MyPoints Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Waste of Time?

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MyPoints is a rewards platform where users can earn cash and gift cards for for taking surveys, shopping, and more. In this MyPoints review, we show you how it works and whether it is worth it.

Are you an online shopper? Do you spend time watching videos, browsing websites, and reading online articles? Have you ever given your opinion through an online survey?

How would you like to earn extra money for doing these things?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, MyPoints may be for you.

What Is MyPoints?

MyPoints Logo

MyPoints is an online rewards platform that awards points for shopping online, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more. They have been around since 1996 and have paid out over $236 million in gift cards and Paypal cash to more than 10 million members.

Pretty cool, right?

MyPoints is available on a web browser or through their free mobile app. It is free to sign up, and you can start earning points right away.

The points you earn for your online activities are redeemable for cash through PayPal, gift cards to your favorite retailers, or for credits to your United MileagePlus account. Popular gift card redemptions include Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and more. The value of the points varies based on how you redeem them.

A word of caution: MyPoints is not a scam, but it’s not a get-rich-quick miracle, either. No online rewards platform is. So, keep your expectations realistic.

How to Make Money with MyPoints

OK, so it’s not a scam, but how do you earn money from a rewards program? Easy – just do many of the things you’re already doing online – like shopping , using coupons, reading email, taking surveys, and more.

The more points you earn, the more value they have when you exchange them. Once you’ve built up a nice stash of points, you can redeem them throughout the year for cash or gift cards. Some members wait until the holidays to redeem their points, helping them pay for holiday gifts. It’s totally up to you!

Here are several ways you can earn with MyPoints. Just click on the link to learn more.

1) Signing Up

Signing up for MyPoints is free. And, when you spend $20 through MyPoints at any participating retailer within the first 30 days of membership, you’ll earn an extra 1,750 points – enough for a $10 gift card! This is one of the highest point earning opportunities we’ve seen just for signing up.

2) Shopping Online

Want to earn points for shopping online and buying things you were going to buy anyway? MyPoints can help.

Simply browse their list of retailers, click on where you want to shop, and get redirected to the retailers website. Then shop as you normally would. You’ll earn a predetermined number of points per dollar that you spend on any purchases, and your MyPoints account is automatically credited once you’re done shopping.

With over 2,000 partner retailers, MyPoints is easily one of the best cash back apps for shopping online. Popular retailers include:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Kohl’s

The rewards rate varies by retailer and promotion, but MyPoints says it can range from 1 to 40 points per dollar. I didn’t see any offers for 40 points per dollar when I signed up, but I saw several for 15.

3) Taking Surveys

MyPoints pays up to 2,200 points for answering surveys. That is a ton of points, to be sure, but we’ve found an average survey typically earns about 100-300 points – which works out to about $.60-$1.80 per survey.

To get started taking surveys with MyPoints, you’ll need to answer a short survey asking about your personal information. This information helps MyPoints match you to survey opportunities that they have, plus you’ll earn 10 points for doing it. You can also earn 5 points for every 10 questions you answer to build your profile.

Once you are ready to go, you can choose surveys based on length and reward. Usually, longer surveys award more points, but that isn’t always the case.

Generally, when you begin a survey, you answer some screening questions to see if you belong to the target audience. If you do, you proceed to the survey, and if you don’t, you’re screened out. In that case, you don’t get the promised points, but MyPoints throws 1-5 points your way for trying.

Just for signing up, MyPoints will give you $5 after you take your first 5 surveys. It really is that simple.

MyPoints Screenshot of Available Surveys

Take Surveys, Get Paid – Get paid real money for taking surveys when you create a free account with MyPoints! Get started here.

4) Scoring Deals

MyPoints partners with service providers and retailers to offer its members points for taking advantage of deals, trying new products, or signing up for a program.

For example, when I perused my offers, they included these:

  • 5,000 points for signing up for a Hulu subscription
  • 50 points for signing up for Huggies Rewards
  • 1,000 points for signing up for’s free 30-day trial

(*Please note that your offers may differ from the example.)

5) MyPoints Score!

Like many online rewards platforms, MyPoints has a browser extension that makes earning points easier. When you add Score! to your browser, it will identify earning opportunities and apply relevant coupons when you visit partner retailer sites. And you get 100 bonus points just for enabling it.

6) Scanning Receipts

With MyPoints, you can even earn points (which effectively translates into cash back) on things like groceries, gas and more. Simply use the MyPoints app to scan your receipts after you’re done shopping. You’ll be rewarded with points based on your purchases! How easy is that?

