How I Earn a Living Online

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When I first considered quitting my job to write full-time, I wanted to replace the income from my full-time job and my benefits. Since I only made around $38,000 in my administrative career, this wasn’t a huge feat. Still, I needed to earn a little extra to make up for the loss of my 401(k) match, work-paid cell phone, and annual bonuses.

Eventually, I did just that. When I finally took the plunge into self-employment in 2012, I had replaced my regular income and then some. Even better, I suddenly had a lot more time to work on my hustle. Where I was once working nights and weekends to earn part-time income writing, I could now devote forty hours or week or more while working from home.

Obviously, more time to work translates into more money fairly easily. And before long, I was earning more than I made at my full-time job – a lot more. 

Making a Six-Figure Writing Income

For a long time, I shared my monthly income reports – mostly as a way to share my progress, triumphs, and failures with others. After ramping up my freelance efforts and an initial increase once I quit my job, my income got “stuck” at around $5,000 – $8,000 per month for over a year. Then, in October 2014, I made $11,660. Since then, I have earned at least $18,000 or more each month. In 2016, I didn’t see a single month with less than $20,000 in online earnings. In 2016, 2017, and 2018, I earned more than $200,000 from freelance writing alone. Fortunately, my husband also quit his job to work on this website in February of 2015.

Due to my openness about our online income, a lot of people have asked exactly how this happens. Which income streams bring our earnings over $20,000 every month? How much do I get paid to write? And, where can people find the jobs that can help them to do the same?

If you’re curious, this next section is for you.

How We Make a Living Online

We Write and Create Content

The bulk of my personal income stems from writing content for other websites. I’ve been a writer for a long time, but I started writing for a living several years ago. Since then, I’ve done everything from writing a one-off essay in the Wall Street Journal to creating content for college websites. In addition to writing for The Simple Dollar, Bankrate, Business Insider, and U.S. News and World Report Travel, I also write copy for all kinds of other businesses.

In my opinion, freelance writing is the best and fastest way to start earning money online. If that sounds like fun, I’ve got the perfect place to get started. It’s called Earn More Writing, and I think it’s the best freelance writing course available. I created the course myself, and it is designed to teach you the exact strategies I’ve used to build a six-figure freelance writing career. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, this course will find (and keep) the jobs you want, get paid what you’re worth, and provide actionable tips to send your income through the stratosphere.

Follow the link above to check it out, or join me at my free writing workshop by reserving your spot below. I hope to see you there!


Our Websites Make Money

At the moment, we own two websites. We’ve decided to focus the majority of our efforts on our first and most profitable website, Club Thrifty. (Our other website,, doesn’t get much of our attention right now.) Although Club Thrifty started making some money within six months, it took several years for the blog to become a major contributor to our income. In 2018, Club Thrifty earned over $200,000 on its own (not counting my freelance income). And we are on track to earn considerably more than that with our website in 2019.

While we’re obviously stoked that the blog is raking in the dough, this isn’t the most important thing starting a blog did for us. Not even close… Here’s the truth: Every dollar we make today stems from the fact that we started this blog a few years ago. It’s where we made mistakes, learned how to be disciplined, and started building relationships with other online entrepreneurs. Plus, it was a great place to start building a portfolio of work. If it wasn’t for the blog, I’d still be stuck in a 9-5 job, enduring excruciating back pain, and dreaming about the day I could quit. Every single job I’ve gotten comes back to starting a blog.

So, if your goal is to make money online, you need to start a blog now. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to make starting a blog easy (and cheap). Click the link below to create your blog today!

A Note About Starting Your Blog

If you want to make money from your website, the first (and arguably most important) step you can take is getting a self-hosted domain. There are a plenty of reasons to do this, but most of all it makes your website look about a million times more professional. It’s hard for readers to take you seriously if your website is It just doesn’t build any trust.

Trust me, I’m as cheap as they come… but if you’re serious about making money blogging, you need a self-hosted website. Domain names are cheap, running less than $20 a year. Hosting is cheap too. At Bluehost, you can actually get hosting for as little as $3.95/month when you commit for 36-months. (It’s normally $7.99/month if you pay annually.) They’ll even throw in a free domain name for your first year. How many hobbies do you have that are that cheap AND can make you money?!? You can learn more about Bluehost hosting plans here.

