Women’s Empowerment Wednesday

WPW1Recently, I was asked to participate in “Women Empowerment Wednesday” in order to show solidarity with other female writers and bloggers I admire.  And after yesterday’s post about women tearing each other down, I was more than happy to oblige.  You know, GIRL POWER and all of that.  So, in order to honor the female bloggers that I know and love, I’m totally going to highlight a few of them and try to embarrass them a little.  Shall we begin?

How-I-Make-Money-Online1Michelle at Making Sense of Cents- Starting a blog can be a lonely endeavor when you’re first starting out.  However, Michelle made it less lonely by reaching out to me almost immediately after I started.  Since then she’s offered me all kinds of advice on everything from writing income updates to affiliate links and more.  Michelle’s income updates are always extremely inspiring and she helps push me to be the best I can be.  If you haven’t checked out Michelle’s blogs, please do:

Making Sense of Cents

Diversified Finances

budget blondeBudget Blonde- If you’re looking for advice on frugality and living well on a budget, look no further than Budget Blonde.  In fact, she’s currently in the midst of her most frugal project yet: creating two babies at once.  Yeah, you read that right.  One hospital bill for two babies?  How’s that for frugality? Anyways, I truly do enjoy Cat’s blog and the way her personality shines through each and every post.  If you haven’t checked out Cat’s blog, you’re totally missing out.

Budget Blonde

about-kimEyes on the Dollar- Aside from having the catchiest blog name ever (she’s an optometrist, get it?), Kim is also a super-frugal blogging momma, much like me.  Kim offers all kinds of awesome advice on her site, mixed in with some sarcasm and self-deprecating humor which I happen to enjoy.  Kim also pursues credit card rewards and is happy to share her churning wisdom with the rest of us.  Want to hear more?  Check out the blog:

Eyes on the Dollar

Who are your favorite female bloggers?  Please share in the comments below!


  1. says

    All three of those bloggers are on my daily reading list! There’s too many to list so I won’t throw any additional names out there, but there definitely are some great female bloggers in the blogosphere.

  2. says

    Michelle’s blog(s) are awesome for new and experienced bloggers, and I love following Cat’s frugal adventures in having twins. I haven’t been following Kim, though, so I am excited to add her to my list of daily reads! Thanks for supporting some ladies!

  3. says

    I love this, after your last post about the reader “complaint”. We need to empower each other in everything we do, so this is great! I have a lot of favourite female bloggers, I wouldn’t be able to pick just a couple!

  4. says

    My head just got three sizes bigger! Thanks for including me on that amazing list. There is some pretty strong girl power out there in the blogosphere, and you are certainly toward the top of that list. One thing I’ve learned from all the ladies is that there should never be excuses or can’ts. I’m glad I found such a great group to motivate me and keep me focused!

  5. Diane says

    Thanks for sharing. Since you’re my favorite go to blog I’m guessing these are going to be just as great!

  6. says

    There are far too many to name, but these three are great, along with you! I’m all for the empowerment of my fellow female bloggers.

  7. says

    Definitely three of the best bloggers out there! We really do have an amazing community of women (and men too!) and I’m still laughing over “One hospital bill for two babies? How’s that for frugality?” Brilliant. Simply brilliant. :)

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