7) Printing and Redeeming Coupons

MyPoints offers free coupons you can print and redeem at local grocery stores. For store coupons, you get 1 point when you print a coupon and 25 points when you redeem it.

Coupons are for things you’re likely to purchase anyway – such as toilet paper, shampoo, pet food, groceries, and more. These can be serious point opportunities if you are a coupon user.

Keep in mind, you are allowed to print as many coupons as you want, but you’ll only earn points on the first 500 you print. There is no limit on the number of coupons you can redeem for points.

For online shopping, you can also access coupon codes to save at merchants. Some of mine included 40% off at Eddie Bauer, discounts and bonuses for making a Marriott reservation, and 25% off tickets for popular shows through Ticketmaster. (*Please note that your offers may differ.)

MyPoints Coupon Screenshot

8) Reading Email

MyPoints sends emails called BonusMail that offer ways to earn points – many award 5 points just for clicking links in the email. Others are for special offers or even donating to known charities.

9) Point Perks

MyPoints has an active social media presence, and to engage members in the community, they post “perk codes” on their accounts and throughout the site. You can redeem perk codes for free points.

10) Voting in the Daily Poll

Every day, you can earn 1 point by voting in MyPoints’ single-question daily poll. The questions are pretty easy. When I logged in while writing this article, the question asked what the largest sum of money is that I’ve ever loaned someone. These questions won’t make you rich, but why not?

MyPoints Daily Poll Screenshot

11) Playing Games

You can earn points for every dollar you spend on online games through the MyPoints website. You need to set up a separate games account to get started. Offers include 50 points on your first token purchase for GSN casino games and 8 points per dollar on future token purchases.

12) MyPoints BINGO!

You can earn between 10 and 500 bonus points when you participate in MyPoints BINGO! Simply complete 1 of 16 patterns and submit your BINGO! card before the deadline to earn points. Some of the of the BINGO! tasks might include:

  • Vote in the Daily Poll
  • Activate or log into Score! browser extension
  • Watch a Video Playlist
  • Complete a Survey
  • Adding an in-store deal
  • Completing a Daily Goal
  • …and more

Each of these items will earn points on their own, so participating in MyPoints BINGO! is a great way to earn bonus points for tasks you’re already completing.

Make Money with MyPoints! – Want to make extra money from your couch? With MyPoints, you can get rewarded for taking surveys, redeeming coupons, playing games, shoping online, and more! Open your free account here.

Getting Paid

You can cash out your points for gift cards, cash through Paypal, and more. You can even redeem for a credit to your United MileagePlus account.

There are tons of retailers to choose from, too. Note that there are physical and electronic gift cards available. When you choose electronic gift cards, you receive a claim code via email. Although rewards usually arrive immediately, MyPoints advises that it can take up to 10 business days. Physical gift cards are shipped to you and might take longer.

I recommend paying attention to the value of your points, though. It’s great that there are so many options, but the return on your points isn’t fixed. For example, in the past, a $25 PayPal credit cost 3,970 points, but the $25 Burger King gift card only cost 3,520 points. Obviously, you got more for your points with Burger King. (*Please note that the redemption value of MyPoints is subject to change.)

Advantages of MyPoints

  • Earn Points on Purchases You’d Make Anyway – When you shop through the MyPoints portal, you’re basically earning points (money) for nothing. If you’re buying something online anyway, it takes less than a minute to launch the site through MyPoints. If you ask me, that’s a pretty good return!
  • Versatile Redemption Options – When it’s time to cash in those points, you can choose a gift card for your favorite retailer or keep things simple with getting cash through PayPal. You can even get a credit to your United MileagePlus account.
  • Get Rewarded for Using Coupons – If you are a coupon or coupon code user, it’s a no-brainer to sign up for MyPoints. There’s nothing better than amping up your savings on things you’re buying anyway.
  • You Earn Points When You’re Screened Out of a Survey – It’s annoying when you’re screened out of a survey and don’t get the full reward, but at least MyPoints gives you 1-5 points for your effort.
  • Lots of Ways to Earn – Like many online reward platforms, MyPoints offers multiple ways to earn. If you’re not much of an online shopper, you can still take surveys, watch videos, and more. There’s something for everyone.
  • Free Mobile App – You can access your MyPoints account online or on the go with their free mobile app. The app lets you shop, answer surveys, and redeem your points.