How to Make Money Blogging

So, how do you actually make money from a website? Think of a website or a blog as something similar to a newspaper or television station. Much of what you make will come from different forms of advertising displayed on your website. You can also sell products created by you or by somebody else. Here are a few different avenues to make money from your blog:

  • Direct Advertising: If you have a large enough following and are an influencer within your space, companies will pay to place advertisements on your website. This could come in the form of banner ads, text ads, or paid reviews. You may also be paid to become a brand ambassador, a situation where you agree to promote a product or service whenever possible for a flat fee. Occasionally, advertisers will contact you with these offers. However, getting in touch with them directly often helps let them know you are out there.
  • PPC and CPM Advertising: These types of ads are the quickest and easiest way to monetize your blog. PPC means “pay-per-click,” so you get paid each time somebody clicks your ad. CPM means “cost-per-thousand impressions,” so you get paid a small amount each time the ad is shown. Some advertising networks, like Google Adsense, use both PPC and CPM ads. So, each time an ad gets shown to a visitor, you make a very small amount of money. If someone clicks on the ad, you make a little bit more. For websites who generate a lot of traffic, these types of ads can be lucrative. However, too many of them can make your website look spammy, so use caution.
  • Selling Products You Create: If you’ve created a product that people want, a blog or website is a great way to promote and sell that product. Selling something is probably the most stable way to generate income from your website. You control both the product and the marketing. Whether it’s a book you’ve written (here’s a link to ours!), a course you’ve created (here’s another link to ours!), or an item that you’ve made, selling your own products is a great way to earn a living online. When the right product fills the right need for the right audience, it can be an extremely lucrative venture.
  • Affiliate Advertising: As an affiliate marketer, we promote certain products and services that align with the overall mission of our website. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links or banners, we earn a commission on those products or services. These products can range from credit cards to online financial advisors. If you can learn how to do it and promote the right products, affiliate advertising can be very lucrative. To find affiliate programs that fit your niche, simply search one of the many affiliate networks available. Some of our most profitable networks include FlexOffers, ShareASale, and MaxBounty. Click on our links below to search for advertisers and join the programs for free (and we’ll get a small commission if you join…see how that works?).

Making money online through advertising or product sales isn’t something that just happens. It takes time, effort, and skill. Remember, this is real money that advertisers are spending, which means they want to see results. You can’t just slap some ads up and hope to make a living online. You have to constantly remind people of the things you are selling.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to check out our “6-Step Guide to Starting a Blog!

We Have Several Online Income Streams

Want to earn a living on the internet? It isn't easy, but it is possible. Learn how I make over $150K and support my family through online income.

As a certified workaholic, I have a problem with biting off more than I can chew. Last year, I started a few online side hustles that grew quickly. Since that time, I decided to scrap those gigs and focus my attention on our main business. However, the fact remains that there are plenty of online gigs that can generate some revenue for you. All it takes is a little creativity and a lot of hustle!

For instance, in addition to my freelance writing, I also do some website consulting and freelance editing. Furthermore, I started offering free credit card rewards advice for anyone who wants to learn how to travel the world on points and miles. (I get paid by the card issuer when you sign up for a new card.) Want to know more? Click here.

Yes, You Can Make a Living Online

People are constantly telling me they don’t believe anyone can make a living online, but I know plenty of people who prove it’s possible. You just have to remember that, with all things, you have to start somewhere.

If you want to start a website, learn how. If you want to try your hand at writing for a living, take my course. To hone any skill, stop reading this blog post right now and start doing something. It’s as simple as that.

Can you earn a living on the internet? Maybe not for a while, but most things worth doing take time. You’ll never know unless you try.

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  1. I reckon congratulations are in order! I’m in awe and a little jealous but I do intend replicating your success. It might take a while as I’m a certified newbie but, I know I have the basic skills required, I just need to foster the tenacity to stick to it.

    Well done and apologise to no-one!

      1. ken mastro says:

        i have tried everything online to make money but none of them work or at least for me. I have tried them but i did not make any money so, i would like to know the secret of making good money online. I do not expect to make great money like you right off the bat but i would like to make anywhere from $ 75 to $150 a day or more


        Ken Mastro

        1. Hey Ken,

          Sorry you haven’t had any luck yet! I would keep trying. Can you tell me what your online skills are?

  2. Hi Holly,
    Good for you and Greg you’ve worked hard to get where you are today. I’ve been reading your blog since I started blogging and have read how you have transitioned over the years.
    I blog as a hobby but my blog has grown as well over the years because I put many hours into it each week and I do it for the fans (my biggest supporters). I believe that people who want to blog think the money will come rolling in right away. Clearly that’s not the case and it takes hard work which includes lots of hours creating unique content for the readers. I wish you both all of the luck but I know you won’t need it.

    1. Like CanadianBudgetBinder, I too am doing my earlier retirement/personal finance blog as a hobby for now. Since I’m already FIRE’d, I’m in no need or hurry to develop my blog into a moneymaker. For now, I just really am enjoying the writing and the whole process of what I call “blog operations.”

