There are a lot of reasons to love Spring in Central Indiana. After a long, cold winter, the birds are finally chirping and the grass is finally green. It’s also warm out, which is both unexpected and amazing since it’s been a cold, dreary mess outside for 3 or 4 months. I like it.

But awesome weather isn’t the only reason I love Spring. Not only is it starting to get nice outside, but it’s also time for garage sale season to start. I’ve already been to a few here and there, including several in my own neighborhood. Mostly old people stuff, but I did find a few gems.

A few things I’ve bought recently:

  • A shepherd’s hook for hanging flowers in my back yard: $3
  • A pair of Nike running shorts with the tags still on: $2
  • Eight pairs of shorts, six shirts, and three dresses for my kids: $25
  • A water bottle to replace my old one: .50
  • A brand new diary for my daughter: .50

In addition to these bargains, I also came across a lady liquidating all of her old Mary Kay stuff. Apparently, she’s getting out of the business. Ahem. I can’t imagine why. Anyway, I didn’t buy any makeup, but I was all over the new bottles of Mary Kay Daily Moisturizer she was selling for $3. I usually use generic Kroger Oil of Olay for around $6 a bottle, so I thought that was a steal. Hooray!

5 Reasons to Love Garage Sales

You’re probably reading this post and thinking I’m some kind of crazy person. I mean, what kind of weirdo gets excited about rummaging around through someone else’s garage?

Me, bitches. That’s who. Here’s why:

I Like to Benefit from the Wastefulness of Others

This is the main reason I love garage sales. People in my area often put really, really nice stuff in their garage sales for a few bucks, or even less. I’m talking $125 jeans for $1.50. Boutique children’s clothing for $1. Kid’s shoes that cost $40 for .50 or even free. I don’t really understand why people spend big bucks for all this stuff, but I’m more than happy to take it off their hands.

Of course, it depends what kind of sale you go to. Some people only sell straight-up C.R.A.P., while others sell only amazing items for next to nothing. Whenever I run across a sale in the latter category, I take special care to look through everything they have.

I Never Want to Pay Retail Again

Once you’ve been doing the majority of your shopping in stranger’s driveways for a couple of years, retail prices start to look absurd. That $25 shirt at Target looks like a huge rip-off when you paid $1 for something similar last week. Know what I mean?

The cool thing is, if you can time it right and visit enough sales, you don’t really need to pay retail for most of your purchases anymore. Just buy the things you would be buying anyway and relish in the savings.

I Enjoy No Guilt Shopping

One thing I really like about garage sale purchases is that I rarely feel guilty if things don’t work out. Clothes are a good example. Let’s say I paid $50 for a pair of jeans at the mall and wore them for a few weeks before deciding they made my ass look huge. That sucks. I would feel 50 shades of guilty if that happened. Why was I so wasteful? How did I not realize they weren’t flattering?

Although it’s never pleasant when clothes don’t fit, the experience would be completely different if I had paid $1 for those jeans from Susie down the street. Instead of feeling guilty, I would just throw them in my own garage sale pile and carry on.

I Might Be Saving Things from a Landfill

People throw the craziest things away sometimes. In my neighborhood alone, I’ve seen perfectly good furniture placed on the curb, household goods in good condition in the dumpster, and plenty of stuff gone to waste.

That’s just another reason I like going to garage sales. I feel like I’m doing my part to not contribute to the massive amounts of waste humans make on a daily basis. Whenever I buy something from someone’s sale, I could be saving that item from the trash. You never know.

Buying Used Frees Up Money for Other Important Goals

Why pay $80 for a pair of jeans when you can pick one up for $3? Why spend hundreds of dollars on kid’s clothes when you can buy perfectly good stuff for $1 or $2 each? I can’t think of a single reason why. I have absolutely no desire to overpay for stuff that will be worth nothing once I use it a few times. So why not buy used in the first place?

Here’s the best part: The money we save can go directly to other, more important things. For example, our retirement accounts and kid’s college 529 accounts can always use extra funds.

Garage Sale Season is Here

My neighborhood is having a sale during the second week in June, and I cannot wait. I’ve already started gathering things up to sell in my own sale. I’m ready to pare down, folks. My kids have outgrown a ton of stuff since our sale last year, and I’ve also accumulated a few things here and there. Hopefully I will make some moolah – and get rid of some junk – all in one fell swoop.

Garage sale season is here, and I’m loving it. Are you?

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