear instructions for downloading your pass. You’ll have the option to either print a hard copy or keep a digital one on your smartphone using the free Go City app.

The pass also comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. That means if you change your mind within 30 days of purchase, you can get a refund on any non-activated pass. Assuming you don’t change your mind, you have a year to activate your pass before it expires.

Go Berlin Pass Review: Is it Worth It?

If you’re the kind of traveler who loves to fill your days with attractions, tours, and museums, the Go Berlin Pass can save you up to 54% compared to paying at the gate. Even if you don’t hit those maximum savings, it’s easy to save tons of money as long as you visit at least two or three attractions per day and choose some of the more expensive options.

If you think you’ll mostly visit the museums that come with the included Berlin Museum Pass, you’re better off just buying that pass on its own. The Go Berlin Pass is a better option for people who want to do a variety of activities.

Have you been to Berlin yet? Share your favorite sites with us in the comments below!

See Berlin For Less – Explore all the city has to offer and save money! It’s a win-win! Grab the Go Berlin Pass to save up to 54% on sightseeing! Get yours here.

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