      But the idea of monetizing my blog is always there as a little whisper in the back of my mind. When it comes, I think that’s going to be fun too.

  3. Some people are so ignorant when it comes to online businesses as a legitimate form of income generation.
    I used to spend time having to explain what I do and how I make money, but now I just can’t be bothered.

    Congrats to you guys and your success. I know just how much work it takes – it isn’t easy, but it is massively rewarding. If others can’t appreciate it, too bad for them, they are the ones losing out.

    1. I experienced that too. If you write for a living, just say you are a journalist. People are more open if you omit the online part 😛

  4. congrats for your success I like read about monthly income, because you are always been honest on months well and bed and hey you work hard to achieve those goals so don’t be sorry. Keep your work!!!

  5. “I dedicate this post to my nosy friends” ..LOL!!! Love it. You will lose a few l’m sure, but you will gain a few. Congratulations to Greg, and to both of you for your success. Onwards and upwards, and l hope your house is now flu free, and everyone is in top notch shape. Continued success. I hear that’s the best revenge :-).

  6. Congrats to you guys- that’s awesome that Greg was able to leave his job and work at home too! Wow, I’d love to hear more about your online side hustles that have taken off so well. If it’s helping pay the bills it’s not boring!

  7. A sincere congrats on the success! (…there, I hope this offsets any other haters). #haterssuck 😉

    1. Thank you. I think we finally realized that his job had diminishing returns and that it made more sense for him to work on what we already have. It took a while to get there.

      1. Please help me i need for jop

  8. YAY! So happy that Greg is at home too!! I’m starting to get the same kinds of questions. For some reason, people think that working online from home is a huge scam, LOL. But when I calculated our taxable income from 2014, I realized that I made twice what I estimated that I made by working online from home. How’s that for a non-scam? 🙂

    1. A scam, lol. They probably think we’re over here stuffing envelopes or something.

  9. I think it’s ridiculous that people get pissed off or offended because of your success, but I guess that’s how jealousy and bitterness works. I’ve noticed a similar thing with my LifeHack articles. When my recent article started to get several million views, the haters started to come out. People started attacking me, not just my article, and I know it was because they were angry that it was getting so popular so they had to justify to themselves why it sucked and why I suck. Some people are just better at making excuses for why they can’t do it than they are at doing it. It’s sad really!

    1. I think that’s just part of working in public and/or on the internet. People can say anything they want online with no consequences!

  10. My friends think I sleep in all day and surf the internet. They never think blogging is real work. But I bust my butt doing this and love every minute of it!

  11. So sad! I know I miss the income posts, but how stupid is it that you were getting negative comments! You’re on of those people who gets out there and does things, rather than sits around and watches others. But it’s amazing that Greg was able to resign and stay home. I still work a day job, but its completely awesome having the hubs at home with the kiddo! I wish you the best as you go through the transition of having him at home, lol 🙂

    1. Awww….thanks. We worked together for six years and really enjoyed it so I don’t think it will be a problem. I know most married couples would go nuts being together 24/7!

  12. That’s amazing! Your hard work has paid off. Sounds like a new adventure for you and your husband!

  13. Ummm, what? People are getting mad at your income reports? I think it’s F-ing amazing that you made 11k in a month. Frugality has nothing to do with earnings. While I’m finally making some good money freelancing, I’m still terrible at monetizing my own site. That would be an interesting thing to be a coach for.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get it either. But I guess people don’t want to hear you talk about how you saved money if they can’t relate to your income. That’s the feedback I got at least!

  14. I saw it on FB last week I believe – but huge congrats to you & Greg! I was just having a conversation with a family member who was visiting us over the weekend who basically thought we were making this whole making a living online thing up. It takes a lot of work of course, but it’s most certainly something you can be wildly successful at.

    1. Making it all up, lol. I’m sure some people we know wonder if we’re making it up too.

  15. I too find it ridiculous that anyone would get pissed about your online success. It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to create valuable content and you should be paid for it. I would say, good on you for working hard and sticking with it!

