My Frugal Trip to New Orleans

nola 6Later this afternoon, I’m hopping on a plane to New Orleans for the financial blogger’s conference known as FinCon.

I absolutely love New Orleans, so I can’t wait to get there.  Bourbon street- with its smooth jazz, hookers, and stench of puke and trash- has been calling my name for some time now. [Read more...]

Must-See Sites in Burgas, Bulgaria

burgas bulgariaBulgaria may not jump off the page as an obvious place to visit.  However, resort towns that lie on its Black Sea coast, such as Burgas, are incredibly popular. It goes without saying that cheap holidays are easy to find and are perfect for individuals who want to achieve a grand holiday break without going broke. [Read more...]

5 Expensive Hobbies That Are a Waste of Money

This is totally worth $100...said no one ever.

This is totally worth $100…said no one ever.

I was talking to an acquaintance the other day when he mentioned that his wife spends upwards of $500 per month on clothes.

Yes, I’m serious.   [Read more...]

5 Unfortunate Facts About Self-Employment

boss mugAs most people know, I left my stable, full-time job to pursue self-employment in April of 2013.

The fact that I was able to quit was a dream-come-true at the time.  I truly liked my old job at the mortuary, but working for someone else got old- and fast.  I had always dreamed of being the boss lady- creating my own schedule and succeeding or failing on my own terms.  And now, here I am, doing exactly that.

And on most days, it rocks. [Read more...]

Saving on Auto Insurance

There are ways to minimize some of the costs of automobile insurance. Savvy consumers typically get quotes from multiple agencies before making a final decision and purchasing a policy, for example. Online quotes can also be given out to consumers based on very little personal information. By filling out a simple form, vehicle owners could receive accurate estimates on what they would have to pay on insurance premiums. To lock in the given quotes, it is important to act fast by contacting an auto insurance agent. [Read more...]

Carnival Sensation Review (And a $100 Giveaway)

DSCF3750In mid-August, I took my husband and kids on a mini-trip to the Bahamas on the Carnival Sensation.  I’m not big on ships, the open ocean, tsunamis, or drowning, but I thought “what the heck” and decided to go for it.  What could go wrong? [Read more...]