The other day, I was having an in-depth conversation with a friend.  And, it had been a while.  After all, we both have kids, a home to take care of, and jobs that keep us fairly busy most of the time.  Anyway, we talked about all kinds of things.  Kids.  Marriage.  Money.  Then, all of a sudden, she brought up a topic that I try to steer clear from whenever I can.


“What are your dreams?” she asked.  “What is your passion?”


“You know,” she said.  “You’re supposed to figure out what you’re passionate about and turn it into your career or something.”

I thought for a second……then promptly changed the subject.  After all, I don’t really know what my passion is, let alone how I could channel it into some sort of dream career.  And, to be honest, the fact that I’m not super passionate about anything sometimes makes me wonder if I’m missing out.

A Passionless Outcast

It seems like almost everyone I know is passionate about something.  For instance, one of my former family members is always training for marathons.  I know two people who are writing their first book.  I have friends who cross-stitch, scrapbook, and grow amazing gardens of organic food.  I have friends who are obsessed with their hobbies, teaching jobs, or small business.  And, other people I know are involved in animal rights and politics, or have an amazing talent or skill that sets them apart in some small way.

Meanwhile, I’m over here watching Game of Thrones and playing with my dog.  And sadly, there are few things that I would rather be doing. 

Help!  I Don’t Have a Passion!

So, I started thinking a little about what my passion is…or what it could be.  After reading as much as I could, I noticed that almost all of the “find your passion” experts suggested I make a list of things I’m truly passionate about.  So, I did, and this is what I came up with:

Now, I was getting somewhere.  This exercise made it apparent that I needed to channel these passions into some sort of a career.  After all, maybe I could be a travel writer who focuses solely on locations in Southeast Asia.  And, while I was traveling, I could learn several languages and use that skill to translate Game of Thrones episodes.  And, as long as my husband and kids could come along, this could seriously be my dream career of a lifetime!!!!!  I don’t see how anything could go wrong!

All kidding aside, the fact remains that the things I love aren’t likely to translate into a career.  I mean, I am a writer and I do actually write for a big name travel site, but they don’t pay for me to go anywhere, let alone Thailand.  And, they sure as hell don’t fund a HBO subscription for my viewing pleasure.

And, after some soul-searching, I’ve realized that that’s okay.  I might not be particularly passionate about anything at the moment, but it may not always be that way.  For now, I think I’ll just continue to enjoy my family and life’s small pleasures.  And in the meantime, I’ll keep looking for a job where I’m paid to travel with my family and eat Thai food.  Wish me luck.

Did you follow your passion when you chose your career?  What is your passion?