  16. It’s a shame that people get angry at your success; jealousy is never attractive! Huge congratulations to you both on this achievement 🙂

  17. I’m so happy for you and also for Greg for being able to leave his “day job” and join you in your endeavors. I would never be never be critical of someone’s success and unfortunately, feel there is a real class war raging in this country, promoted by our current presidential administration. I guess you could count me in as one of your nosy readers, because as someone who doesn’t blog, I know very little about income opportunities that are created due to blogging. During New York Fashion Week, last week, the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about fashion bloggers making money by being affiliated with certain fashion labels or stores and receiving income each time a person clicks on their links, which I imagine is just one way you can earn money with this type of blog as well. I don’t mind that in the least. As long as what you write is honest, I am happy to receive the opinion of someone I THINK might be similar to me in values. So Holly and Greg, dismiss the naysayers and don’t worry if you lose a so-called friend here or there. If they choose to no longer associate with you because of this, it is their loss. My best wishes to you both.

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah, I’m sure fashion bloggers do affiliate advertising too. What we do (and most bloggers do) is similar, although I’m certainly not selling designer clothes over here! =)

  18. I think it’s great your able to live the life you want and work from home…now both of you! I know it takes a lot of work…I find running ONE website time consuming let alone many! Keep up the good work!

  19. I’ve never been a fan of income or spending reports, so I’m glad you moved away from them. I think one reason people get frustrated with bloggers (myself included) is they don’t explain exactly how they make money online. I could see more than a few people get annoyed about this -> “I’m not going to spill all of the details here because they are boring, but suffice it to say that we created a few businesses that fill a need.” My first reaction was “speak for yourself! I’ll let you know if the details are boring!” And in all honesty I bet most people wouldn’t be bored hearing the details. Not that you have an obligation to share them – nor does it make sense to explain business plans – but I really do think that people get frustrated about the lack of long, detailed posts about exactly how people make money online.

    1. It’s not my job to give people step-by-step instructions on how to make money. All of my businesses could easily be replicated, so why would I tell people? I figured it out for myself- everyone else should do the same.

      I think it’s so silly when people expect bloggers to tell them EXACTLY how to make money. I don’t get it at all.

      1. What they want is for you to give them a magic trick that will turn them into high earners without having to put in any work — either before OR after the high earning begins.

        All they see is the $200k number. And that’s what they want. They don’t have any idea how hard you work to maintain your level of success.

        Some might be willing to work that hard. Others might be better off not quitting their day jobs, because self-employment is TOUGH. Congratulations on your determination and to heck the the begrudgers.

  20. You two are AWESOME!!! Congratulations to you and Greg!! I am hoping one day that we are in your situation and can work from home together. I’m excited to be following along!!

    I do have two questions – which feel free not to answer, haha. First, how much of your income would you say comes from blogging / your own websites versus freelance writing / coaching? Right now, 100% of my income is from freelancing, but I’m hoping to earn from websites I own in the next few months (years? haha).

    And second, are your online businesses your websites or do you guys have other streams of income via the internet?! It’s crazy how much is out there!!

    And finally – I like your last statement “stop reading this post right now…”. I gave up FB at the beginning of the year and it’s made such a difference in my productivity…but I will say I probably spend WAY too much time reading blogs as opposed to growing my business and working on my own blog! Thanks for the advice!! Hope you and Greg are having a great day today! 🙂

    1. In an average month, around 60% of my income comes from writing. That fluctuates some. We have a few online businesses in addition to our two websites – none of them are a big deal on their own, but they just add more diversity to our income.

  21. I stopped writing our budget porn and net worth updates as well. They were the easiest posts to write and got a lot of views, but I didn’t like the dividing line they created.

    1. What kind of feedback did you get? I’m curious.

  22. I REALLY hate haters who want to bash successful people. I am SO psyched that your business has taken off and that Greg can now join the work in jammies routine with you! You are killing it and I think that others should stop hating and figure out how to start replicating!

  23. Great for the both of you! I understand why some bloggers post their monthly income…I personally never had much use for it. I think there is always more valuable content to write than what you made each month. For me it’s a privacy issue. My personal/family income is something I’d rather keep close to the vest.

  24. Congrats guys! Sad that others are taking shots at your success. I guess the best think to do is laugh it off and keep killing it. 🙂

  25. Great post and i would just keep posting. If other people get jealous just ignore them and keep doing what you are doing.


  26. Wow, didn’t know Greg quit is job. Congrats with the success you guys are having with your online businesses. Is most of the income from freelance writing or do you guys do pretty well with the websites too? My blog is still more of a hobby, but there’s a part of me that hopes that it can produce income as well!

    1. We have a mishmash of side hustles that do well when you put them all together.

  27. Thanks for this post, it means a lot and is very encouraging! I started a blog for gaming, crafts, and philosophy. It’s been slow going, but seeing this post only helps encourage me in what I’m doing. Sure it’s a lot of unpaid time now, but I’m building content, connections, and quality. I really enjoy writing and designing its content, and I know that if I work hard enough and provide enough value to my readers, I can turn it into my full-time job!

