I know I must sound like a broken record, but I’m afraid I won’t be earning mother of the year again.  And it’s not because I sell my kid’s toys on craigslist or am forcing them to have a joint birthday party to save money.  It’s because I recently discovered that I’m too cheap to go to Disney World, even if the majority of the trip is free.  Let me explain.

The other day I wrote about which credit card rewards deals I’m working on. In that post, I talked about signing the two of us up for different versions of the Southwest Rapid Rewards card.  Somewhere deep in the comments, Brad at Richmond Savers suggested that I pursue Southwest’s companion pass which you get once you earn 110,000 rapid rewards points within one calendar year.  Well, I didn’t plan on trying for the companion pass initially.  However,  I quickly changed my mind after realizing that I would be soooooooo close to getting it just by having the Plus version and the business version of the card in my name.

By signing up for two Southwest Rapid Rewards cards, I will net at least 104,000 rapid rewards points once I meet the required spend of $2,000 per card.  I’ll just need to spend enough to earn 110,000 points to get the companion pass that will allow my companion to fly free on Southwest flights.

Anyways, once I decided to earn the companion pass, I became very interested in which cities we could fly to and from.  And so did Greg, especially after realizing that there were a bunch of cool cities with Southwest hubs, such as San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, etc.  He also saw that we could fly to Orlando and started coming up with a plan to take the kids to Disney World.  And I cringed.  After all, the last time I went to Disney World I was eight months pregnant and miserable.  I literally peed all over myself in the Magic Kingdom and puked on the trolly going home.  True story.  But that wasn’t the only reason I hated Disney.   I mean, they just sell so much junk and the whole thing feels so contrived.  But for free?  I could live with going to Disney World for free.  And truth be told, I would love to see the look on my daughter’s faces when they saw that giant castle, Mickey and Minnie.

Making My Daughter’s Disney Dreams Come True

So, we started coming up with a plan.  Basically, we figured out that the four of us could fly round-trip to Orlando for around 35,000 points and $30 in fees after factoring in the free ticket we would get with the companion pass.  And since we would have well over 110,000 points by then, we knew that that would work.  In addition to that, several hotels near Disney World can be booked with Starwood points which I happen to have a surplus of.  So basically, we could fly to Orlando and spend the weekend for about $30 in cash money.  After that, all we would have to pay for were the tickets to the park.  And how much could they be?  For a weekend?  It was gonna be cheap, I tell ya.  Cheap.

Until I looked.

I’m Too Cheap to Go to Disney

WTF.  I don’t want to get into too much detail but the cheapest tickets I could find were around $90 per person per day (a little less for the kid’s tickets).  So, for our family of four, it was going to cost at least $720 for park tickets for the weekend, and that doesn’t even include tax or transportation to and from the resort.  Oh, and it doesn’t include food either which is too bad because I distinctly remember paying over $30 for two soggy baskets of chicken fingers last time we were there.  Magic Kingdom, my ass.

I know what you’re thinking.  I could just pay for the tickets.  Or I could turn some other points in for gift cards and pay for them in some other roundabout way.


It’s a matter of principle at this point.  I don’t care if I could get Disney tickets with $40,000 in free food stamps.  I still wouldn’t do it.  It’s a rip-off and I refuse to participate in their elaborate scam.

So, yeah.  I cannot bring myself to pay that much for Disney Hell World,  even when the majority of our trip would be free.  Maybe I could take my kids to the local theme park, King’s Island, and just pretend that it’s Disney.  Or, Ill just hope that they never ask to go (fingers crossed).  Regardless, I’m too cheap to go to Disney.  How about you?

Would you suck it up and pay for the tickets if you were me?  Or, would you just stay home?