Disadvantages of MyPoints

  • You Don’t Know Survey Topics Going In – When choosing surveys, you’re given the time required to complete it along with the rewards rate, but not the topic. That means you might start a survey only to discover you don’t qualify or aren’t interested.
  • Value of Points Isn’t Uniform Across Redemption Options – The MyPoints redemption process is fairly simple, but the value of the points isn’t. You’ll get different returns based on what you redeem for. So, if getting maximum value is important to you, you’ll have to spend a bit of extra time figuring out the best bang for your buck (hint: it isn’t PayPal).
  • Rewards Are Not Instant – When you redeem points electronically, gift cards are usually available within 24 hours. But it can take up to 10 business days to get your rewards and even longer if you opt for a gift card to be mailed out.

Who is MyPoints Best For?

Online Shoppers – If you shop online, you can benefit from MyPoints. Big online shoppers will reap the most rewards.

People Who Spend a Lot of Time Online – If hanging out online is part of your daily routine, MyPoints will probably fit right in.

Those Who Like Sharing Their Opinions – I know people who genuinely enjoy sharing their opinions by taking part in surveys. If that sounds like you, why not earn a little something for doing it?

People Looking to Earn a Little Extra Cash – MyPoints helps you earn points that you can redeem for gift cards or cash. It’s important to understand, though, that it’s a little bit of cash, not a boatload. If you don’t have time for a side job but don’t mind doing some simple online activities in your downtime, MyPoints is a good fit. People with realistic expectations won’t be disappointed.

Coupon Users – If you are already a coupon lover, signing up for MyPoints and printing coupons through them can earn you some big-time points when you redeem them. Because they are for everyday items like groceries, toiletries, and pharmacy items, you can actually use them.

Who Should Avoid MyPoints?

People Who Don’t Spend Much Time Online – If you don’t shop online and couldn’t be bothered with surveys, videos, and online games, you probably won’t be interested in many of the ways you can earn with MyPoints.

People Trying to be Frugal – If you’re trying to curb your spending, the temptation of earning points for online purchases and offers might weaken your resolve – best to skip MyPoints and other similar platforms.

Anyone Looking to Make a Killing – I don’t know of any legitimate ways to get rich quick. I do know of several legitimate work from home jobs that can be very lucrative if you put the work in, but MyPoints isn’t one of them. It’s a way to earn a little extra for your online activities. Don’t expect big bucks. Anyone with those kinds of expectations should spend their time developing more rewarding income streams.

The Verdict: Is MyPoints Legit?

MyPoints is a legitimate online rewards platform where you can earn points for shopping online, printing coupons, answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more.People who spend a lot of time online and do most their shopping that way will get the most value from it.

MyPoints Review Pin - picture of yellow piggy bank next to laptop

Make no mistake, though: MyPoints isn’t a super lucrative side hustle, and it won’t make you hundreds of dollars a month. If that’s your goal, you’re better off spending your time building a lucrative side business or working a part-time job.

Have you tried MyPoints yet? What is your favorite way to earn through MyPoints?

Get rewarded for shopping online! – At MyPoints, you’ll earn points for shopping online, redeeming coupon codes, and finding deals. Turn those points into gift cards at more than 2,000 retailers or for cash through PayPal. Open a free account here.

MyPoints Review Summary
  • Point Value
  • Ease of Use
  • Range of Product Offerings
  • Rewards

MyPoints Review Summary

MyPoints offers tons of ways to earn rewards – including shopping online, taking surveys, watching videos and playing games. You can even get rewarded for printing and redeeming coupons, reading email, surfing the web, and more.

The MyPoints platform is available online or on the free mobile app. Points are redeemable for cash through PayPal, gift cards, or even for credits to your United MileagePlus account. Gift cards are available for popular retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and more.

The value of your points, however, varies based on how you redeem them, which can be confusing. There is no fee for signing up with MyPoints and you can start earning points right away.

All things considered, this is one of the best rewards platforms available.

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  1. If they think you are making too many points from taking surveys they come up with some BS excuse to no longer let you use them.
    Just make up a new account and start over for as long as you can

    But overall it is total PIA!

  2. Shelia Stoneburner says:

    I have found MyPoints to be a declining program. I don’t get that many emails that I get points for clicking on anymore. They want me to watch 30min videos (that won’t play) for 5 points. And when you have a problem, for example with the surveys, you can’t get help. I haven’t done surveys for at least a year because you do 10 minutes worth of question to find you don’t qualify and get a lousy 1 point. Now that I’m furloughed due to Covid I tried to do a survey, answered 1 question to which it told me my answers didn’t match and locked my account. I’m not sure if I mistyped something or there’s a bigger problem, but I can’t get help from customer service. They wouldn’t answer me at first and now their answer is simply we can’t help you. When this program started it was amazing and I would get gift card after gift card. As of late it’s been more of a waste of time. Sad.