    1. You really can. The people who never give up eventually do. People give up too easily. Don’t be one of them.

  28. My family and friends would not understand making a living online. I guess that just means more money for the people who are smart enough to find alternatives outside of the traditional 9-5.

  29. You guys are a perfect example of what can happen when you put in hard work! Congrats!

  30. Big buckaroos! Congrats on your hubby quitting too! Make sure he pulls his weight OK? 🙂

    Do you remember way back when we had a discussion on what will happen if you produce income reports? I’m glad you stopped after the $10k mark. The bad outweighs the good.

    Stealth Wealth 4 life! Or as much as possible.


    1. Sam!

      Yes, I remember that conversation. You were 100% correct!

      1. Love it! Now my question is: How come nobody online listens to me? LOL

        But I have noticed folks eventually come around e.g. no more paid links or much fewer, and much less posts about “how much I make now.”

  31. I’m looking forward to seeing where this year takes your blogs/businesses! Very inspiring. I think for people who have never even tried to make money online, they are definitely skeptical of how someone could possibly earn a living.

  32. I’ve been reading for awhile and I know you were itching for Greg to come help out so that’s great for you guys. I hope to see a “How I deal with working with my husband 24 hours a day” post, haha.

    1. We worked together for six years already! I actually miss it- we don’t argue at all. We are a great team.

  33. Congrats to your husband on leaving his job to work at home with you! I don’t think you owe anyone an explanation as to how you make your money but I’m glad you shared this post with everyone because it’s inspiring to people who have similar goals 🙂 I’d like to increase my freelance writing income and maybe earn a little from my blog some day but like you said, it’s not extremely difficult but it just takes time and taking it one step at a time is how I avoid feeling overwhelmed with it all.

    1. It is overwhelming! You just have to take small steps every day.

  34. That’s really too bad that you felt the pressure to cancel your income reports. I really get a lot of inspiration and encouragement from reading the income reports of other bloggers. Plus I find the more detailed the report is (where the income came from, what you’re working on to build it up next, etc) makes it even more valuable to the people who actually want to make a change in their lives. Sorry about the haters! There’s no room for them!

    1. I just got tired of it. No one wants to hear someone who makes more than average complain about straying from their grocery budget. They just don’t.

  35. I love this post! I think you should start your income reports back up though 🙂

    I have thought about canceling mine, but I honestly enjoy publishing them. They give me motivation to make each month better than the last, and I know income reports on other websites helped me in the beginning too.

    1. Hey, I don’t blame you! Do what makes you happy!

  36. Congrats to Greg! I’m sorry people thought you were a stay at home mom.

    I will probably be able to retire before my boyfriend and I have kids, but I would worry that if I stayed home, people would assume that I was a stay at home mom and he was supporting me. He reassured me that he would promptly correct them. I’ve seen that happen with people – they both retire and people assume the money is all his when in fact it’s also hers… That bugs me.

    1. That would bug me too. I want to earn my share and contribute- I always have.

  37. I’ll admit to be envious, but I wouldn’t leave a negative comment. That’s insane. Unless someone is stepping on other people to make that much money, why exactly do you get to judge? (Hint: You don’t.)

    And frankly, reading your site recently has made me even more determined to get some credit card offers on my site too. It’s something I know I need to do, and you’ve given me motivation.

    And all of this really means something coming from me. Because frankly

    1. Because frankly…….don’t leave me hanging!

  38. Congratulations to you and Greg! How exciting for the both of you! I certainly know from your success and others that you can make a great living on the internet. Most people think it happens overnight, which like everything, does not. It takes time and effort. You and Greg have worked so hard to get this to place and I’m so proud of you both! And while I don’t blame you for not sharing your income reports, it does make it me sad to hear that people were upset by your success. I’m not. I’m happy for you!

  39. That is such a shame that you received negative feedback on your income reports. Nothing irks me more when individuals cannot be happy for someone else’s success that has come from pure hard work. If you work your ass off and put your time into your business, you freaking deserve the income you make off of your time and talents.

    My favorite is when people tell someone successful that they are “so lucky”. Oh yeah…it had nothing to do with the hundreds of hours in time, blood, sweat, and tears I put into it. Just luck ;). Okay, I’m getting off my tangent now. This obviously struck a chord with me!

    Congratulations to you and Greg, how wonderful for you to both be working at home together. You’re a true inspiration and example of the American dream realized in my opinion!

    1. Awww….thanks! Yeah, people have been telling me I’m lucky to work at home for years. I might be somewhat lucky but the fact that I work at home is due to the field I chose and a whole lot of hard work.

