Confessions of a Landlord: I Never Raise the Rent

rentAs most of you know, Greg and I are the owners of two single family rental properties in Central Indiana.  We have owned them since 2006, which means that we’ve been doing the whole landlord thing for quite a while.  And although we have experienced our fair share of challenges, being a landlord has been fairly uneventful overall.  Obviously, I would really like it to stay that way.  [Read more...]

Alternatives to Manufactured Spending

Trips to Walmart ARE NOT worth it.

Trips to Walmart ARE NOT worth it.

Although I generally only cover topics within the realm of personal finance and frugality, writing about travel is my hands-down favorite thing to do.  And as a writer for Frugal Travel Guy, I know I’m slightly preoccupied with the latest credit card signup bonuses, destinations, and hot deals. [Read more...]

Who Sabotages Your Christmas Budget?

santapiggyThere was a time in my life when I absolutely hated the holiday season, and it was mainly because I worked nearly every weekend in December for six years straight.

I’m sure you are wondering why I would do such a thing, but I can assure you that I didn’t have a choice.   At my old mortuary job, we had grief events, holiday outings, and memorial get-togethers with a holiday theme.

Believe me when I say that it was not optional. [Read more...]

The Difference Between Jealousy and Envy

jealousDuring a long car ride last week, Greg and I found ourselves listening to Dave Ramsey’s talk radio show.  Since I don’t drive a lot and never listen to anything during the day, it was a rare treat.  Guests on the show included people who were in debt and didn’t know how to get out as well as a few people who had their financial lives together.

Then, later in the program, Ramsey got off-topic and started talking about the difference between jealousy and envy. [Read more...]

Preparing for an Unlikely Death

funeralIf you are like most individuals, you are naturally concerned about your family’s financial health.  For example, what would happen if you died suddenly?  Would your family be financially prepared for such an event? Although this is an unsettling thought, it nonetheless needs to be addressed.   [Read more...]

Central Indiana Housing Prices: How Much Can You Buy?

tiny houseRecently, several bloggers wrote posts on real estate prices in their area- a topic I find fascinating.  Then last Friday, I wrote a post for Personal Capital called:  “A Potentially Easier Way To Get Rich: Move To The Midwest.” [Read more...]