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Once upon a time, I worked 40 to 50 hours per week for $38,000 per year. I was also limited to just a few weeks of PTO, meaning my “vacation” days were also sick days for me and the kids. I worked nights, weekends, and holidays, and I barely had any time to myself.

Fortunately, life is much different now than it was just eight years ago. So far in 2019, I am on track to earn over $300,000 from freelance writing jobs (not counting income from this website), and I do all my work on a laptop in my bedroom. I have been away from home for 12 weeks already this year, and I have four more weeks of travel planned. I may work some weekends now, but it’s almost entirely on my own terms so I can “get ahead” before I go on a trip. And I never, ever work nights or holidays unless I really feel like it.

While some of my success is based on the fact I work hard and accept a lot of writing work other people don’t want to do, there’s another reason I am able to get so much work. I have been trained on how to write some of the best SEO content around the web, which is why you’ll see hundreds of articles I’ve written show up on the first page of Google for various terms.

Like it or not, SEO is important if you’re a freelance writer, but it’s also important if you are a blogger who wants to write content that will someday bring search traffic to your website.

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You may already know that I have a course for freelance writers, My course focuses on the most important aspects of building a freelance writing career – such as how to build a following, how and where to pitch story ideas, and where to find jobs. However, one thing I don’t focus a lot on in my course is writing for SEO.

For that reason, I suggest writers take “SEO for Writers: Learn to Write Google-Ranking Content.” This course was created by my friend Larry Ludwig, who once owned the website Larry earned so much affiliate income with his website that he ultimately sold it for $6 million dollars. We are lucky he’s willing to share his tips and tricks in his new course, and that it’s so affordable.

Learn to Write for SEO – Writing SEO-friendly content can help you land high-paying clients, increase your value, and allow you to earn even more. Learn the secrets of writing content that ranks with the “SEO for Writers” course! Get started here.

Interview with Larry Ludwig of “SEO for Writers”

If you’re a writer who wants to earn more money or get your own website to rank on Google, consider taking this course and soaking up all the lessons Larry brings to the table. Still not convinced? Here’s what Larry had to say when I asked him why writers should consider his online course.

#1: Why is SEO important for freelance writers and website owners?

Search traffic accounts for about 80% of all visitors to every website you can find online. According to statistics from Search Engine Land, Google handles over 2 trillion searches per year.

Why does SEO matter? I use the analogy of a tree in the woods making a sound. If you write a great article but no one finds it, does it help anyone?

Search is still the primary method people use to find the solution they’re looking for.

#2: Can you explain your blogging background and how SEO helped you reach success?

If you’re counting in internet dog years, I’m one of the OGs. It all started when I went to work for the ad agency Poppe Tyson in 1994.

While working there, I helped create some of the very first websites for the likes of JP Morgan Chase, Lenscrafters, Minolta, T. Rowe Price, IBM, and ING Bank.

Later in 2001, I ventured off on my own and created a web design and hosting company. I helped create the technology infrastructure to host high trafficked websites such as Comedy Central, GM, Thought Catalog, and Nielsen.

Then, in December 2009, I was frustrated about creating successful websites for others. I needed something more.

I was looking to create my own website. I built Investor Junkie to help satisfy my needs and the needs of others.

I set out to create the best source for non-biased investment content. From scratch, I created the leading investing review and comparison site. I generated revenue only from affiliate marketing. In July of 2018, I sold Investor Junkie for $6 million.

Without question, SEO played a critical part in the success of my website. I had over 300,000 unique visitors per month visit the site. Most of that was from search traffic.

#3: What can writers who take your course hope to learn?

Before creating Investor Junkie, I knew SEO basics but I was far from an expert. I relied on other “experts” to tell me what to do. Unfortunately, many SEO experts give out outdated or just plain bad advice. With my new venture, I was determined to do better.

Like most people first starting out, SEO was a mystery to me at first. When I created Investor Junkie, I methodically tested what the experts proclaimed worked. In the process, I found out some new techniques.

My course specifically tells you what works and what doesn’t work with SEO. What matters as a writer is making sure you create content so Google can easily find it.

I created the SEO for Writers course specifically for writers and only for writers. Here are a few things you can learn:

  • Determining what types of content work well with SEO
  • Keyword research above and beyond of what’s typically supplied by an editor
  • How to write content so it is SEO friendly without contorting your writing to please the Google Gods

#4: Do writers who take your course get the chance to ask questions and get answers?

Absolutely. I’m always looking to improve my course and questions asked are a gateway to get that feedback.

I’m currently offering free access to my private Facebook group where I respond to any questions. There are also other industry experts in my group.

The private membership is over a $600 value that is currently available for free. Sometime in the future, I will be charging a monthly fee for my membership area. Individuals who sign up now will be grandfathered in for life.

#5: What do writers stand to lose if they don’t learn SEO best practices?

Many website owners and editors require writers to have some knowledge of how SEO works. My SEO course can help you thrive as a writer and make yourself more valuable. Not only can you make sure your content is found in Google, but you can make sure you have a direct plan of action to improve any existing content you have already written for your own website.

Learn SEO for Writers – Want to make yourself more valuable as a freelance writer? With “SEO for Writers,” you’ll learn to write content that is optimized for search engines! Get started here.

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