Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t want to spend money on something, but feel obligated to?

I have, and there is nothing I hate worse than feeling forced to spend money against my will.  Common situations I tend to find myself in:

  • Getting invited to a Thirty One, tupperware, or jewelry party.  People always invite me to those things and I always feel like I should go.  Then I feel like a huge douchebag if I don’t buy something.
  • Getting invited to a baby shower or wedding shower for someone I barely know.  I’ve only met you once, but yes- I will buy you a case of diapers.  Obviously.
  • Going out to dinner then realizing that everyone is splitting the bill equally.  I hate it when I order a salad and a water then end up paying an equal share of the bill.  That happened to us a lot before we had kids!
  • Getting asked to contribute money to a cause on the spot- This happens to me at the grocery store all the time.  No, I don’t want to donate a dollar to whatever-the-f$&*k!

Awkward Money Moments in Mexico

Remember when I told you I was taking my brother to the Caribbean for a Brother-Sister-Divorce-Celebration-Vacation?  Well, we went for five days over Labor day weekend and had a blast.  It was a fairly cheap trip too; I paid for our flights with Southwest Rapid Rewards points and booked an all-inclusive hotel that was cheap enough to pay for with cash-back from my Capital One Spark Business card.

Since our resort was all-inclusive, we didn’t have to worry about paying for meals or drinks.  However, we did decide to venture out to the downtown area of Playa del Carmen one night just for dinner.

We were minding our own business eating dinner when this happened:

mexican bandA small Mexican band approached our dinner table and asked if we wanted them to play.  “Sure,” I said.

We continued eating as they stood there and played a song that I can only presume was some sort of love song.  It was cute, but I was ready for them to leave by the time they were done.  But they didn’t leave before asking for payment.

“$100 pesos,” they said as they stood there smiling.

I handed them a $10 bill and shook my head at my own stupidity.  Why on Earth did I think they were going to play for free?

Another Reason I Hate Tequila

But the onslaught of forced spending wasn’t over yet.  A few minutes later, a guy approached our table and told us to smile for a picture.  I thought it was strange for sure, but he appeared to work for the restaurant so I smiled for the camera and continued eating.

As we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, the same guy reappeared at our table holding this:


Ahhhh….yes.  It all made sense now.  He took our picture so that he could affix it to a tequila bottle and then guilt me into buying it.  And how much did he want?


He wanted $25 for a bottle of Tequila which, for the record, I do not even like.  And beyond that, I certainly didn’t ask for it.

But he was just standing there smiling, presumably waiting for me to pay.  So I handed him $25 to make him go away.


Working On My Bitch Face

I left that meal feeling pretty defeated.  I only intended to buy my own dinner as a treat, but ended up forking over an extra $35 for stuff I didn’t ask for and didn’t want.  I think the problem is that I’m too nice.  People see my smiling face and think I must be the kind of person who would hand over my hard-earned dollars out of kindness instead of creating an awkward money moment.

Unfortunately, they’re right.

So from now on, I’m working on my bitch face.  I hate feeling like I’ve been ripped off- especially when it is being done right to my face.

And no, I won’t go to your wife’s Lia Sophia party.

What are your worst awkward money moments?  Have you ever felt coerced into spending money?