    1. Sheila, MyPoints indeed has some bigger problem all right! This week, under the current 7-day challenge, I’ve had at least five completed surveys get thrown into disqualifications or nothing at all, wasting our time. Thankfully, I can reach my Daily Goals without having to complete surveys; for that matter, I’ll often try to get disqualified to get the 5 points for DQ (you are getting only 1 point for DQs?).

      1. And why is it that atimes on can do 10 surveys and end up not even getting disqualification rewards

  3. Kelly Flowers says:

    MyPoints worked well the first two times I used it, and I was able to convert my points into miles for my UA frequent flier program. Unfortunately, MyPoints didn’t credit my points from the next three offers I met and their customer support has ignored my repeated requests for help in getting my points credited. So, I won’t be using MyPoints ever again…

  4. I’ve had one problem after another with them. I have lost track of how many times they have deactivated my account, without cause or notification. I think everything is ok and I’m earning all kinds of points. Then, I’d go in to check my points balance only to find out my account has been ‘deactivated’ – AGAIN! All the points I should have earned came out to a big fat zero. The last 2 times they deactivated my account, they said it was because I had 2 active accounts so they deleted one. Yes, I had opened a 2nd account – because they kept deactivating my original account for no reason and without notification. I figured if I had a 2nd account, I could keep earning points when the other was deactivated. Fine, they deleted the 2nd account, but why deactivate the original account? And after the 2nd account was deactivated, I never opened another one. So why are they telling me now that I had a 2nd account again? This is horsesh!t. This used to be a really good company and a good way to earn some gift cards. But now, it is infuriating, and I’m done! I plan to contact all of their sponsors and let them know what this company does to their members.

  5. While MyPoints is a legitimate site, the problems that began when Prodege acquired the site have only multiplied. Customer service is a huge joke. There’s no way to interact with MP’s Customer Service except by “opening a ticket,” a lot of which are ignored and not replied to. You’re supposed to get a reply with a ticket number but, more often than not, this doesn’t happen. When you inquire into how your issue is being addressed, you’re then asked for the non-existent ticket number. You go around and around in circles until most members give up on trying to get the points which they earned.
    Several of the items in this article have been discontinued, like nCrave videos and coupon printing and redeeming. And Refer-A-Friend is a joke. Although I’ve had several friends sign up and use the site, I’ve received NO points for their participation, although I’m supposed to get 10% of their points for life. Again, asking Customer Service for help yields no results. Quite a few stores have dramatically cut which categories are eligible for points as well. I used to get points on all of my Amazon purchases; now I’ll only get points on Amazon devices and subscriptions. Walmart will no longer give points on “Arts, Crafts, Cricut & Sewing, Baby Consumables (diapers, wipes, food/snacks), Baby Gear & Nursery, Beauty, Books & Magazines, Electronics, Gift Cards, Grocery, Furniture, Hardware & Tools, Home, Household Paper, Kitchen & Dining, Party & Celebration, Personal Care, Pet Supplies, Pharmacy, Photo Center, Precious Metals, Prepaid Cards, Sports & Fitness, Tires, Toys, Video Games.” To be fair, it’s the choice of the vendors to offer points on anything, but be sure to read the fine print before making a purchase through the site.
    The site bans members from taking surveys and deactivates accounts with seemingly no rhyme or reason. They seem to do it in waves – all at once, you’ll see a lot of complaints on their Facebook Community wall where members are asking why they were suddenly banned. And MP absolutely refuses to tell you why, which I personally find extremely aggravating. If you don’t know what you (supposedly) did wrong, if they give you back surveys or reactivate your account, how can you avoid the same thing happening?
    There are a lot of members who have dropped the site, drastically reduced their participation, and are considering quitting. I’m one of them. But I’m reporting them to the BBB first – I’m going to fight for the 3,000+ points that I earned months ago and which they’re refusing to do anything about!

  6. This is extra work…but I would NOT call it a job.
    Income is very little & unreliable

  7. MyPoints creates obstacles so you will NOT earn points you are entitled too..Consistent website problems& difficulty redeeming points. Had to file a complaint with BBB to get redemption cash due …..After 20 years of participation, I no longer visit this site or waste my time.

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