  40. Holly, you rock. Don’t let mean people get you down you’re worth it!

    I’d like to make some extra money for our family pot. Blogging takes a lot of work, so I would like to get something for it.

  41. Congratulations! You are right: you will never know untill you try! Thanks for sharing with us your success! 🙂 You are a real inspiration to us! We do not have income goals jet, we are just giving us an opportunity and we try…

  42. Good for you on earning a living on the internet. I would love to eventually monetize my blog somehow.

  43. You guys are both amazing and I can attest to how difficult one has to work and the sacrifices you make to get the enjoyment out of life that you do have! I couldn’t do what you do full-time but working online does allow me to supplement my income a little bit which is great while we;re kicking debt’s ass. I’m actually trying to find another writing gig now as one will be ending soon, it’s something I love, satisfies my itch and helps with my goals!

  44. There\’s always a small group of haters. And they always seem to be the most vocal. Keep up the good work Holly. It\’s because of bloggers like you and Michelle that I gave blogging a try in the first place. Now I\’m starting to make some decent money online too. It just takes a bit of dedication.

  45. I learned a lot from this article and it has many great ideas here. It\’s very helpful and useful. Thanks for sharing this article about on How to make money online.

  46. Congrats Holly, what many people don\’t realize with the income reports is the years of hard work it takes to get to that level. I guess its because some people are looking for a get rich quick scheme

  47. Sucks that people are hating on the income reports. Currently I do a retirement savings report and I’m already starting to get the sense that some people are bothered by how much I have saved. Sounds weird right?

  48. Congratulations! I am rather impressed with your income. It sucks that people often assume you have to do shady things on the internet in order to make a buck. It’s just not true! There’s a ton of money floating around in cyber space.

  49. Congrats to you and Greg! It takes time and hard work to create success and you’ve earned it. Enjoy your achievement and don’t let those who may be jealous take any of the joy out of it.

  50. People are stupid! I always get questions about working online. Most people think I just sit around clicking links or spamming people. They just have no clue. Now, I’m not a full-time online person, but I do alright!

  51. says:

    Just tell those people to go mind their business and you are free to publish what you want on your blog. I am happy for your success, you are an inspiration to many stay at home people out there. Best of all, you are earning a living based on what you love to do, writing!

  52. Haters gonna hate! I love these posts because they are so encouraging and exciting to read. It’s almost like you’ve figured out how the internet money making puzzle comes together and slowly but surely we are all learning how to put our own personal puzzle together. Keep up the good work!!

  53. Great read !! i only started making money online recently aswell and its great,
    but i still find it kind of hard to make money through SEO 🙁
    i started making money through different methods like social media i got some help from this
    does anyone hear earn through instagram or any other social media?
    happy earning guys 🙂

  54. This is so great! I’m excited for you and your husband to work together and really expand the business! What a wonderful thing that you’ve created something that will provide income for both of you! 🙂

  55. Haters gonna hate! Ok, I admit that I wanted to be the 100th comment AND I love these posts because I want to figure out how to do this too 🙂 Keep up the hard work..and travel LOL!

  56. Great post Holly! Love the dedication and the #sorrynotsorry;-) Site looks great chica!

  57. Mark Jones says:

    Hi Holly, This Stuff is really cool. I would love to add if you are perfect in your profession build a blog be genuine and authentic, building trust and relationships, and see how you can help others, this will not only build the trust but also your will earn a huge fan base

  58. This is a great post. It’s sad that that people get jealous of success. I’m starting a blog myself and this was great inspiration for me. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  59. Hello!
    I’ve read a few of your posts now and I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! 🙂 I find it absolutely ridiculous when people target those who share their income reports. It’s like they don’t get how inspiring and encouraging those of us who are trying to become even somewhat successful working on a blog find them! I don’t like that attitude of “because you make more then me, you should be hated and punished!”
    I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure those who make more are working their little butts off! At least in my experience 99% of hardworking higher income people I know, work 10X more and harder then those who don’t!
    So I understand why you stopped but I wanted to let you know there are some of us who thrive on the hope we can one day obtain that same income with as much hard work as you put into making it! 🙂 I look forward to reading more!

  60. LOL at the people who are jealous (angry at you). You’re working within the system and not taking advantage of anyone. It’s not like you’re making money by stealing some resource that they could have gotten! You’re creating and benefiting from it. Ridiculous! I like the income reports but understand wanting some privacy.

  61. I admit I was jealous, but that meant I wanted to bug you and learn from you, lol. Hey maybe that could be your next business, teaching mini-bloggers to make money online for a cut. Basically extra work in the beginning for a pretty passive line in the long run.

