Good morning, peeps.  I just realized that it’s less than two weeks until Christmas….and I’m freaking out!  I still have a few people to buy for and at least 7 or 8 gift cards to pick up.  I definitely need to do that…and fast!   Anyway, November was another great month for my business income-wise.  My earnings were slightly lower than they have been the past few months, but I’m not worried.  I took at least a week off in November to move and unpack so it isn’t really unexpected.  But, despite the fact that I took some serious vacay, I still made bank.  So, without further adieu, the total amount of money of cash money that I grossed as a self-employed goddess in November was……*drumroll, please*


This total includes all of the money that I made from my various streams of income:

  • Credit Card Sales
  • Consulting
  • Freelance writing
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Ghost Writing

Please remember that I make the majority of my income from a variety of freelance writing jobs, not my blog.  If you’re interested in learning how to get freelance writing jobs, please check out this post:

How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs 

Also, please keep in mind that this is my pre-tax income.  I pay taxes quarterly and will soon be handing a giant chunk of my hard-earned cash over to Uncle Sam.  However, this is the grand total of my income after expenses.  Thankfully, my expenses are pretty weak.  I basically wear pajamas and I use the two computers that I already own.  Other than my two computers, I don’t really need to spend any more money to complete my assignments.  Hell, I don’t even own a printer!  Here are the expenses that I deducted from that amount:

  • Staff Writing: $140
  • Blog Hosting: $12
  • Internet $120

I also consider my Republic Wireless smartphone an expense, although I don’t currently have a bill due to a recent promotion I signed up for.  Obviously, I had another great month.  And although I am pretty darn happy about it, I do think that I am going to make a lot less in December.  Here’s why:

  • Two of my big clients are closed for two weeks over the holidays
  • I don’t have daycare on Christmas week, which means that I can’t work
  • We are going on a short mini-vacation with Greg’s parents which requires another two days off

So, in other words, I’m not going to work very much for the second half of the month.  But that’s no big deal.  I still feel confident that I’ll hit my minimum income goal for the month of December.  In case you forgot, here are the goals that I decided upon when I quit my job:

  • Gross at least $4000 per month to replace my income from my full-time job
  • Exercise at least once per day
  • Eat healthier and continue juicing fruits and vegetables
  • Spend more quality time with my kids
  • Cook most meals at home
  • Be a cooler, nicer, and less-stressed version of myself

Even though this upcoming month might be slim in terms of income, I still hope to gross at least 4K.  But, of course I would like to earn more.  Obviously.  The good news is that I’ve got quite a surplus amount of money built up in my business account for Club Thrifty LLC.  The extra cash that I’ve accumulated can be used to balance out the slower months.  And that’s the whole purpose of budgeting and saving to begin with, am I right?

How was your income in November?  Are you ready for Christmas?