Over the last two weeks, at least one person in this house has been sick every single day.  It started with my three-year-old; she came home from daycare and said that she didn’t feel good enough to go to gymnastics.  My little girl is never sick and rarely slows down, so I knew right then and there that something was seriously wrong.  

Unfortunately, she went from bad to worse in the span of just a few hours. One minute she was puking in a mini trash can and the next she was yelling, “I’m fine!”  And she didn’t eat for an entire day.  I absolutely hate seeing my babies sick.

But it didn’t end with her.  Early this week, my five-year-old also said she wasn’t feeling well.  A hurt tummy quickly turned to the flu for her too, and she was out for the count.  Since I took care of both of them, it didn’t take me long to get the flu either, which really sucked.  I never get sick. 

And since I’m self-employed and don’t have any sick days to speak of, I just go ahead and work through it.  So for the last week, I’ve been plugging away at my laptop and trying not to puke, all while playing doctor to whichever child happens to be sick and laying on the floor by my feet that day.  Good times.

How the Flu Saved Me Money

Having a house full of sick people is awful, but it sure has been nice on our bank account.  I was monitoring our monthly spending last night when I realized that we have only spent $210 of our $500 monthly grocery budget.  In a normal month, I’m usually trying to figure out how I can make our budget stretch at this point.

And our other spending has basically been nonexistent.  Why?  Because we haven’t really gone anywhere.  With the kids and adults in this house all sick at different times, we have spent all of our waking hours indoors.  And when you don’t go anywhere, it’s easy to save money!  In our monthly zero-sum budget, I set aside $200 for gas and miscellaneous spending.  Guess how much we have spent this month – only $27!

The bad news is, I have almost no groceries at this point.  And we’re also out of our flu superfoods – things like crackers, Sprite, and bread.  So I’m going to have to venture out in the cold, cold weather one of these days, whether I want to or not.

I’m Ready for Spring

The bottom line: I’m more than ready for Spring.  I’ve got some serious cabin fever over here, and I’m ready to feel the warm sun on my shoulders and hear the sweet sounds of birds chirping and the neighbors mowing their grass.  And I’m ready for the neighborhood pool to open.  Is that too much to ask?  I don’t care what Puxatony Phil says – I am O-VER-IT.

I like saving money on groceries, but in this case, the savings just aren’t worth it.

Have you been sick yet this year?  Do you spend less money during winter?

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