  62. I am soooo inspired by this post. Thank you so much! Now let me stop reading now and go write that post, hah! :)))

  63. Great post, and congratulations on your successes!!! 3 years ago, I began my 5 year plan. I didn’t like where I was at in my life, so I decided to make a change. I write and craft, so I went forth with my ultimate goal being to work from home. I opened my shop on Etsy, then 8 months later, I made my blog live to the public. I have several books written, and several more in the works. I have made 16 sales on my etsy shop, and my following is increasing by the day. I work non-stop, and my social life is non-existent, but I can see the light on the horizon. I will be successful in my endeavors! With hard work and determination, anything is possible. Thank you for sharing your success story…it is inspiring to hear from those that have made their dreams a reality!

  64. Rich (NOT!) says:

    In an article you wrote for ‘Get Rich Slowly’ you stated, “Over the past two years, we have worked extremely hard and have paid off all of our consumer debts and student loans.” One question….. HOW!! I have never posted anywhere on anything before, and my apologies for hijacking this link, but I am at my wit’s end with living paycheck to paycheck!! I can’t take it anymore….HELP!! Honestly, I don’t want to be a millionaire, however, I would simply like to live comfortably, and not have to worry about how I am going to pay all the bills next month. Right now…. life sucks…. and I could use some intervention!!

    1. I hear ya! Living paycheck to paycheck really does suck. But there is a way out – you either have to earn more money or cut your expenses. Or both if you can. I’m going to write a blog post to address your question.

      1. Rich (NOT!) says:

        Great! Any assistance/advice you can provide is greatly appreciated! I am constantly searching for ways to make more money at work, looking for promotion opportunities, etc., but they are few and far between. What other ways are there of making some extra money without working a second job and taking away valuable family time? I have read many things on the Internet, and you have stated in your blogs, that it is ‘SOooOoo easy’??!! Really!!?? I have three wonderful children, one just started college ($$$$), a sophomore in HS ($$), and a 7th-grader ($). I am very involved with their swimming activities, Scouting, etc. Time is a commodity! And I am sure there are lots of folks in the same boat as me, or even one that is sinking faster! Some solid, honest-to-goodness help is what we need! Thanks! 🙂

          1. I am in the same boat as Rich (NOT.) I have spent so much time searching the Internet for some kind of viable online job for myself. I desperately need the money at this point. I am in the process of getting a divorce and could really use the $$. However, I am so limited on what I can do. I am not a “crafty” person. I can’t sew or paint or draw. I don’t write so writing a blog wouldn’t be something for me because not only can I not write, but I don’t have anything to write about. I do teach 8th grade technology so I am very comfortable with a computer. I have researched all of these so called make money “typing” or keyboarding but I have yet to find anything that pays more than a few cents for the job. Some of those types of jobs are on but you would have to spend an entire day doing those things to make $10 even. I wouldn’t turn it down, but I need to make $200 or more a month if any way possible. I would be open to any suggestions you have at this point.

  65. Premature FIRE says:

    Congrats Holly to you and your husband!

    I just started a blog tonight. Hoping it will help with plan B.

    1. Premature FIRE says:

      Sorry, I entered my Website wrong the first time.

  66. What an awesome story of hard work and self motivation. I too am a beginning blogger and hope to one day reach your level of success. Forget the haters, there opinion really does not matter. I wish you both many years of finacial success.

  67. The story looks very familiar! We are a couple, early 30’s from Germany. We started investing in Real Estate and 2 years ago I launched a website with relevant content for a specific group of people. Then I’ve built up Facebook groups and pages around it. Now I have 150K visits/month and over 250K Facebook members/likes. All this was done beside my real job and now it’s paying for all our expenses.Mostly passive. We realised that we are basically reached financial independence 2 times at the same time: rental real estate and the website. I’ve quit my job beginning of 2015, so did my wife in august. Now we’re still working but we’re working only ons stuff we want to. If we stopped working now, we could live the rest of our life and still don’t lose anything of our net worth.
    So, similar to you, I encourage everybody to start an online business. It’s not that hard, you just need to focus. It doesn’t even need any invested money. Just time. Everybody can do it.
    In our blog we wrote about how we did it:

  68. This is awesome Holly! Thanks for sharing! I’m a fairly new blogger and am still learning. Even though blogging is a lot harder than I anticipated, it has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done. I hope to one day follow your footsteps!

