Need some extra cash for that big trip? How ’bout a little skrilla to pay the – er – billas? If you like travel and money like me, taking paid online surveys may be for you.

Yep, you heard that right! In just 25 minutes each day, you can actually make money taking surveys. Some companies will even pay you just for surfing the internet.

Personally, I like to do this while flipping channels at night. I take a few minutes, answer some surveys, and stash the cash for our next trip. It’s a great an easy way to make some spending money for souvenirs, meals, or excursions. The best part is that it really doesn’t take any effort.

Here are a few of my favorite sites to make money taking surveys.

1) Survey Junkie

Personally, I love survey sites that allow you to claim a cash option. Survey Junkie does just that. Simply create a free account, fill out your profile, and start getting paid to give your opinion. It’s awesome!

With Survey Junkie, you can take surveys any time of day or night. You’re also able to use any device, which means you can take surveys anywhere you can connect to the internet. You’ll earn points for each survey you take, and you can reedeem them instantly via Paypal or a gift card.

Create your FREE Survey Junkie account and start getting paid here!

Want to make extra money but don't have much time? In just 25 minutes a day, you can make money taking surveys. Here's how!

2) InboxDollars

While other survey companies reward you with points and gift cards, InboxDollars doesn’t mess around. There, you don’t have to worry about converting points. Instead, you earn straight cash so you know how much each survey is worth.

Each survey pays out a little differently, but there are several to choose from each day. Take a few a day, and you could easily make an extra $500 a year just for giving your opinion. Signing up is free and easy, so why not give it a try? You’ll even get a $5 bonus for signing up!

Join InboxDollars and earn a $5 signup bonus here!

The best survey sites - inbox dollars

3) Pinecone Research

To make money taking surveys, there are few better places than Pinecone Research. At Pinecone, you make about $3 for every survey you take. That’s pretty good money just for doling out your opinion.

Again, signing up doesn’t cost you a dime. Even better, sometimes you’ll get some free products to test! Score!

Click here to start earning with Pinecone!

The Best Survey Sites to Make Money - Pinecone GenPop

4) American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is another company that pays users in cash and rewards. Like at Pinecone, you may also receive products to test! I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

Spend about 10 minutes on each survey, and you’ll start earning right way. Then, cash out your points and take your payment through Paypal.

Get started with American Consumer Opinion here!

the best survey sites - american consumer opinion

5) MobileXpressions

Make money on your Android smartphone with the MobileXpressions app! Just connect the app and surf the web like you normally would on your phone. As you do, you’ll earn cash, gift cards, and other types of prizes. Pretty cool, huh?

By using MobileXpressions, you’ll also be eligible to win their weekly sweepstakes. Prizes include Kindles, iPads, cameras and more.

Start using MobileXpressions here!


6) Swagbucks

Oh Swagbucks. How I love thee. You provide me with so many ways to earn money online, it would be an absolute shame not to mention you in this list.

Seriously, Swagbucks is a great place to earn gift cards for tons of your favorite stores; or, redeem your points for cash back through Paypal. You can earn those points in, oh, about a bazillion different ways. Watch videos, shop online, play games, or take surveys. Better yet, make Swagbucks your preferred search engine and earn even more for doing less.

Just sign up for free and start earning right away!

The Best Survey Sites to Make Money - SwagbucksYour Turn

There you have it: 5 of our favorite websites for earning cash and rewards for… well… really doing nothing. Just set aside a few minutes a day and you can easily earn some extra cash for your next vacation or shopping trip. And since you can do it while watching TV, why not make a few bucks to give your opinion?

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list! Have fun!

What are your favorite ways to earn money online? Did we miss any of your favorite sites for earning rewards while you surf? Let us know in the comments!