  69. This is awesome Holly! I am new to blogging and sometimes still feel that making money online is “scammy” or “shady”. It doesn’t help that I haven’t had too many real life people who understand online businesses so well-meaning friends are the only ones giving me their opinions. This post is getting me all pumped up about what I’m doing again and provides encouragement that it’s okay to make money online. 🙂

    I’m playing around with the idea of guest posting or freelancing now. Wish me luck! And I’m glad to have found you!

  70. Pretty crazy stuff. Go Holly and Greg! That’s way more than the average corporate job, even if you bust your butt and put in very long hours.

  71. I want to say congratulations and THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing what you are doing. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for saying EFF THEM to the haters. It is such an inspiration to see people do what they enjoy and make a living from it. I guess some people simply do not understand this concept or just have a jealous heart because they don’t know how to do it or think that it is possible for them. *cheers to another year of earnings*

  72. Just came across this. great info. Trying this out real soon.
    Can’t believe the jealousy and resentment.

  73. I’ve been interested in how everything steamrolled. Did companies just reach out to you after finding this blog, did you comment on some of those blogs and then they reached out.

    I went with A Small Orange for a web hosting company, I like them a lot and they’re cheaper for people starting out and less games with their subscriptions, but I suppose bluehost may be slightly better for those that aren’t computer savvy.
    I haven’t done much to monetize my site, I kind of fell off writing posts for a while as you know. Trying to get back to writing consistently for now.

  74. I think it’s great that you’ve found a way to earn a living online, while at the same time doing something you enjoy!

    Making a living by blogging and freelance writing not only gives you to freedom of independence and complete control over your time, but you also have the potential to create meaningful content that can help and benefit others!

  75. Holly, you and the hubby are amazing! who cares about the haters, the haters will do what they always do and good on you for not taking it personally anymore and never apologize for your success! Loved reading about your journey! A job well done and all the hard work is certainly paying off.

  76. When people ask me what I want to do, I tell them I want to be an internet landlord. I have my personal finance blog, and am getting ready to launch a baby names website for geeks. Whatever I can do from home on my own clock instead of an employer’s clock, I am in!

  77. This post definitely encouraged me after feeling a little discouraged the past two days. That is why I think blogging is awesome as your story can motivate someone else. I just launched my new blog and have found it to be a challenging yet a great learning experience thus far.

  78. Marisa Stone says:

    Awesome Job Holly!

    So nice to earn from your own home office!

  79. Marisa Stone says:

    Although it is awesome to be frugal and budget and manage money. What alot of people don’t want to do is to look how to earn more money and in fact, I think it is imperative to have a huge cash reserve and even get to FI as soon as possible(you never really know what the economy or your employer is going to to.

    Anyway think you for sharing more that ‘JUST’ frugal tips!

  80. Haters are gonna hate. Never feel bad about your success. Heck these haters should be copying everything you do. Congrats on your success.

  81. Hi Holly,

    You have given a great set of tips for monetizing a blog. FlexOffers is good for newbies – you need to start somewhere, and it is a perfect place to start.


  82. You are so inspiring! I am a newbie and it made me feel so good when you said everything came down to starting your blog, because I just started a blog. I\’m looking forward to going through old posts and reading new ones.

  83. I am very interested in working from home or just having some extra income…. I would love to talk to you for some ideas where to start I just graduated from college have a good job but just don’t make a lot of money and I want to have another source of income. I love to write and help people with giving. Advice so any ideas would be great… I just don’t know where to start

    1. Hey Caroline! Writing is a great way to make money from home, and I’d suggest you check out our course at We’ve even got a free intro video (about 30 minutes) that can help you get started writing. I’d also suggest checking out this piece on the blog – 99 Ways to Make Extra Money. I hope that helps!

  84. I started a website of my own a couple of years ago but stopped because the keyword tools were so expensive and I couldn’t afford it. I was giving up everything just so I could afford it! Do you really need a keyword tool? I struggle with that one! The other thing I struggle with is that I get bored just writing about one thing for a while. I don’t just have one passion, I have heaps of interests and I can’t write about just one because I’ll get bored so quickly.

    1. Hey Emma, we make over 6 figures on this blog and have never purchased a keyword tool. To this point, I’ve only ever used the free Google Adword free keyword tool.

  85. Can you direct me to a good ‘secured’ credit card?
    A beginner,…
    Thank you, Michael

  86. Interested in learning more about earning an income online and launching a freelance career .

  87. How long is the Webinar course?

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  89. Hey it’s quit interesting,your hardwork really caused positive impacts into your life,it’s my wish for you to continue prospering.I also hope you can help me develop my own blog since I have tried much of online jobs with no success.

  90. Henry Ogwayo says:

    Very interesting. You are doing a great job. Can you kindly help me develop my own blogging and start working online.

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